Hellenic Polytheist and witch. Oath-Bound Devotee of Hekate, Devotee the Pan, follower of Medeia and Kirke.

Devotee the the covenant of Hekate.

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In instance you don’t desire to read this entirety passage, I have actually highlighted the offerings.

Traditional offerings come Hekate consisted of a many of pet sacrifice, but so did most of the old Greek gods. But, her offerings additionally had components of other kinds. One such instance is uncovered in the Argonautica through Apollonius the Rhodes (the edition ns quote indigenous is the Penguin standards Voyage of the Argonaut). In this quote, Medea, the witch priestess of Hekate, instructs Jason on exactly how to make an giving to Hekate:

”Wait for the minute of midnight and after shower in an ever running river, go the end alone in sombre clothes and and destruction a ring pit in the earth. There, death an ewe and also after heaping increase a pyre end the pit, sacrifice the whole, with a libation of love husband from the hive and also prayers to Hecate, Perses’ just Daughter. Then, as soon as you have invoked the goddess duly, retract from the pyre. And do not be tempted to look behind you as you go, either by footfalls or the baying the hounds, or friend may ruin everything and never satisfy your friends alive”

(Page 136, book III, currently 1002-1044)

The methods used here to carry out the offerings were really common for deities like Hekate. She is a chthonic divine being which method she resides in the Underworld, or at least lives there sometimes. As soon as performing offerings because that these deities and also for the dead, they would certainly be poured/sacrificed directly onto the earth, or in most cases a pit the was dug. Likewise in this passage, us see two offerings: honey and an ewe. Additionally noticed is the suggestion not come look back. This is rather a usual practice once honoring chthonic us such as Hekate.

Another passage which explains an offerings come Hekate comes from a later Latin (which is probably taken into consideration a small less traditional) message that also discusses the operations of the witch priestess Medea:

“As she came Medea stopped prior to the threshold and also the door; spanned by the sky alone, she avoided she husband’s embrace, and built 2 turf altars, one on the ideal to Hecate and also one ~ above the left come Youth. She wreathed these with boughs from the wild wood, then difficult by she dug two ditches in the earth and performed her rites; plunging she knife into the throat of a back sheep, she drenched the open ditches with his blood. Next she poured upon that bowls of fluid wine, and again bowls that milk tho warm…”

(Ovid’s Metamorphoses web page 128 from publication VII in the Barnes & Noble standards edition)

Again, we view the sacrifice the a sheep, however this time, over there is the edition of wine and milk.

As seen, though pet sacrifice is a typical motif, there are offerings which require no pet bloodshed. The theorist Porphyry in his work-related On Abstinence broadened upon this by writing around other offerings provided to Hekate:

“He diligently sacrificed come them at ideal times in every month at the new moon, crowning and adorning the statues that Hermes and also Hecate, and also the various other sacred images which were left to us by our ancestors, and also that he likewise honored the god frankincense, and also sacred wafers and cakes.”

(Porphyry top top Abstinence quoted in Hekate: Liminal Rites by Sorita D’Este)

Porphyry’s quote displays a couple of offerings: frankincense and sacred wafers and cakes. Incense to be a common offering to the gods, and remains therefore today. However, incense was no usually given to chthonic deities. This is slightly different for Hekate most likely since she was not constantly in the duty of a chthonic deity. She was frequently honored in one ouranic, or heavenly, aspect. This could account for the giving of frankincense.

Some an ext offerings encourage are uncovered in Sorita D’Este’s publication Hekate: Liminal Rites, which ns think is a should read for any Hekate follower. In the book she includes a chart which list offerings of garlic, mullet, eggs, and also cheese. Though this publication is modern, these room often frequently accepted as classic offerings to Hekate. She additionally references cakes dubbed amphiphon which is explained as a “flat cheesecake i beg your pardon was surrounding by tiny torches” offered to her at the Deipnon.

