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Dear all, I would like to inform you that finally, after 3 episodes of exhausting delay, yes, the martial arts tournament battle is finally here. Rejoice.

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The episode starts with Saitama and enormous-chin-guy at the martial arts tournament stage arena. The next battle is Suiryu, a legendary skilled martial artist, against some guy whose achievements so far are ‘winning against a girl’ . I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to see who is gonna win this. Apart from the whole character introduction, we also get a couple more hints, just to make sure we are 100% certain of the upcoming outcome: the first is a closeup shot of Suiryu, where he looks like a crazy maniac, and the second is Lightning Max trying to concentrate, and wondering whether Suiryu is actually better than him. (SPOILER ALERT: HE IS). He also gives a heated speech on this new technique he’s gonna use – oh god, please let this be over quickly. And it is! While Lighting Max jumps and swirls in the air trying to stab Suiryu with his hair or something, Suiryu just kicks his face in. He also says something nasty about him wanting to be powerful so he can have an easy life, which is basically ground for deserving the beating he will be getting from Saitama later. Anyone else noticed how all the heroes are kind of… well, dicks so far? Even though, to be fair, Suiryu is not a hero. Just a dick. Saitama doesn’t look impressed, but Genos from the audience makes some redundant commentary of minor importance.

FInally, after those previous three episodes that I mentioned before, the organizers of the martial arts event find out there’s a massive monster on the loose and start to panic. Before they get to cancel the event, Bakuzan, a very hairy hero dude, suggests that they do nothing; there’s a lot of strong warriors ready to take down the monsters here if needed. Genos, however, does believe he should be doing something about it and sets off without informing Saitama. He wanders around killing monsters while the tournament keeps going. The last monster he has to fight is a damn cockroach human. Why did I have to see this.

Uninteresting character after uninteresting character go down one after another, AND BOY DOES THAT REMIND ME OF FOOD WARS (I can’t get over this, I’m really, really sorry). Nothing exciting. At some point it’s Sourface’s turn against some guy with red overalls. His ugliness is overwhelming. He somehow wins and it’s FINALLY Saitama’s turn, oh god please, just give us something. He’s up against Bakuzan, who seems pretty strong, confident and down to earth. However, in the most anticlimactic approach possible, he approaches Saitama and EXPLAINS to him what he’s gonna do to him. I can’t. Saitama kicks his ass.

The hero management committee is also a mess, by the way. The abducted kid’s dad was one of their main sponsors, so they decide to pull all the monster aside and send all their available heroes to save the stupid kid. Genos is still fighting with a cockroach. He uses glue to stick him to the floor. It is very mundane. And so is Fubuki’s battle with the naked whip lady – it’s basically a wave of zombies battle. She manages to freeze the zombies, but get her whipped to oblivion pretty easily. She keeps up the battle for a bit, but her sister comes fairly quickly and cleans up after her mess.

Back in the tournament, Snek is fighting Suiryu. Damn, his name is hard to type. And, he wins again.

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Themes & Trivia

Technique, not strength: I’m not a martial arts expert, but seeing the contestants at the tournament freaking out over their opponents’ size was a bit foreign to me, as, to my humble knowledge, technique and agility are significantly more important than weight and strength in martial arts.

Ok then

Whatever. The monsters are revolting, who would have thought. Saitama got like 1 minute of screen time. I rest my case.

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