L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 20 | 8-answer surveysName miscellaneous dogs do to world that civilization wouldn"t do to dogs.99LICK THEM54BARK in ~ THEM3SNIFF/THEIR BUTTS14BE FOREVER LOYAL3BITE/NIP ANKLES13HUMP THEM3PEE ~ above THEM7BEG FOR your FOOD2Name other a drunken guy could do as with a dog.98WHIZ/OUTSIDE54SLEEP/ON FLOOR5BARK/GROWL/HOWL14HUMP4EAT/DRINK10PUKE4DROOL5KISS/LICK2Name a means you can know someone is dead quite than simply sleeping.98NO BREATH/MOVEMENT38THEY SMELL7NO PULSE19POKE/KICK THEM7THEY"RE COLD11HEADLESS/BLOODY3SKIN COLOR/PALE10STIFF as A BOARD3Name other Colonel Sanders likes to placed on his chicken and his lover.98SAUCE/RANCH DRESSING33BATTER/FLOUR8GRAVY18HIS MOUTH/FINGERS7SALT/SPICES14OIL/GREASE6HONEY10BUTTER2A man learns the hard way never come tell his mam that she"s also what?97MASSIVE74ANGRY/CRAZY2OLD/ELDERLY5PICKY2BOSSY/DEMANDING5SENSITIVE2LOUD/TALKATIVE5SKINNY2We request 100 women...Name miscellaneous your male thinks the has great taste in, but he doesn"t.97CLOTHES/FASHION68WINE/BOOZE4DECOR/FURNITURE8HAIR/BEARD STYLE2JEWELRY7TV/MOVIES2WOMEN4FOOD/CHOCOLATE2Name other a man could lose that would make him less attractive.97HAIR/FACIAL HAIR65HIS NOSE3PHYSIQUE/WEIGHT12WOODY/SEX DRIVE3HIS TEETH4PERSONALITY/HUMOR3HIS MONEY4JOB/PROMOTION3Fill in the blank: A husband is clever to tell his wife that she has actually the finest ______ ever.97BOD/DIVINE BEHIND57HUSBAND/LOVER3SMILE/FACE15PERSONALITY/"TUDE2COOKING12MOM2KISSES4HEART2Name a factor a woman says her husband reminds she of Bigfoot.97HE"S A FURBALL49CLUMSY/TRIPS7HIS large FEET...DUH14STOMPS AROUND5LARGE BUILD8MUDDY/DIRTY3HIS STENCH8RARELY view HIM3You wouldn"t desire to wake up Christmas morning to see your dog act what?97OPENING/EAT"G GIFTS44EAT"G FOOD/THE HAM3PEE/POO/ON GIFT37BIRTHIN" PUPPIES2KNOCK"G end TREE4CHOKING/PUKING2HUMPING3DYING2Name who you might say has actually taken year off your life.97KIDS/TEENS39BOSS/COWORKER5SPOUSE/MATE21DOC/SURGEON5MOM/DAD11MOTHER-IN-LAW4MY EX9POLITICIANS3If you take it a naked take self at a wild party, that would you dislike to realize you texted it to?97MOM/DAD38MY EX6BOSS/COWORKER16MY KIDS4ANYONE & EVERYONE16BEST FRIEND4SPOUSE/MATE10PASTOR/CLERGY3When the circus closed, what act had the hardest time finding one more job?97ANIMALS/TRAINER36RINGMASTER5ACROBAT/TRAPEZE27SWORD SWALLOWER4CLOWN16HUMAN CANNONBALL2BEARDED LADY5JUGGLER2We inquiry 100 women...Where would you tattoo your boyfriend"s surname if friend weren"t certain the connection was going to last?97DOODY DISPENSER35MY SHOULDER7FOOT/SOLE/TOE20MY THIGH/LEG5MY ARM/PIT14MY HIP4MY BACK9BURIED IN CLEAVAGE3Name something that Santa think is sexy about Mrs. Claus.97FINE PHAT FIGURE32HOT GRAY HAIR BUN5FACE/SMILE27GRANNY GLASSES3HER ENSEMBLE18HER STRUT2FOOD/COOKIES8PERSONALITY2The great news is, you gained a really cheap airplane ticket. The poor news is, the plane hasn"t got what ~ above it?97SEATS31WINGS8BATHROOMS28ENGINE/PROPELLERS3FOOD/DRINKS12SEAT BELTS2PILOT/CREW11FUEL2We request 100 solitary women...What would certainly you carry out if a day asked you how much you weigh?97TELL HIM22LAUGH13LEAVE20GIVE DIRTY LOOK4DON"T TELL/"NUNYA!"19CUSS him OUT2LIE15SLAP THE DOUCHE2We request 100 married women...What would you execute if your finest friend said she had actually a like on her husband?97PUNCH THE HO22KILL/RUN her OVER10DISCUSS/"BACK OFF!"19DROP/UNFRIEND HER10"U deserve to HAVE