Use this tropical themed indigenous sort and also other word work activities to focus on the digraph -ng and -nk. This 20 pg pdf document includes a week's worth of tasks :2 Sorting Headers48 native CardsScoot and also Read and also Write the Room record Sheets2 - i Have, who Has? games (24 cards each)2- native
This frog themed word sort focuses on diphthong /ng/ (ang, ing, ong, ung). There are 16 words come sort, a record sheet, and also a homework sheet.

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This is a funny centers game or day-to-day 5 Word job-related activity. Students sort the digraphs –ng and also –nk. As soon as sorted they will certainly write 6 words under for every digraph. This task will help students focus on these 2 digraphs and permit them additional reinforcement and practice!Included space 40 indigenous car

This Literacy facility will be an excellent practice for your students after discovering both the -ng and -nk word finishing sounds. College student will check out each word and decide i beg your pardon word ending it has to sort the cards. A recorded sheet is additionally included.-ng endings include: ing, ang, ong, and also ung-nk end inc
This 49 page packet includes:* Teacher Notes because that each activity* I deserve to statement goals for each activity* 20 G, N, NG & NK last blend words because that sorting and also comparing* Spelling test Template* native Search* native Sort* photo Draws* rotate a Word* Parking Lot* write your native Sort* Ti
Super fun word families ng and nk sorting activity! college student will sort ice cream scoops onto the exactly word family members dish, then record the word on the recording sheet. There room 6 words for each word family. 48 ice cream scoops in all with 8 word families. Word households include:ing, ang, ong, un
This fun resource will allow your student to practice WORD SORTS with NG finishing blends on Google Slides. This is a perfect method to communicate your students, assess your understanding and do it all PAPERLESS! If you college is going 1:1, this will certainly be a perfect addition with activities you deserve to use in yo
This is a collection of indigenous sorts and task sheets for -ng words. Students can use this independently, with a partner, or in a literacy center. Please see the complete preview.
Students will location the pumpkins in a row next to the pumpkin sign mat through the very same pattern (-ang, ing, ong, and also ung). Students will usage the recording paper to copy the words, recognize /ng/ sound in the middle of the word, and complete the pumpkin challenge!
This early on Phonics skills activity is a an excellent way come practice and reinforce knowledge of WELDED sounds, particularly -ng and also -nk. This product includes 4+ pages that word building cards making use of welded sounds, 3 cut and also glue word kind activities, 3 spinner gamings where students deserve to work through a par
This packet consists of a indigenous sort focused on ng & nk ending blends. The packet aligns v the Scott Foresman's analysis Street story Ruby in Her very own Time. The packet includes a indigenous cards and a word kind to exercise the weekly phonics skill. The cards can additionally be supplied for participating learnin
This facility is designed to go with second grade reading Street Unit 5 week 4. Had are 3 pages of gh, ph, ck, ng indigenous cards with the digraph missing. Students have the right to use the digraph "wands" to shot to fill in the lacking parts the the words, and then document them on their recording sheet. A color versi
Students will read, cut and also sort words through digraphs (ck, ng, and also nk) right into 3 categories based upon their sound.
ng/nk indigenous sort- designed to support Orton-gillingham phonics instruction listening the difference between ng/nk units have the right to be tricky. This is draft to assistance students in that distinction. Review it, sort it, review it! extend this lesson by assignment the words ~ sorting or making use of the words in a sen
A good activity come reinforce the -nd, -ng, -nk word endings through a fun winter theme. Have the right to be offered as a center, group, or an separation, personal, instance activity.

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Digital sorting worksheet because that substep 2.1 in the Wilson analysis System. Student drag and drop -ng and also -nk words to the ideal columns. If you are assigning in Google Classroom, make certain to make a copy because that each student. Students need to view the assignment in "editing" setting to have the ability to intera
Printable, vibrant cards v words from 4 families: -ang, -ing, -ong, -ung. Cut out and laminate therefore students can sort ~ above the floor or on a desk. Great as a facility activity!
Practice because that words that finish with glued sounds ng or nk through candy - themed cards. Each page has a brand-new activity, with 5 total activities for practicing native that end with nk and also ng ! Grab this digital boom sound cards (flashcards) for ng finishing words and nk finishing words. Simple to usage on your iPhone,
Keep Students involved with these digital-No Prep task cards. Students practice sorting target spelling patterns. This deck is self-correcting therefore students execute not proceed with the wrong answer. The deck is randomized so students deserve to play lot of times. ✔️No Prep✔️No Printing✔️Self-Correcting✔️Just Clic
Follow the Rainbow: "NK" and also "NG" native Sort and Phonics video game is a source that have the right to be used in two separate ways.1. Usage it together a jobs Box native Sort. Have students/players pick up and read a card from the deck one at a time. Listen for the glued sounds and sort the card. 2. Use it together a plank Game. Ha
Students cut and glue an and also at words into the correct word family.Sorts for unit 1 assignment patterns: short a, quick e, quick u, short o, ck/ng, and also short collection review.
This ING, ANG, ONG, & UNG glued sounds word type aligns to Wilson’s FUNdations grade 2 Unit 2 week 2 This is a fun way for your students to practice blending words. This is suitable for every students learning this skill (this is the exact same product as my former ing, ang, ong, and also ung sort). Perfec
Check the end my TpT Store, one-of-a-kind Inspirations, for the finish packet that includes 3 plank games and 2 posters! Also, explore my save for other phonics activities and themes! your feedback is substantially appreciated! give thanks to you!

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