I have outlined some classic offerings come Hekate, however I have actually some that my own that I uncover she enjoys from my experience honoring her. Ns have uncovered that candles, scented or unscented, sprinkled through her spiritual herbs make an excellent offerings, not only for the evaporation that substance, however for the visibility of a flame. As a torch-bearing goddess, i figured she can like fires. One more offering I give to her is simply a alteration of a timeless one. When giving milk come her, i sprinkle cinnamon in it for extra flavoring. one more thing ns have found to it is in an reliable offering is blood. I frequently give her my blood ~ above festivals and celebrations, yet I also offer it come her as soon as I to be in serious require of her assistance. This offerings aren’t yes, really traditional, but they have worked well enough for me!

As a Hellenic witch, the worship of Medeia is critical part of my practice. She was a witch and priestess that Hekate, possessing practically unparalleled understanding of magic and also poisons. I wanted to compose this write-up to offer some background on that Medeia is, her role as a witch and a priestess, and how ns have involved honor her in mine practice.


Who is Medeia?


Medeia (Μήδεια) is provided mainly two parentages, either Aeetes, boy of Helios, and also Eidyia, daughter the Oceanus, or Hekate and also Aeetes. Hesiod supplies us a summary of the first, writing:

“To the tireless sun the famous Oceanid Perseïs bore Circe and King Aeetes. Aeetes, boy of the sunlight who renders light for mortals, married by the gods’ design another daughter the Oceanus the infinite river, fair-cheeked Idyia; and she bore him the trim-ankled Medea, surrendering in intimacy through gold Aphrodite” (Hesiod 31)

Alternatively, Diodorus surname Hekate and Aeetes together her parents, explaining:

“Perses had actually a daughter, Hecate, and she excelled her father in her brazen lawlessness…She to be a to crawl contriver of mixture of deadly drugs , and also she found the so-called aconite. She tested the powers of each drug by mixing it into the food given to strangers…After this she married Aeetes and also gave bear to two daughters, Circe and Medea, and likewise a child Aigialeus” (qtd. In Ogden 78)

Either of this parentages can make sense, but I personally observe the first.


(Art: Medea by Frederick Sandys)

Medeia as the Witch Priestess of Hekate

One the Medeia’s most important roles in literature and myth is the she is a priestess of Hekate and also a witch, being referred to as “Medea of the numerous spells” (Apollonius that Rhodes 109). In most literary works there is no way to separate these roles. 

She was extremely dedicated to Hekate, Apollonius the Rhodes stating that “as a preeminence she go not spend her time in ~ home, but was liven all day in the holy place of Hecate, of who she was priestess” (116). Euripides additionally writes the Medea says “I swear it by her, my mistress, whom most I honor and have favored as partner, Hecate, that dwells in the recesses of mine hearth” (Euripides 13). Clearly, the relationship between her and Hekate was an extremely close, and it was claimed on chance that she even learned magic native Hekate, Herself. Apollonius of Rhodes write that “here is a girl life in Aeetes’ palace whom the goddess Hecate has taught to take care of with extraordinary skill all the magic herbs that thrive on dried land or in running water” (123). Diodorus likewise claims this, yet adds an amazing addendum that features to the personality of Medeia:

“They report the Medea learned all the strength of medicine from her mommy and her sisters , yet her very own inclination was the opposite. For she continually saved the strangers that put in from dangers” (qtd. In Ogden 79)


(Art: Medea the Sorceress by Valentine Cameron Prinsep)

Regardless that the beginnings of she powers, they to be no doubt incredible. Apollonius of Rhodes describes that “she can put the end a raging fire, she have the right to stop rivers together they roar in spate, arrest a star, and check the movement of the sacred moon” (123). In one circumstances Apollonius claims that “the beautiful Medea spell with the palace, and also for she the very doors responding to her hasty incantations swung open of their very own accord…From over there she meant to reach the temple. She knew the road well enough, having frequently roamed in the direction looking for corpses and noxious roots, as witches do” (148). This is plainly an indicator the her powers are incredible, but what is even much more awe-inspiring is what Apollonius says happens next:

“Rising native the remote east, the Lady Moon , Titanian goddess, experienced the girl wandering distraught, and in evil glee said to herself: ’So ns am not the only one to go astray because that love, ns that burn because that beautiful Endymion and seek him in the Latmian cave. How countless times, once I to be bent on love, have actually you disorbed me with your incantations, making the night moonless so the you might practice your beloved witchcraft undisturbed!” (148).

