Persian lovers, exactly how do girlfriend play the Persian Empire? below is a rather substantial discussion I have actually put together, I would love input!

I would say that Persia under the watchful leadership of Darius is one of the strongest and also most flexible empires.

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The Unique capacity is one of the strongest in game with:

The distinct unit, the Immortal is good for at an early stage defense or violation with:

Healing at dual the rate.

On longer video game speeds such as epic and also marathon the Immortals can be provided to dominate and also create a massive classic empire.

The unique building the Satrap is also very versatile:

(copy paste from the wiki)

1 vendor Specialist slot

The flexibility of this building is that it deserve to either be used as a nice edition come the exceptional tall Persia (golden periods are fabulous because that pushing through wonders and the ages), or it deserve to be a wonderful building for domination and liberty games.

However I find it yes, really confusing that it come at bank in the Renaissance.... As the Persians never ever made it previous the classical age. Back one could argue the they lived in a Persian Renaissance.

So I can see Persia at excelling at three formats of victory:


The unique capability is absolutely terrific on high Persian empires.

When a golden e is gifted from the heavens, all land which produces at least 1 when operated will produce 1 more, and also and also generation are enhanced by 20% in every cities.

(Thanks wiki)

This is amazing for powering with the plans trees certain for her victory type and impressive for buying turn off city states or building wonders.

Even if Persia had actually this UA alone, it would still be a top tier Civilisation because that culture, diplomatic and science victories.

The UU the Immortal is not far-reaching for these win types, but similar to Babylon's bowman it deserve to be provided for early on defense.

As v the UU, the Satraps Court is additionally a nice structure to have, particularly the 2 yet it is no game an altering in high play.


A sprawling Persian empire seeking liberty is the best means to pat Persia.

The UU, the Immortal stays a good unit because that liberty play one of two people being offered to push at an early stage or safeguard early. Remember that the twin heal also carries throughout to Pikemen, so you can acquire a really good medieval press too.

The dominatrix Persian Empire! below lies Persia's greatest strength.. The combination of the top-tier UA, the amazing at an early stage game Immortal and also a gold structure is certain amazing.

The +1 bonus is for EVERY solitary UNIT in the game, meaning all civilians, and every single type of army unit. This movement speed is phenomenal... That can allow you come absolutely blitz an enemy, encircle opponent units and also armies, rapidly deploy troops across your sprawling empire and also easily siege cities.

This +1 is game-changing in Persia's capacity to take it cities.. It permits every siege unit come move into position, set up for attack and also fire in 1 TURN. Together siege devices are generally the an initial unit come be eliminated by the AI (and always in MP) this bonus is, as I've said, game-changing.

A 10% bonus to every units, while not as game-changing together the MS, is tho a really nice buff. This will help ensure that few of their units are killed in one go and may save some of your best units from specific death.

Couple the extra tips:

TIME YOUR gold AGES so that you deserve to rush a civ and also take their resources / numerous cities throughout the golden age. This means preparing 10-20 turns prior to hand, building catapults / Immortals / composite bowmen / horsemen.

You should rust the artist Guild as soon as friend can! You should be functioning those specialists all game long. This will carry out enough good artists that you will nearly never have natural golden ages.

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Putting 1 policy allude into Aesthetics (leading to +25% generation that all cultural Great people) is a very viable strategy.. And can it is in done before you fill out honor / rationalism / commerce. Aesthetics additionally has 33% culture from cities through wonders and also a cost-free golden age, and additionally can offer you an additional totally free Great Artist.