The finest gaming keyboards have it all, style, ergonomics, and of course, the many satisfying clickity clacks.

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Three gaming key-boards on a gray background through the computer Gamer recommended sticker on the height right corner. (Image credit: Future)
The finest gaming keyboard will join you ~ above your best PC gaming triumphs and also defeats for years to come. As well as a gaming mouse, you"ll interact with her gaming keyboard an ext than any kind of other piece of hardware on her desk. So, it"s crucial to choose the one that"s appropriate for you.

There"s no such point as a one-size-fits-all gaming keyboard since preferences differ from gamer to gamer. The variety of options you have these days because that gaming keyboards deserve to feel overwhelming.Keyboard switches also come in every feels and also colors, for this reason here"s every little thing you should know about the best mechanical key-board switches around.

Do friend go v a 60% tenkeyless keyboard to save precious workdesk real-estate or go through a full-sized keyboard packed through media controls? are you more a Cherry Red or for Razer Green type of human when it concerns switches? If you"re still puzzled or just unsure what friend want, we can help determine what keyboard style is ideal for you. Listed below we picked the end the finest gaming key-boards we experiment this year to accommodate many gamers" certain needs and also wants.

We also tested the end the best cheap gaming keyboards that won"t upset your bank account if these options are a little out of your price range.

Best gaming key-boards 2021

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1. Corsair K100 RGB Optical

The finest gaming keyboard
Switch: Corsair OPX
Size: complete size
Backlights: RGB
Passthroughs: USB
Media Controls: Dedicated
Wristrest: Detachable
Keycaps: PBT double-shot
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Reasons come buy
+Responsive optical switches+All the RGB, all the time+Premium construct quality
Reasons to avoid
-Lots of software

When you desire to walk the extra mile and upgrade to the absolute ideal of the best, it"s hard to discover a much more premium choice than the Corsair K100 RGB. It is in warned, though; this is a big keyboard: its massive footprint still requires some desk clearing before it deserve to be nested comfortably. Yet feature-wise, the K100 RGB"s gained it all. Devoted media controls and a USB pass-through, a steel volume wheel, RGB lighting. Speak of RGB, there is an aggressive amount that RGB in this keyboard.

During our tests, we listed excellent crucial responses, a decent spread of secrets for most hand sizes, a satisfying tactile click to each press, and also wonderfully dimpled secrets to help you remainder your fingers once you"re not actually pressing down. While this all seems rather obvious, it shows that the K100 RGB pond the basics, and also including the sophisticated extras, and also that"s why it"s optimal of the list.

Read the complete Corsair K100 RGB Optical review.

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2. Mountain Everest Max

The ideal modular gaming keyboard
Switch: Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown, Silver
Size: complete size or TKL
Backlight: Per-key RGB
Passthrough: USB 3.2 Gen1
Media controls: devoted unit
Wristrest: Magnetic, plush
Keycaps: ABS
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Reasons to buy
+Fully modular+Simple, elegant style+Great hardware
Reasons come avoid
-Unsure about Base Camp software

All things to all people, that"s virtually what the mountain Everest Max gaming key-board represents. And also it"s among my favourite designs since it an initial landed on my desk. I don"t always need the numpad top top a full-size keyboard, however it absolutely comes in comfortable sometimes throughout the workday. Once I"m gaming though, all I want is a compact TKL board to acquire my mouse and also keyboard hands closer together and also give me more desktop real estate to fling about my rodent.

That"s what the Everest Max offers; the adaptability to have your TKL cake and eat her numpad. Use your numpad. Whatever. Basically, the magnetically it is registered numpad module have the right to be attached come either next of the base mechanically TKL board and is completely hot-swappable.

The admittedly costly $270 (£230) finish Everest Max kit likewise comes with a plush magnetic wrist rest, a media module with discrete controls, and an LCD screen.

It"s additionally a plank for the keyboard enthusiast, with a basic that permits you come pull the end switches at will and also replace them as conveniently as simply pushing them in. Girlfriend can likewise go because that the barebones board, choose your very own switches and also keycaps from the begin to develop a truly tradition option.

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My just reservations v the Everest Max are its high price and also the early immaturity I proficient with the config software. That"s been ironed out now for the most part, and I"m still utilizing my sample top top a day-to-day basis together it totally suits just how I game and also work on my PC.