Medeia is said to be able to actually banish the moon it s her from the sky, one unimaginable feat. This is indicative the the level of power she possesses, having actually sway over nature itself.

She is most well-known to have actually used she knowledge and powers repeatedly to aid Jason, she husband, top top his pursuit for the gold Fleece. The very first instance of this was that she made Jason an ointment which would make that invincible. Apollonius defines this in length, composing that:

“She had actually twelve maids, young as herself and all unmarried…She referred to as them now and also told them to yoke the mules to her carriage at once, together she wished castle to journey to the spending temple of Hecate; and while lock were gaining the carriage prepared she took a magic ointment kind her box. This salve was called after Prometheus. A man had only to smear that on his body, ~ procreating the only-begotten Maiden v a midnight offering, to end up being invulnerable by sword or fire” (131-2)

He continues, detailing the ritual of just how she acquired the plant she used to do this ointment:

“Medea, clothed in black, in the gloom the night, had drawn off this juice in a Caspian shell after bathing in 7 perennial streams and also calling 7 times on Brimo, nurse that youth, Brimo, night-wanderer of the underworld, Queen that the dead. The dark earth shook and rumbled underneath the Titan root as soon as it to be cute, and also Prometheus self groaned in the anguish of his soul” (132). 

Here we check out a process that is depicted often, the bathing of Medeia and her ritualistic harvest of herbs. We also see she here speak to on Brimo (Βριμω), one epithet of Hekate, in Her duty as nurse the the young (Kourotrophos/Κουροτρόφος), night-wanderer (Νυκτιπολος/Nyktipolos), the the Underworld (Χθονιη/Kthonia), and Queen the the Dead (Ανασσα ενεροι/Anassa Eneroi), describe the importance of Hekate to her witchcraft. 


(Art: Jason and Medea by man William Waterhouse)

A similar harvesting that herbs and roots is seen in fragments of Sophocles’ pat The Root-Cutters. What we have of the play claims that “She covers she eyes v her hand and also collects increase the white-clouded juice the drips from the reduced in bronze jars…the covered chests conceal the roots, which this mrs reaped, naked, v bronze sickles, if crying out and howling” (qtd. In Ogden 83). Hekate is then said to it is in “crowned v oak branches and snakes” (qtd. In Ogden 83). Climate the ladies chant “Lord of the sun and holy fire , sword of Hecate of the roads, i m sorry she carries over Olympus together she attends and as she traverses the sacred crossroads the the land, crowned with oak and also the woven coils the snakes, falling on her shoulders” (qtd. In Ogden 83). In this quick but significant fragment we see that Medeia call on both Hekate and also Helios, she grandfather, to bless their ritual. We also see a repeat of incantations to harvest wonder herbs, and also an advent of she association with bronze. 

Another among Medea’s accomplishments was charming the snake the guarded the golden Fleece into a slumber. In the Argonautica, Apollonius the Rhodes writes:

“The monster in his sheath the horny scares rolled forward his interminable coils, choose the eddies of black smoke the spring from smoldering logs…But together he writhed he experienced the maiden take she stand, and also heard her in sweet voices invoking Sleep , the conqueror of the gods, to charm him. She also called top top the night-wandering queen that the world below to countenance her efforts…the gigantic snake, enchanted by she song, was soon relaxing the totality length that his serrated spine and smoothing out his multitudinous undulations…Yet his grim head quiet hovered over them and the cruel jaws threatened to snap lock up. Yet Medea, chanting a spell, dipped a fresh sprig of juniper in she brew and sprinkled his eyes through her many potent drugs and as the all-pervading magic odor spread around his head, sleep dropped on him.” (150-1). 


(Medea and also the Dragon by Maxwell Ashby Armfield)

She was likewise said to have actually killed the large Talos, a gift offered to Zeus indigenous Hephaistos, with her witchcraft, particularly the angry Eye. In this more horrifying passage, it is stated that:

ith incantations, she invoked the Sprits of death , the swift hounds the Hades that feed ~ above souls and also haunt the reduced air come pounce on life men. She sank to she knees and called upon them 3 times in song, three times with spoken prayers. She steeled herself through their malignity and bewitched the eye of Talos v the angry in she own. She flung at him the full force of her malevolence, and also in an ecstasy of rage she plied that with photos of death” (Apollonius of Rhodes 192). 

