Whenever I present myself to who I’ve never ever met before, this often tends to it is in the normal reply, “Never trust a male with two first names.”

What go this mean…?

Why would certainly you say part thing prefer this to a complete stranger? i’m still make the efforts to figure it out.

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My last surname is Mike, first name David. This has actually been a resource of confusion for people, my entire life. What kind of person has Mike because that a last name anyways?

It’s extremely unique and kind of weird.

When request what country background Mike is, I offer them the back story.



Great-Grandpa Mike

My Great-Grandfather, Giuseppe Antonio Michele, made the decision to leave Italy to do a far better life because that himself below in America.

As is the case with many immigrants, the agent that processed the either can not know his accent, or just wanted to Americanize his surname and changed it to, Joseph Anthony Mike.

His decision to move here, not only boosted our family’s high quality of life but, likewise gave us the possibility to beat the name game.

When ns was younger ns told human being that our last name was yes, really Skullnelly. Mike was simply the critical name provided to us when we entered the angry relocation program. There’s just no way Mike just could be a actual last name.

To date, i’m not certain anyone ever actually thought me.

If you watch the snapshot of me in mine youth, you’ll understand that I required all the cool point out I can get.



David “Skullnelly” Mike

Over the phone, once asked for my last name, and I speak Mike, the usual response on the other end is, “I claimed your LAAAAST name.”

After reassuring them that I recognize questions presented to me in English, the normal comeback is, “Then just how do you spell that?”


And those bad telemarketers that ask, “May i please speak to Mr. Mike David?”

“Well sorry, he no live here.”


Private an initial Class Mike

During basic Training the object is to avoid pain, suffering and also humiliation indigenous the Drill Sergeants.

Your key goal is to blend in and not acquire singled the end for any type of reason, from all the various other shaved head, camouflage put on individuals.

No luck because that me in the department… “Hey… you… two first names, get over here…”

One that my favorite comments indigenous my other soldiers was, “Why carry out you get to have your first name on her uniform?”

At my current job as a Cosmetology Instructor, ns go through Mr. Mike.

It seems as if the Mr. Component just gets dropped off after a if by our continuous clients.

It is just, “Hey, Mike!” , “Isn’t that right, Mike?” or “Go obtain Mike, he knows just how I favor my hair cut.”

After finding out that my very first name is David, they generally say, “You nothing look choose a David, you look like a Mike!”

Well ns am technically, type of ish.

Fortunately for my three daughters, the Mike girls will not have actually the last name curse follow them after ~ they obtain married.

Unless they do the guy readjust his last name to Mike, or what if his an initial name is Mike?

I really execute like my critical name and after plenty of years i am offered to all the comments.

This is a good thing, since they will more than likely never stop.

By the way, girlfriend CAN trust me.

My center name is Charles which triples out the two first name thing…

Is anyone else the end there with me?

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David Mike is a Christ follower, husband, father, author and also Cosmetology Instructor in Omaha, NE. David blogs to share feeling life occasions and additionally tell the story the the 3 years spent in the U.S. Army’s Prison, Ft. Leavenworth, sharing the blog post that we execute not have to be characterized by ours past and also that God deserve to use our sort of mess for good.

To read David’s story, click the book title below.

Dishonor: One Soldier’s journey from Desertion come Redemption

Originally released at dilemmamike.com

David Mike

Christian, Husband, Father, Cosmetology Instructor, author of Dishonor: One Soldier’s journey from Desertion to Redemption.

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Christian, Husband, Father, Cosmetology Instructor, author of Dishonor: One Soldier’s trip from Desertion come Redemption.

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