You might decide to have actually a long-term hair straightening organization if you desire to eliminate curl or frizz. Permanent hair straightening takes the binding of overly curly or wavy hair and restructures them to end up being straight.

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Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments

Japanese Hair Straightening

We use the CHI revolution System for all irreversible hair straightening services. This thermal reconditioning treatment is comparable to “Japanese Hair Straightening,” yet still allows you achieve lift and volume.

With the CHI revolution System, silk and also protein bonds penetrate right into the negative areas within the hair to build strength and resilience. Pure, natural, organic silk is offered in the CHI products. The silk adds shine and protection against heat, cold, humidity, and free radicals, which can damage your hair. The an outcome is smooth, sleek and shiny hair.

The CHI revolution System is a irreversible process. This means that the hair you straighten will stay straight forever, with brand-new growth from your roots requiring touch-ups occasionally.

If you room looking come make your wavy, unruly, frizzy hair straight, this is the best system we’ve tried. We have performed numerous CHI straighteners, and have several stylists certified top top the system, with owner David Barron certified together a trainer on the CHI change Straightening System.

Alternative to long-term Hair Straightening

If you space undecided around going right or keeping your waves, however you must tame the frizz, a keratin treatment may be the finest option because that you.

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Call 404.812.0032 to schedule an meeting to talk about the ideal hair straightening options easily accessible or your hair! Please keep in mind that specific prices for solutions cannot it is in quoted through phone. A stylist need to see her hair in human to provide you specific quote.