Narrative, descriptive, and reflective describe 3 A. major themes. B. kinds of poems. C. layouts of diction. D. standard meters.

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Narrative, descriptive, and also reflective describe 3 A. significant themes. B. kinds of poems. C. styles of diction. D. conventional meters.
Which among the following sentences is an example of a metaphor? A. She eats prefer a bird. B. I am a rock. C. The breeze blew the branches earlier and also forth. D. I"m as hungry as a wolf.
20. Which of these lines contains a metaphor? A. You are choose a sun to me. B. She offered him a hundred-watt smile. C. Like unto fatality was her countenance. D. Now is your last hour.
11. Hopkins"s usage of "seared," "bleared," and "smeared" is an example of A. alliteration. B. assonance. C. simile. D. metaphor.
16. Which statement about poeattempt is accurate? A. Poets usage assonance, consonance and alliteration to determine type. B. The method a poem is divided can impact its as a whole meaning. C. Tbelow are different forms of poems yet each has the same meter. D. Poems are made up of little principles expressed in brief words. An exact statement around poeattempt is: The means a poem is separated have the right to influence its in its entirety meaning. (More)
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