International Talk prefer a Pirate work is just around the corner (Sept. 19), and also no pirate is finish without a hat!






Crafts are a good way to exercise your artistic side but they room also an extremely useful at bringing human being together. Every week, us will article a straightforward and easy job for your enjoyment. This is a good opportunity because that you come reconnect with your friends and also family while enjoying a weekly craft night. 

Paper Pirate Hat

International Talk like a Pirate Day is one of the internet"s most beloved holidays. The is your finest excuse to use exercise your terrible pirate impression, pose prefer Captain Morgan, and make "booty" jokes without shame. Yet no pirate would certainly be complete without a pirate hat. This do-it-yourself pirate hat craft is quick, easy, and also customizable. But finest of all, it will make her rendition that "Ahoy, matey!" that much much more believable. 

The steps displayed in this tutorial use a document grocery bag to do a child-sized hat. If ye seekin" a hat for a bigger pirate, usage a newspaper through the same actions provided.

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What you Need

Paper  grocery store Bag (child hat) or Newspaper (adult hat)  Scissors  Marker 

Step 1Cut open up the bag so that you space left v the big front panel.

Step 2Carefully eliminate the handles.

Step 3Fold the panel in fifty percent along the width of the paper.

Step 4Fold the 2 corners come the center. Due to the fact that your began with a rectangle panel, the urgent corners should leave through some excess space at the bottom.

Step 5Fold the bottom overabundance up and also over the corners as shown.

Step 6Repeat action 5 because that the reverse side the the hat.

Step 7Use her marker or various other embellishments to decorate the confront of your pirate hat. Start with skull and cross bone and also see what else you have the right to add. 

Step 8Put on her pirate hat and say "ARRRGH!"


Fun Tip: Use these steps to make pirate hats of all various colors and also sizes for international Talk prefer a Pirate work or any type of other pirate-themed events.


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Craft that the Week: make a paper Pirate Hat

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