If she trying to finish the Fun through Fungi pursuit in Ni No Kuni II, we’ve got the details you’ve been looking for.

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Once girlfriend add Henny to your kingdom speak to her and also you should have the ability to start the Fun v Fungi quest. The proviso for an initial mushroom Henny asks for is, “This refreshing mushroom tastes simply as bright and breezy as it looks.” Henny is questioning for a Bluesky Buttontops mushroom, which have the right to be discovered in the Makronos area or in the Branching Lumberyard (requires kingdom level 2) that delivers items come the Evermore store. The item rarity is just level 2 (out the 5), so the shouldn’t be too tough to come by.


The 2nd clue Henny offers you is, “This mushroom might look sweet and also beautiful, however its odor is famously awful.” Henny is asking you to uncover her a Cutesy mr mushroom, which deserve to be discovered in the woodland of Niall or in ~ the Branching Lumberyard. It has a rarity level that 3, which means it might be a tiny harder come come by compared to the Bluesky Buttontops, but it should’ve be too many difficult.

Basically, just keep someone at the the Branching Lumberyard at every times, inspect the kingdom store frequently, and also eventually you will have actually both mushrooms needed for this quest.Deliver both mushroom to Henny to complete the quest. Upon perfect you will get 600 endure poitns, 1,460 Kingsguilders, and 5 Sweet Dream Truffle items.

As there have been reports the the clues Henny offers being random and transforming with every play through, we"ll add as numerous as us can listed below for anyone who may not have gotten the same ideas we did. The optional mushroom we"ve viewed pop increase comes through the clue, "This is a an extremely poisonous mushroom indeed. Skilled knowledge is required to extract that venom." This is introduce to the Toadstool mushroom, which deserve to be uncovered in the forest of Niall or the Budding Lumberyard.

Alternate Mushroom Options

This refreshing mushroom tastes simply as bright and breezy as it looks.Bluesky ButtontopsMakronos, Branching Lumberyard
This mushroom might look sweet and beautiful, however its smell is famously awful.

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Cutesy PopsForest that Niall, Branching Lumberyard
This is a really poisonous mushroom indeed. Expert knowledge is forced to extract the venom.ToadstoolForest the Niall, Budding Lumberyard

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