Eincredibly note has a rounded notehead which designates the pitch. Other distinctions, such as whether a note has actually a stem or is solid babsence, have to execute via note worth, which is length of time to host a note.

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The symbol for a entirety note is a circle. A whole note is organized for 4 beats.

The symbol for a half note is a circle through a stem.

Two half notes = one entirety note

A quarter note is a solid black circle via a stem.

Four quarter notes = 1 totality note

An eighth note is a solid black circle through a stem and one flag. Two eighth notes are created via their flags as a solitary bar between them.

A sixteenth note is a solid babsence circle via a stem and also two flags. Two sixteenth notes are created via their flags as a double bar in between them.

A triplet divides one beat into 3 equal components.

If a note has actually a dot on the side, one more half of the value of the note is included to it.For example, a half note via a dot alongside it represents 2 beats plus half of 2 beats which is 1 beat. So... 2+1=3.

Counting Rhythms


= 4 beats

= 2 beats


= 1 beat



= 1/2 beat



= 3 beats

= 1 1/2 beats

How to Read Music

Reading Music on the Staff
The Grand also Staff
C's on the Staff
Landmarks on the Staff
Time Signature
Counting Rhythms
Flats and also Sharps
Keep in mind Values
Key Signatures
C Scale
Major Scale
Circle of Fifths

A sixteenth note can likewise be split in fifty percent, creating32nd notes. They have 3 flags, and are played very quickly!

Rests are icons which note a room of silence withinmusic. See the chart at the optimal of this web page to take a look at remainder symbolsand restvalues.

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Read Music Method for Adult Beginners is filled through web page after web page of songs and exercises to build confidence on each brand-new ability necessary for reading the language of music notation.

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sixteenth note

four sixteenths


dotted half note

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3second note