Non-incision dual Eyelid surgery creates brighter and also larger eyes, natural looking dual eyelids.

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 Double eyelids are developed by tying invisible sutures under the upper eyelids which kind the new dual eyelid lines.

The Non-incision double Eyelid surgery has actually a very fast restore time due to no incision. This procedure gives natural results with minimal swelling and less tissue damage or danger of scarring.

Dr. Choi of Answer Plastic Surgery is an skilled in Eye surgery and also has experience taking care of various dual Eyelid cases. Dr. Choi is an experienced in minimizing scarring as soon as performing surgery and is especially skilled in reducing swelling during operations. So, you have the right to return to day-to-day life from as early on as the day after the operation.

NOTE – counts on a patient’s eyes condition and preference, In-line, Out-line and also In-and-Out-line are all possible

Scarring and swelling space a worry to youDo not have actually thin eyelidsTo desire Incisional surgeryWant her existing twin eyelids to be an ext defined
Scarring and also swelling room a worry to youDo not have actually thin eyelidsTo desire Incisional surgeryWant your existing double eyelids come be more defined


Surgery Time: 20~30 minute (could be different depending upon a patient’s health and wellness condition and the surgical situation)

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or Hypnoanesthesia (twilight anesthesia)

Removing Stitches: Next job of the operation

After surgical treatment Check-ups: Once

Recovery Time to day-to-day Activity: None


1.Dr. Choi Min designs personalized to every patient using a virtual form

2.During the surgery, fat is removed firstly with tiny holes

3.After the incision and removal that fat, top eyelid skin is linked to the elevating muscle to create a twin eyelid line

4.Suture the wound ~ the surgery

There is some opportunity if the following applies to you.

- You have actually thick upper eyelids tissues

- Eyeballs space protruding

- friend wear thick call lenses

- your eye-opening pressures are too weak

If any type of of these conditions apply to you, then us recommend Incisional double Eyelid surgery or Incisional twin Eyelid surgical procedure with Ptosis correction.

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