HIM"12CRY7LAUGH/SMILE11FEEL FLATTERED6You must never call your mommy that you hate her what?96COOKING66ADVICE/IDEAS3HAIR/NEW WIG9"TUDE/PERSONALITY3CLOTHES/SHOES6FACE/WITCH NOSE3GUTS4MAN2Men think about sex and also dogs think around what?96FOOD/BONES60SLEEPING4HUMPING12OWNERS/PEOPLE4WHERE come WHIZ/DUMP6CATS2SNIFFING BUTTS6PLAY"G BALL2Fill in the blank: A magician just pulled a coin the end of mine what?96EAR59PURSE/WALLET4STINK WHISTLE13NOSE3POCKET/PANTS8HAND2HAT5BRA/CLEAVAGE2Name other a wife can do if she uncovered her husband"s secret stash the marijuana.96BLAZE, BABY!53FREAK/CONFRONT3FLUSH/THROW AWAY25NOTHING/IGNORE2EAT/BAKE COOKIES5LEAVE HIM2BURN/INCINERATE4HIDE IT2Name miscellaneous grandma wears come bed the grandpa pretends is sexy.96NIGHTIE/ROBE51DENTURES5PANTIES/LONG JOHNS12NOTHING4CURLERS/HAIRNET11BENGAY2KNEE-HI structure SOCKS9NIGHTCAP2We inquiry 100 women...My behind walk from one apple bottom come the form of what fruit?96PEAR50ORANGE5WATERMELON17PEACH4PUMPKIN7PRUNE3GRAPEFRUIT7CANTALOUPE3Name a means a man"s street mama is different from his actual mama.96TAKES HIM come O-ZONE47CALLS/DATES HER4RICH/GIVES GIFTS24BETTER TONGUE KISSER3YOUNGER9HOOCHIE CLOTHES2NOT RELATED5WON"T SCOLD HIM2Name other that"s unhealthy to hold in.96FEELINGS/EMOTIONS44YOUR GUT5GAS/BURP/FART17SMOKE/FROM JOINT4YOUR BREATH11CHUNKY VOMIT2DETERMINED TURD/PEE11A SNEEZE2Name miscellaneous that might land on the bingo room floor if two old ladies acquire in a fight.96DENTURES43DAUBERS/PENCILS8WIGS17COSTUME JEWELRY2BINGO CHIPS12CANES2BINGO CARDS10CLOTHES/GIRDLES2Name a complain Tarzan might have around his brand-new loincloth.96SMALL/TIGHT40TOO SHEER/THIN3ITCHY/CHAFES38HAS A HOLE2STIFF/STARCHED5TOO SMOOTH/SILKY2TOO LONG/BIG4SMELLS/FILTHY2After a mrs is dumped, name something she buys thinking, "I"ll show him."96SEXY CLOTHES/SHOES38JEWELRY/RING3CAR the HIS DREAMS27HAIRCUT/SEXY WEAVE2BOOBS/SURGERY17GYM MEMBERSHIP2HOUSE5FOOTLONG VIBRATOR2Name a place you prevent going to as soon as you"re broke.96RESTAURANTS32THE MOVIES8BAR/NIGHTCLUB16THE BANK4STORE/MALL16RACE TRACK3CASINO15BALL GAME2Name a subject that the smart woman knows never to mention on a very first date.96EXES/DUDES32POLITICS9MONEY/SALARY16AGE6SEX/YOU PACKIN"?14KIDS/SHE"S PREGGO5MARRY/SET A DATE12SPORTS2We asked 100 women...Name a part of you the no one would ever describe as petite.96MY big FAT ARSE30MY HEAD4MY BELLY/WAIST26CHARGING RHINO LEGS4MY twin PEAKS17MY big MOUTH3MY MANLY FEET10BIRD mine NOSE2Name something you do when your boss has very bad breath.96AVOID/WALK AWAY27TELL THEM5OFFER GUM/MINT23IGNORE/ENJOY ODOR3TURN AWAY/BACK UP23GAG/PUKE3HOLD mine BREATH10COVER mine FACE2Fill in the blank: A wife can say to she husband, "Why can"t you have actually a ______ prefer Steve Harvey?"96PERSONALITY/HUMOR27SUIT/WARDROBE6BANK ACCT./WALLET20LAUGH6PAIR the LIPS/SMILE15VELVETY VOICE4CAREER/TV SHOW14SEXY STACHE4We inquiry 100 women...Name other you"ve heard that world make love in however you"d never ever want to.96CAR21CLOSET/STORAGE RM.12JOHN/PORTA-POTTY18ELEVATOR9AIRPLANE15PARK5JACUZZI13OCEAN/THE SAND3Name a reason a outright guy could say he stopped wearing a hairpiece.96TOO HOT/SWEATY20BAD LOOK/SCARES KIDS14TOO ITCHY18EXPENSE/UPKEEP5FALLS/BLOWS OFF18DOESN"T offer A HOOT4BALD IS BEAUTIFUL15HAIR GREW/ROGAINE2If your dog could send message messages, who might he send a message to?95ME/MY FAMILY52EVIL MAILMAN3DOG/FIFI THE FLOOZY17THE BUTCHER2PESKY CAT11PET STORE2THE