When Pegasus, the majestic winged-stallion of myth is struck by lightning and also crashes top top to she roof in the center of a ferocious storm that blacks-out new York City, 13-year-old Emily’s life becomes that of legend.

Needing aid to act the serious wounded stallion, Emily befriends the regional school bully, Joel. Working together, lock quickly find that Pegasus has much more than lightning burns. He has multiple wounds from a destructive fight as part of a spear is still sticking out of his rear flank!

Together through Pegasus, Emily and Joel face epic battles v gruesome four-armed monsters, desperate chases indigenous a corrupt governmental agency, and captivating flights astride the beautiful winged-stallion in a heroic quest to conserve Olympus before the ‘Flame that Olympus’ is extinguished forever…

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There is a wonderful tune that i feel finest describes me... "I to be born under a wandering star"... Much more about Kate


upgrade – US publication Tours and the DREAD of writer Photos!

January 12th, 2017

OK, that pesky ‘Time Thief’ has gone to it again. So this is the first update that 2017 – have the right to you actually think it’s 2017!!!!! So, an initial off, two new books have been exit in the USA – Pegasus 6 and also Valkyrie 2 (I love this covers!) and also in England – one more beautiful but <…>




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