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The AMC Ogden 6 was opened on November 5, 1976 and also originally had 2,000 seats. This cinema, along with the Barrington Square, to be the an initial movie theaters to have actually six displays in the Chicago suburbs.

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From November 4, 1996 the theatre was bring away over as a second-run movie residence by classic Cinemas. Every tickets are now $3.00. The theatre to be re-seated in 2004, and also all auditoriums have been equipped v digital sound. The Ogden 6 theater was closed because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, i m sorry closed all movie theatres countrywide on march 16, 2020. It to be announced on June 6 2020 that the Ogden 6 Theater would certainly be permanently closed.

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Scott Neff top top December 29, 2007 at 5:22 pm

Those space photos indigenous 2004. It looks like it’s still relatively AMC simple, but it was a fine kept and maintaned facility when we were there.


bman top top July 18, 2010 at 5:53 pm

At one point early in its run as a 2nd run theater, the price to be $1.00. Now it’s $3.00. It’s fine maintained, and also the concession prices room cheaper 보다 AMC or Regal, plus complimentary refills. And, you check out 8 movies, you obtain one free. Gotta love this theater.


SecondReel on June 16, 2012 in ~ 4:52 pm

The projectors are now all 4K Christie digitals. The image quality is much enhanced over the battered prints they used to run.


rivest266 on June 24, 2012 at 10:24 to be

I uploaded the November 5th, 1976 cool opening advertisement in the photo section for this cinema.

DavidZornig top top February 4, 2020 at 11:31 am

Article about upcoming closing.

LouRugani on February 6, 2020 in ~ 8:12 afternoon

As the today, the petition to conserve the theatre had an ext than 13,000 signatures. Current news the the addition of a 2nd Costco in Naperville would certainly shutter the Ogden 6 Theatres has lugged out an influx of protest from fans of the theatre. To further the efforts, a former employee has started a petition to aid save the theatre.

The former employee, who has worked at Ogden 6 because 2016 wrote, top top the petition,

“This ar is an extremely different than any other movie theater. The endure is personal and you start to mental the deals with that come in. I have bonded immensely through the continuous guests the come in and also I’m forever thankful for them and the kindness they have presented me. To watch this ar go would certainly be devastating, together it would certainly be damaging 44 year of history.” The petition, which was started Monday, had more than 13,000 signatures together of Thursday afternoon.

Owners of the Ogden 6 Theatres announced Monday on on facebook that the theatre would likely need to close or relocate to make method for a Costco the is prepare to build at the Ogden shopping center in the space that was formerly home come KMart. The news carried a overwhelming of comments from longtime pan of Ogden 6 who mutual their memories and also lamented the impeding closure.

The petition, which aims to “bring attention to Costco, the Ogden shopping mall management, and also Classic Cinemas,” likewise encouraged signers come share your own personal memories around the theatre and also “how the demolition impacts you.”

One signer wrote, “We every (me, friends&neighbors) reaction viscerally come the news of Ogden 6’s closure. It’s a landmark to us…”

Another added, “This theater is such an important part of Naperville culture. Such memories that this place.”

dallasmovietheaters ~ above June 5, 2020 in ~ 3:56 afternoon

The AMC Ogden 6 opened up November 5, 1976 v “Tunnel Vision,” “Alex & the Gypsy,” “Murder through Death,” “The negative News Bears,” “All the President’s Men,” and also Mel Brooks" “Silent Movie.” AMC Theatres left the venue after completing a 20-year leasing agreement.

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Classic Cinemas Circuit took on the Ogden 6 top top November 4, 1996 as standard Cinemas Ogden 6. In February the 2020, the theatre announced that it would likely close at year’s end. However, standard Cinemas closed throughout showtimes on in march 16, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A decision to be made to shutter the theatre permanently there is no future movie screenings and announced in June the 2020. The theatre reopened because that concession sales in might of 2020 and also closed permanently together the classic Cinemas Ogden 6 after ~ a final weekend that concession sales ~ above June 5-7, 2020. Plans dubbed for demolition.