An summary of Mission Statements

Your Mission statement is the foundation to good strategy. That is a statement of the this firm purpose. That is a logical vantage allude from which to look down the road. For a fast review, watch our video clip below or take a high level view of that in our how to Guide.

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A mission statement, by definition, boldly claims your organization’s main point purpose. That answers the concern “why execute we exist?”. Your mission needs to boldly state why you exist and also why you execute what you do. The finest mission statements refer your main point propose and why you exist v clarity.

In regards to language, we constantly recommend mission statements be created in present tense v the usage of concrete language. Composing in present tense enables your mission come be conveniently deciphered from your vision statement, i m sorry is composed in future tense. Hard language leaves small room for translate to what exactly your mission explain means.

Anatomy of a great Mission Statement


What makes a Mission explain Powerful?

A mission explain acts together an organization’s compass: guiding the organization’s decision to achieve its core purpose and also reason it exists.

While the vision declare articulates the organization future state, the mission straight relates come the vision through articulating the better reason why that vision matters. A powerful mission keeps the organization on track and rallied around the direction the organization is headed. The mission statement is the foundation on which an excellent strategy is based, for this reason it’s necessary to take your mission seriously and to gain it right.

As organization leaders, we are put under a the majority of undue anxiety to generate a perfect, short, sing-songy mission statement. The result is meaningless drivel, leaving everyone irritated and underwhelmed. Employee don’t desire to hang ago conceptualizing about wishes and also dreams. However don’t let being pragmatic obtain in the way of this important stage of building a strong structure of consensus for the organization.

If time isn’t committed to articulating her mission on the front-end before arising strategy, the an outcome will most likely be goals and also objectives without a crystal-clear strategic direction.

Mission statements usually answer at least one the these main point questions:

What is our organization’s factor for existing? Why is it distinct to occupational for this organization? What is our business and also what space we make the efforts to attain on behalf of whom?

Checklist for a an excellent Mission Statement

When analyzing the quality of your present or newly drafted mission statement, it’s essential your mission meets this four simple criteria:

#1 – your Mission should Be Foundational

It plainly states why your company exists.

#2 – It’s original

It’s distinct to your organization. If you to be to review the mission declaration of every the institutions in her industry, yours would be different than her competition.

#3 – the Memorable

Memorable = inspiring to employees, prospective employees and also customers.

#4 – the Fits on a T-Shirt

Peter Drucker famously advised the your mission statement should be short and compelling sufficient to right on a t-shirt her staff would actually wear

Other helpful Tips

Mission statements must be developed after perfect the SWOT assessment, and also before going right into the remainder of the plan process. This enables your team to it is in grounded and in alignment on where your company is today and what the organization’s strengths and also contributions are.The mission statement motivates and inspires staff. Every solitary staff member knows that their function is defined in the mission statement. (e.g. Starbucks mission: come inspire and nurture the person spirit — one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.) build the mission explain on a “party level”—it can quickly and also briefly be interpreted by people at a party or on an airplane. The statement offers a profoundly an easy focus for whatever the team does together an organization. (e.g. Maritime Stewardship board of directors mission: to safeguard the world’s seafood it is provided by cultivating the ideal environmental choices.)

Free Canvas & guide to produce a Mission Statement

Whether you’re composing a new mission statement or revisiting yours as component of a to plan process, we’ve developed a canvas you can use to produce a mission statement that inspires her team. You can download it right here for free!



Example Mission Statements

The Coca-Cola agency exists come benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by ours business. (The Coca-Cola Company)

The home Depot is in the home development business and our score is to administer the highest possible level of service, the broadest an option of products and also the many competitive prices. (Home Depot)


Our mission is to establish a an effective presence and positive photo of The Boeing firm with governments, businesses, and community leaders. (The Boeing Company, Africa Division)

Our mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. *If you have actually a body, you are an athlete. (Nike)

To be the world’s premier engineering, construction and also project monitoring company. (Bechtel Corporation)


Helping people on their route to much better health (CVS)


Double and dual Again the john Deere experience of real Value because that Employees, Customers and Shareholders. (John Deere)

Our Mission at Publix is to it is in the premier top quality food retailer in the world. (Publix)

We will come to be the world’s most valued company to patients, customers, colleagues, investors, company partners and also the areas where us work and live. (Pfizer – Pharmaceuticals)


Our mission at Aveda is to treatment for the world we live in, indigenous the commodities we do to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, us strive to collection an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not simply in words of beauty, but around the world. (AVEDA)

General Motors’ corporate mission is “to knife customers because that life by structure brands that accumulate passion and also loyalty through not just breakthrough technologies but additionally by serving and also improving the areas in which we live and work around the world.


The mission of new Leaf document is to it is in the top national source for environmentally responsible, financially sound paper. (Leaf paper – paper Industry)


Seventh Generation is the nation’s leading brand the non-toxic and also environmentally safe family products. (Seventh Generation)


Dedicated come a an easy principle: the finest talent and also the finest service without unnecessary costs. Even if it is you’re in search of an exterior solution for an essential transaction or a an excellent attorney come round out your team top top a flexible basis, we’re the smart alternative that wasn’t there before. (Axiom – groundbreaking legal services firm)

The mission of college of Phoenix is come educate working adults to build the understanding and an abilities that will allow them to achieve their experienced goals, boost the efficiency of their organizations, and carry out leadership and also service to your communities. (University that Phoenix)

American Standard’s mission is to “be the best in the eyes of ours customers, employees and also shareholders.” (American Standard)

The WellPoint Companies carry out health security by providing a selection of quality branded health and also related financial solutions designed to satisfy the an altering expectations the individuals, families and their sponsors transparent a lifelong relationship. (WellPoint – Health care Co.)


The mission of TXU is to be the most admired international energy services company. (TXU – power & Gas)


Kraft Heinz’s mission statement is “to it is in the finest food agency in the world.

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(Kraft Heinz)


Our mission is to improve the stays of women globally. (AVON – family members & an individual Products)


To boost the stays of our customers by developing and enabling unsurpassed vacation and leisure experience. (Marriott global – entertainment & Information)


Our Mission explain is come make household Dollar a compelling place to shop, work and invest. (Family disagreement – Retailing)

To serve our client by utilizing information and modern technology that administer real-time answers to increasingly complex questions. (EQUIFAX – company Services)


The City the Windsor, with the joining of the citizens, will supply effective and responsive municipal services, and also will mobilize innovative neighborhood partnerships. (The City of Windsor, Canada)

Sunoco’s score is to be a resource of excellence for our customers; to carry out a an overwhelming professional suffer for our employees; to it is in a lucrative investment for our shareholders; to be a respected citizen of community and also country. (Sunoco – Energy)

Final Thoughts about Mission Statements

As a leader, you manage whether the mission explain is a overview to her direction or if it i do not care trite. You can spend all the time in the world building a an excellent mission, however if that doesn’t guide your organization strategically then it’s no worth your time. The most important part of her mission declare is keeping your organization on that is path, unwavering native why girlfriend exist.