In this passage, she calls on the Keres, and also with them is able to use the angry eye to lug immediate fatality to a direct production of the gods. This is a horrifying feat, not just for the strength it need to require, but for her ability to kill in one instant. 

Finally, she also is stated to have actually rejuvenated Jason’s dad Aeson. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Jason pleads v Medea to take years that his own life come give much more to his father, but she rejects the saying that Hekate will not enable such a thing to take it place. Instead, she offers that v her witchcraft, instead, if Hekate is ready to aid her, she may rejuvenate him. Under the complete moon, Medeia performs the ritual. She calls on Hekate, Night, the Moon, and also Helios to aid her in her task (126-7). A chariot drawn by dragons shows up to her and also she takes that to conference herbs harvested v her bronze scythe. After ripe days and also nights, she returns to Jason to execute the ritual. The ritual is extensive and also is essentially repeated in full. She builds 2 altars, one come Hecate and one to Hebe. She also digs two ditches top top sacrifices a black sheep into the ditches, additionally pouring wine and milk right into them. She likewise calls top top the “deities the the earth” which might mean divine beings of the floor or chthonic deities, and also Hades. As soon as she appeases this gods and also goddesses, she spells Aeson to sleep on a bed that herbs and also tells Jason to leave her to do her magic. She then dips sticks right into pools the blood and lights them through the flames ~ above the altars, then purifying the guy once v fire, 3 times through water, and three times v sulfur. 

She climate adds many herbs, roots, and flowers to she bronze cauldron and also “hoar frost gathered under the full moon, the wings of the uncanny screech owl v the flesh as well, and the entrails of a werewolf which has the power of an altering its wild-beast features into a man’s. There also in the pot is the scaly skin that a slender Cinyphian water-snake, the liver the a long-lived stag, to which she likewise adds eggs and the head of a crow ripe generations old” (Ovid 129). Then, she slits the neck of Aeson and replaced his blood with her potion, finally rejuvenating him. 

There is an ext descriptions the Medeia’s magical feats throughout literature, yet these are merely some the the many detailed and also famous. She is clearly a very an effective witch and also a significant figure in ~ the background of Hekate worship. Through her copper cauldron and also chariot of dragons, she is quite awe-inspiring.


(Art: The Sorceress through R. Willis Maddox)

Medeia’s Character

One the the problems we run right into with Medeia’s mythos is she defamation and portrayal together a child-murdering and also vengeful woman. She is without doubt vengeful versus Jason, and also rightfully so, because that he bade she to leave her homeland, murder her brother, and also constantly had actually her help him through her witchcraft, just to abandon she for another. However, Euripides’ story of she brutally murdering her kids has some criticisms from scholars who note that there are various other versions the the tale. 

One such story is the from Apollodorus who writes that “Another legacy is that on her trip she left behind her children, who were tho infants, setup them as suppliants top top the altar the Hera that the Height; however the Corinthians eliminated them and wounded them to death” (1.9.28). In the contemporary era, a scholar called Sarah Illes Johnston, writer of Restless Dead and Hekate Soteira, also writes that Medea prays to Hera Akraia to do her kids immortal, and Hera either declines or division her promise to meet this task, leaving the children to die (62-3). Johnston denies the implicitly of Medea in she children’s death, instead attributing it come circumstances outside her manage or by the hand of another.

These various tellings that Medeia’s story fits with the Colchian princess who aids Jason in a much much more believable way than the unexpectedly spiteful women that murders she children. This sports is less popular, the other being popularized possibly to demonize magic and also women the power.


(Art: Medea by night De Morgan)

Worshipping Medeia

Now the Medeia’s character and also mythological status has been discussed, ns think it’s necessary to talk around how I in reality go around worshipping Medeia. I worship Medeia in both magnificent and ancestral ways, which i suppose might be deadline to techniques of hero worship in old Greece. Worshipping Medeia deserve to be done alongside Hekate and/or Helios, and alongside Kirke. If you watch the Mighty Dead or Witch Ancestors, she could likewise be venerated alongside them.


