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----------------------------------------Oh, the one who gained saved is the foe from before? He simply didn't show challenge before.She still keep dead body of KajiKaji's character in the bed, hope he would certainly wake up.New visitor, or the ex-captain of the sacred Knight (before the enemy). That got restored from that same revival power fairy
therefore emotional.Flying to the past where KajiKaji's character safeguarded baby princess?The real an interpretation of creating 7 sins... To defeat the foe this time.Curse, huh. KajiKaji's personality is meeting an existance that gave him curse to it is in undead?Power because that the man who eliminated KajiKaji's character operated on almost all characters except Sugita-san's character.ED reflecting movie scenes.

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I like the OP readjust with the various animation. Girlfriend don't view this type of thing often. It's a pretty touch.Well, well, looks prefer Escanor and also that various other dude room going to fight that out. About time tbh.

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"The future is always blank. Just your willpower deserve to leave footsteps there.""Ruling end death means ruling end life. Fatality is the orgasm of life. To have the best death, you need to honor life."
That opened scared me a bit, i really thought Meliodas to be gone till I saw him sleeping.Lol, Zaratras was revived.Wtf, Meliodas saved Elizabeth when she was a baby. Escanor is as well damn epic, well, at the very least his day form.
So. Meliodas really died, huh!I feeling sorry for him but, ~ above the various other hand, it to be hilarious to watch zaratras return -I desire him come stay, heh heh