Old J Spiced rum is do from brother Virgin archipelago pot stilled rum that is combined with spices, vanilla and lime. The Old J rum agency was established in honor of Admiral Edward Vernon, who in 1740 enforced a reduction in the toughness of the brother Navy’s rum ration and also suggested using limes and sugar to do the drink an ext enjoyable.

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Posted6 year agobyDaniel WoodsfromUnited Kingdomwith2 ratings

Easily among my favourite rums! Smooth & solid vanilla cut through v an undertone of lime! basic drinking over ice cream of v cola!


Posted12 month agobyLelly72fromUnited Kingdomwith38 ratings

I certain love this. For me that Utopia in a bottle, since it’s so deliciously sweet. Some may argue also sweet, yet not for me. I say the sweeter the better! due to the fact that of the vanilla, the odor of this rum alone is precious the £18 that ns paid because that it. And also at just 35% VOL, neat v ice, this rum glides down the throat with silky smoothness and much more importantly, without the burn sensation the sometimes complies with with other rums. Because that me however, i love this rum even more with Coca-Cola as a mixer, since then the vanilla flavouring, intensifies, do this rum even an ext of a sugary delight.


Postedover 1 year agobyDedspursfromUnited Kingdomwith22 ratings

Lovely rum, vanilla and also spices. Constantly put turn off by the branding yet glad I provided it a whirl. Definetly purchase again.

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A really sweet smell of vanilla and sugar. ."It is liqueur like. Together a sipper it supplies wathes of sugar, vanilla and cinnamon."

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