Offerings for Medeia can encompass wine, frankincense, milk, honey, food, poisons, spiritual plants, bronze artifacts, candles, snake parts or figurines and dragon figurines, artefacts of witchcraft, and also even Hekate iconography. One could likewise offer her blood, but that is as much as your personal discretion. 

Names and Epithets

Names/epithets I contact Medeia include ‘Of the numerous Spells,’ ‘Vengeful Maiden,’ ‘Witch Priestess that Hekate,’ ‘Medea the Poisons,’ ’She that Knows all Herbs,’ ‘Giant-Slayer,’ one the could likewise be stated of Hekate, ‘Princess of Colchis,’ ‘Granddaughter the Helios,’ ’Daughter of Sun and Moon,’ one I usage to show her relationship to Helios and her devotion to Hekate, and Medea Pharmakeia, or Medeia that Witchcraft/Magic. 

Sacred Objects

Sacred plants of Medeia might include any type of poisons, juniper, olive, and also aconite specifically. Sacred pets include dragons and also snakes. Bronze is likewise sacred come Medea, as room cauldrons of any kind of kind. 


Medeia can be dubbed upon because that justice and also vengeance, specifically for spells of justice and vengeance, witchcraft of any kind of kind, to bless herbs, because that gardening, for aid in Hekate worship, because that the downfall of your enemies, for defense from harm, for defense from snakes, and also for indict in magic.

Prayers to Medeia

Prayer for Medea’s help in Witchcraft

Prayer come Medea because that Vengeance


In conclusion, when Medeia might not be a part of the usual canon that hero worship, or praise in general, if you room a devotee of Hekate or Helios, worshipping Medeia can be best for you. Likewise, any type of witch who observes the Hellenic pantheon should provide serious believed to venerating Medeia in your practice. 

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(Art: Medea spreading Spells by Henry Ferguson)

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As the Deipnon is coming up, i figured I must finally write-up my Deipnon and Dark Moon ritual!

Deipnon Ritual:

Since the dark moon is a day of cleansing, during the day ns recommend cleansing your house with incense and also your shrine come Hekate if you have actually one. Store the ashes from this cleansing due to the fact that you’ll it is in leaving them at the crossroads throughout the Deipnon. Prior to the ritual starts collection the offerings you are going to leaving at the crossroads. Ns recommend using file plates and also cups for the ritual because the items offered for the Deipnon space not claimed to go back to the home. Offerings can encompass wine, honey, garlic, meat, eggs, fruit, and pastries. Feel free to likewise include things like flowers, candles, and also incense if you feel so inclined. 

Just prior to sunset, gather your things and go to a crossroads. If you perform not have actually a crossroad, you can leave your offerings prior to the threshold of your residence or at the end of the driveway if you have actually one. As soon as you come at the crossroads, ar your offerings top top the ground and also say:

“Hekate Anassa Eneroi, you who roam tonight v the Restless Dead, please expropriate these offerings which ns place prior to you. I ask that you protect my house on this night, and that you cleanse me of all miasma from this past month. You re welcome look ~ above your committed follower with favor and may ns be put in order in your name!”

Leave her offerings in ~ the crossroads, pouring any type of libations you may have straight onto the ground and also leaving your ashes in ~ the crossroads. Turn around to walk earlier into your home, bringing nothing, and also do not look back.

Once inside, cleanse yourself with either exhilaration or through khernips. 

Dark Moon Ritual:

After the Deipnon, I prefer to additionally do a cleansing ritual and also a devotional to Hekate. Because that this girlfriend will require two red candles, motherwort, mayapple, rosemary, rue, lavender, cinnamon, lemongrass, and a Hekate oil. Dress both candle in the oil, sprinkling the motherwort, rosemary, rue, and lemongrass on one, and also the mayapple, lavender, and also cinnamon top top the other. Begin the ritual by lighting every the candle on your Hekate shrine, altar, or every little thing sacred an are you have. Light some incense as an offering to Hekate. Then, irradiate the very first candle and also say:

“Hekate Apotropaia, I offer this fire to you. You re welcome cleanse me of all negativity and miasma, and also clear my courses of every obstacles. Protector, savior, provide to me her favor for this reason that i may enter the new lunar cycle v safety, prosperity, and great fortune.”

