Neon Genesis Evangelion: girlfriend of steel 2 (Iron Maiden the 2nd) is a video game released in 2003, the sequel come the very first of the series, girl friend of Steel/Iron Maiden. Developed by GAINAX and also published by Broccoli. A similar visual novel style of gameplay, and also despite gift the sequel come the an initial game, it has a fully different storyline.

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The game was first released on the PC and also Mac in 2003. Exit again on PS2 in 2005, v updated graphics and images. Ultimately it to be released together a PSP game in 2009, when the video game became obtainable on a portable console.

Girlfriend of steel 1

Girlfriend of steel starts in a serene time somewhere prior to the fight with the Angel, Ireul. A new character, Mana Kirishima is moved to Shinji’s school and the story revolves roughly Shinji and also this brand-new character Mana’s relationship. Similar to the series, through Asuka’s love-hate feelings in the direction of Shinji, Mana provokes a surprise jealousy within Asuka and also suspects that Mana is nothing yet a spy that has involved trick Shinji right into revealing NERVs secrets. The story unfolds with more details top top what this new character is.


Girlfriend of stole 2 is set not in the timeline the the Evangelion TV anime series, however in an alternative universe checked out in illustration 26 the the Evangelion TV series. Shinji Ikari is still the key character and the game consists of living out Shinji’s home, school and local life in a tranquil time in Tokyo-3. The Evangelion Units space still apart of the story as in this variation of the story Shinji’s classmates Toji and Kensuke room both Evangelion pilots. But the story is a light-hearted setting with no focus on fighting action compared to the anime series and the first Girlfriend of stole game.

The plot the the game starts v a new transfer college student Rei Ayanami showing up in Shinji’s class. The player meets every one of the main Evangelion cast characters. Asuka is Shinji’s childhood friend and neighbour, and Kaworu is no an Angel but a regular boy. The children then walk to the NERV Geofront to view their Evangelions for the an initial time, yet the Evangelion Unit’s have actually no real duty in this game. And the story continues with social activities such as going ~ above dates and hanging out with friends.


Similar to Girlfriend of stole 1, the sequel is also a intuitive novel style game, in which the player controls Shinji making straightforward choices to create events in the storyline. From going shopping, going come school, and also even walking on dates the choices that the player renders will eventuate to one of two possible endings.

The most far-reaching difference in between the very first installation the the video game is the there are facets of a date sim contained in the game. The storyline is set to end with a an outcome in Shinji becoming partners through either Asuka or Rei. The 5th Child Kaworu Nagisa from the collection is likewise said to be a competitor as well. Included for every the Shinji x Kaworu fans however is ruled out together an option throughout the storyline.


Shinji Ikari (Voiced through Megumi Ogata)

The key character the the TV anime collection and girlfriend of stole 2 game. Contrasted to the TV anime series is a much more sociable, and upbeat consistent 14-year old boy.

Asuka Langley Soryu (Voiced by Yuko Miyamura)

Personality-wise, she has actually the exact same traits together the Asuka depicted in the TV anime series. However, in this story Asuka is Shinji’s childhood friend and neighbour.

Rei Ayanami (Voiced through Megumi Hayashibara)

Completely various to the quiet and also introverted Rei Ayanami character in the TV anime series. The story starts with Rei being the new transfer student into Shinji’s class. Bright, bubbly and also talkative the girl friend of steel 2 Rei Ayanami is a reinvented character.

Kaoru Nagisa (Voiced by Akira Ishida)

Originally the fifth Child and the point of view Tabius in the Evangelion series, Kaworu still has actually the ‘playboy’ personality and attitude. Kaoru is a supporting character in this game with not as much display screen time together Asuka and Rei.

Misato Katsuragi (Voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi)

In the story of girl friend of steel 2, Misato isn’t functioning at NERV. However instead she is Shinji, Asuka and also Rei’s homeroom teacher.

Ritsuko Akagi (Voiced by Yuriko Yamaguchi)

Similar come Misato, Ritsuko too has actually no component in NERV and is rather in a place fitting to she white coat image. She is now the college nurse in ~ the Shinji, Asuka and also Rei’s school.

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Asuka EndingFor football player who pick the Asuka ending, the critical scene requires Asuka returning to Germany top top a boat. Asuka board a boat after saying her goodbyes come Shinji. Yet as the boat sets sail she realizes the Shinji is quiet on the watercraft with her. The player together Shinji had made decision to walk to Germany v her.Rei Ayanami EndingFor players who choose the Rei ending, the last scenes incorporate Shinji walking on a beach date with Rei and finally eventuating to the pair acquiring married and also having 2 children.


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