There space a full of 4 endings because that players come unlock in Sekiro Shadows dice Twice. Each finishing shows a different resolution come the game’s story and should be unlocked if you desire to check out everything. Below I will show you just how to acquire the Purification ending in Sekiro Shadows die Twice.

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Choice: Speaking through Owl on height of Ashina Castle

Playthrough the story as much as the minute you’ve gathered the Lotus the the royal residence (guarded by the Guardian Monkey). When you have actually this item girlfriend will an alert that Ashina castle is no longer accessible. You will need to access Ashina lock via the exit Dungeon entrance idol. As soon as you reach the peak of the tower (where you fought Genochiro) a cutscene will cause featuring OWL and also Kuro. In ~ this suggest you will need to decide which finishing you space going for as OWL gift you with a pair of options:

Obey the iron Code, forsake Kuro (Shura Ending). Rest the steel Code, stay loyal to Kuro (Immortal Severance ending, Purification ending, Return ending).

Since we are going with for the Purification ending, select Break the iron Code, stay loyal come Kuro. This will cause you come fight her father to the death. When you room done this, girlfriend will should eavesdrop on a variety of important conversations.

Eavesdrop top top Emma and Kuro at Kuro’s Room

After you loss Owl, exhaust the dialogue v Kuro and light the incense. Rest at the idol climate head come the library in Kuro’s Room and also hug the wall. Girlfriend should have the choice to Eavesdrop top top Emma and also Kuro. Do this. Rest and also talk v Emma (she will relocate up the stairs). Remainder again and speak come Emma once an ext to learn she is headed to the Old Grave.

Visit Emma at the Old tomb

At the Old Grave website (just left that the Old tomb Sculptor Idol), Emma will certainly be was standing in front of the 2 graves. Speak with Emma to discover that she requirements to speak to Orangutan in ~ his temple. In other words she is going come speak through the Sculptor at the Dilapidated Temple. Head there now.

Eavesdrop ~ above Emma and also Sculptor in ~ Dilapidated Temple

When you reach the Dilapidated Temple, perform not go inside, yet head around to the backside of the building. Hug the wall surface and do your way to the only hole. In ~ this suggest you will certainly be motivated to eavesdrop top top Emman and the Sculptor. Perform this. Speak through Emma and also ask around what you overheard. Emma will offer you a Father’s Bell Charm.

Use Father’s Bell Charm to go to Hirata Estate

Approach the Buddha in the Dilapidated Temple and interact with it. This will take you to Hirata Estate however again. Here you will must fight/run your way through come the ceo fight through Owl.

Defeat Owl to get the fragrant Flower

Once you with the finish of Hirata Estate girlfriend will have to faceoff against Owl as soon as again. Once you loss Owl you get an object for the finish of the game. The aromatic Flower can be provided to Kuro in ~ the game’s finish in order come unlock the Purification ending.

That’s all there is to getting the Purification finishing in Sekiro Shadows die Twice for unlocking this finishing you will earn the Purification trophy/achievement.

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