Light the second candle and say:

“Hekate Nyktipolos, I sell this fire to you. Might this candle offering display my devotion to you. Please give to me her blessings together this lunar bicycle ends and the following one begins. I market my dedication and worship and ask the you overview me and also guard me right into the following month.”

Once both candles room lit, say:

“Goddess Hekate, as these two candles room lit simply as her ever-burning torches brighten the night, please expropriate my offerings and prayers unto you. Top top this night the is most sacred come you, i honor you and also give to you my full devotion. Hekate, glowing One, that lights up the darkest night of the month, might your torches shine upon me and also bless me.”

Leave the candle to burn ~ above the shrine and the routine is done. 


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-The Rotting Goddess: The origin of the Witch in Classical classical times by Jacob Rabinowitz

•The entire publication does not emphasis on Hekate, but a large-ish ar of it does

-Hekate: tricks to the Crossroads through Sorita D"Este

•I didn’t lot enjoy the second component of this book, however the beginning and end have actually a lot of of an excellent information.

-Hekate: Liminal Rites through Sorita D’Este and also David Rankine

•Very great information on every one of Hekate’s aspects

-The holy place of Hekate: experimenting the Goddess Hekate through Ritual, Meditation, and Divination through Tara Sanchez

•Lots of good exercises and also information

-Hekate Soteira by buy it Iles Johnson

•This is a have to read because that anyone who wants to learn around Hekate

-The Goddess Hekate by Stephen Ronan

•Lots of good information and also sources that verify it

-Theogony by Hesiod

•Not just a essential read because that Hekate followers, but additionally for anyone interested in Hellenistic Polytheism

-The Greek miracle Papyri

•Contains countless examples of spells and also rituals used in Greek magic, including some that function Hekate

-Magic, Witchcraft, and Ghosts in the Greek and also Roman people by Daniel Ogden

•Has information about Hekate, but additionally has a many information about Hekate’s witches, i m sorry in mine opinion is just as important

-Arcana Mundi by Georg Luck

•I think this is crucial for the same factors as Daniel Ogden’s book. It attributes the magical techniques in greece which give a much better comprehension that Hekate’s followers

Hekate Hecate Witchcraft Witch classic Witchcraft Hellenistic polytheism Paganism Occult Hellenic polytheism Hellenic Witchcraft
Who is Hekate?

Hekate is first mentioned in Hesiod’s Theogony (although she precedes Greece and is most generally assumed to come native Asia Minor) and also is explained as being the daughter of Asteria and also Perses, 2 Titans, for this reason she herself was a Titan. Hekate pledged she allegiance come Zeus and the various other Olympians throughout the battle between Titans and the Olympians. In reward for her assistance Zeus granted Hekate powers over each that the three realms (Earth, Sea, and also Sky) and Hesiod claims that Hekate to be the goddess that Zeus honored over all others. The i in which she is debated is together follows:

“Also she bore Asteria that happy name, who Perses once led to his an excellent house to be dubbed his too ~ wife. And she conceived and bore Hecate who Zeus the boy of Cronos honored above all. He gave her splendid gifts, to have actually a re-superstructure of the earth and also the unfruitful sea. She obtained honor likewise in starry heaven, and is honored exceedingly by the deathless gods. Because that to this day, whenever any type of one of males on earth offers wealthy sacrifices and prays for favor according to custom, that calls top top Hecate. Good honor comes full conveniently to him who prayers the goddess receive favorably, and also she bestows riches upon him; for the strength surely is through her. Because that as numerous as to be born of Earth and Ocean among all this she has her early out portion. The child of Cronos did she no wrong no one took anything far of all the was her portion among the previous Titan gods: but she holds, together the division was in ~ the very first from the beginning, privilege both in earth, and also in heaven, and also in sea. Also, since she is an only child, the goddess receives not less honor, but much more still, for Zeus honors her. Who she will she significantly aids and also advances: she sits by worshipful monarchs in judgement, and in the assembly whom she will certainly is distinguished among the people. And also when guys arm themselves for the battle that destroys men, climate the goddess is at your disposal to provide victory and also grant glory readily to whom she will. Great is she likewise when men compete at the games, because that there as well the goddess is through them and profits them: and he who by might and also strength gets the victory wins the rich prize conveniently with joy, and also brings glory come his parents. And also she is an excellent to was standing by horsemen, whom she will: and to those whose service is in the grey discomfortable sea, and also who pray to Hecate and also the loud-crashing Earth-Shaker, quickly the glorious goddess gives good catch, and also easily she bring away it far as shortly as seen, if therefore she will. She is great in the byre through Hermes to increase the stock. The droves of kine and vast herds of goats and also flocks the fleecy sheep, if she will, she rises from a few, or makes many to be less. So, then, albeit her mother’s just child,she is honored amongst all the deathless gods. And the son of Cronos made her a nurse the the young who after that day saw with their eyes the irradiate of all-seeing Dawn. So from the start she is a nurse the the young, and also these are her honors.”
(Hesiod, Theogony found athttp://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus:abo:tlg,0020,001:418)

Hekate was a goddess of childbirth, regardless of being a virgin in most cases save a few, and also a guardian the liminal, or in between, places. This is why shrines to her were collection up exterior the home and at the crossroads as displayed by the following:

“Small statues or symbolical depictions of Hecate (hekataia) were an extremely numerous, especially at Athens, whereby they stood before or in houses, and also on spots whereby two roads crossed every other; and also it would seem that civilization consulted together Hecataea together oracles.”
(Aristoph. Vesp. 816,Lysistr. 64; Eurip. Med. 396; Porphyr. De Abstin. Ii. 16; Hesych. S. V. Hekataia) found onhttp://www.theoi.com/Khthonios/Hekate.html

Hekate later on became linked with more specific roles. Together her link with Artemis and also Selene grew, therefore did her association through the moon. She additionally became linked as the queen of every ghosts and the gateways of the Underworld. In this role, she was additionally the torchbearer, the companion of Persephone in she yearly trips to and from the Underworld. Her duty as Queen the the Dead and the gateways of the Underworld is sustained by this quotations below, though she is called Brimo in the first, the is accepted to be another name for Hekate.

“Brimo (Hekate), night-wanderer of the underworld (nyktipolis khthonie), Queen of the dead (anassa eneroi).”

Why would you desire to praise Hekate?

For me it’s due to the fact that I to be a witch. And also as a witch, Hekate became the goddess I many honored. Over there are many other appealing determinants of Hekate though. I also view Hekate together the protectress the outsiders and “weirdos” and LGBTQ+ people, yet that’s simply me. However other reasons would be her functions as a protector of children or she cleansing nature. She likewise provides guidance to those lost or having trouble deciding being a goddess that crossroads and all.

How to acquire into her?

Read! begin with the myths favor Argonautica and the Homeric Hymn come Demeter. It need to be said, however, that as soon as reading mythology you have to read the initial myth from the primary source, together that will have the most details information around deities favor Hekate. Then move on come books. For starters ns recommend Hekate: secrets to the Crossroads and Hekate: Liminal Rites both through Sorita d"Este,and The holy place of Hekate by Tara Sanchez. If you room really specialized I recommend Hekate Soteira by buy it Johnston and The Goddess Hekate by Stephen Ronan.

Also ns recommend praying to her every night and also leaving her offerings the honey, garlic, and also apples or pomegranates. If girlfriend really desire to present devotion to her, set up a shrine come her and invite her to be current in her life in every way. If you want to get fancy, you can go come a crossroads (a three method one is best) and also you can introduce yourself by offering offerings and also prayers to she there. Ns recommend doing this on the dark moon, which in Hellenic Polytheism is a celebration because that her dubbed the Deipnon/Deipna.

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Overall, ns think Hekate is a really powerful deity and should be respected and honored. If girlfriend feel drawn to her, follow your heart and pray she shines her torch light on the best path because that you.