VET6RESTAURANT/DOMINO"S2Name something the Mrs. Potato Head could do to Mr. Potato Head when she"s furious v him.95RIP turn off BODY PART51BITE/EAT HIM3SLICE/MASH19EAT CHIPS/POTATOES2COOK/BAKE10HIDE HIS GLASSES2SMACK HIM6IGNORE HIM2The magician"s wife divorced him due to the fact that she got tired of finding what in their bed?95BUNNY/BUNNY POO49SCARVES/HANKIES4ASSISTANT/HER THONG20KNIVES3PLAYING CARDS7COINS3DOVES/FEATHERS6HANDCUFFS3We asked 100 women...Fill in the blank: I choose it when my man"s underwear is ______.95CLEAN47SILK/SILKY3SEXY15PICKED UP/PUT AWAY3OFF/ON THE FLOOR15COLORFUL/PINK2TIGHT8BRIEF STYLE2Name something of Steve Harvey"s you"d like to touch.95SILKY fully HEAD44SUIT/TIE7EVERY last DOLLAR17BUTT/GLAZED HAMS4STACHE10CAR3HAND7FACE/BUMPER LIPS3Name the very first thing Steve Harvey would eliminate if he were in a game of strip poker.95HIS TIE42HIS HAT6HIS SHOES15HIS MUSTACHE4HIS SHIRT14HIS WATCH3HIS JACKET9HIS PANTS2If a man"s zipper breaks at church, what could he use to cover that up?95BIBLE/HYMNAL37HAT3SHIRT TAIL27PERSON3JACKET/COAT14PROGRAM/FLYER3HIS HANDS6SAFETY PIN2We asked 100 married men...Name something your wife could do if you made funny of her bottom.95MAD/CUSS OUT33CRY5BEAT/SIT on ME25LAUGH4"NO COOCHIE for YOU!"15THROW STUFF3POUT/SILENT TREATM"T7SHAKE IT/SHOW IT3Name miscellaneous a male whale can think is sexy about a mrs whale.95DAT BLOWHOLE31DEEP EYES9TANTALIZING TAIL15THEM good FINS8CATCHY SONG/SOUNDS12HOT HUMPBACK7BLUBBERY BOD10HER SCENT3We asked 100 single men...Name one factor that smart, sexy women simply aren"t attractive to you.95I"M 623 LBS.28DEATH BREATH9I"M A broke JOKE20SO HAIRY, IT"S SCARY6MY catastrophic FACE16CREEPY/PERSONALITY2AGE/I"M A GEEZER12BAD HAIRCUT/BALD2When you open your mouth come speak, surname something you expect doesn"t come out.95CUSSIN"/INSULTS25FOOD PARTICLE/GUM6SPIT/DROOL23PROJECTILE VOMIT4BIG BELCH20THE TRUTH/SECRETS3TEETH/DENTURES11MOTHER"S VOICE/WORDS3Name miscellaneous you"d carry out if your grandparents started making the end at a family members reunion.95LAUGH/SMILE21"GET A ROOM"/"STOP!"11LEAVE ROOM/RUN20GAG/PUKE8PIC/VID/FACEBOOK12COVER EYES/LOOK AWAY7CLAP & CHEER12BLUSH4Name a traffic sign you"d like to host up in ~ a Thanksgiving dinner v relatives.94STOP55EXIT/EXIT ONLY4YIELD18QUIET ZONE3CAUTION5DO not ENTER2SLOW5CATTLE CROSSING2Name miscellaneous that mother make their youngsters feel guilty around not doing.94CHORES/CLEANING55VISITING5CALLING HER12EATING/VEGGIES3HOMEWORK/LEARNING9SHARING2BRUSHING TEETH6BATHING2We request 100 men...You"d never ever sell your heart to the devil. However if you did, what would certainly you desire in return?94MONEY42HAPPINESS3BABE/ENDLESS SUPPLY24WORLD PEACE2LONG/ETERNAL LIFE16UNLIMITED WISHES2POWER3TO it is in A STAR, DAHLING2We inquiry 100 married women...Name a type of watercraft that ideal describes your guy in the bedroom.94SPEED/MOTORBOAT38ROWBOAT7DINGHY16SAILBOAT/SCHOONER6TUGBOAT9CRUISE SHIP/TITANIC6YACHT8BARGE4Fill in the blank: It was a turbulent wedding -- even the ______ to be wearing a gun.94CLERGY34DAD5BRIDE23RING BEARER4GROOM13CATERER/WAITER3FLOWER GIRL9BEST MAN3Name something about a human that can remind girlfriend of a horse.94MOUTH/CHOMPERS28LAUGH/NEIGH9LONG FACE/JAW20NOSE/NOSTRILS8HAIR/PONYTAIL15EAT/CHEW"G HABITS2MUSCLY POOPER10HOW lock WALK2If you were going to prison on Monday, what might you carry out on Sunday night?94DRINK/PAAR-TAY!21PRAY10PIG OUT20BE WITH/HUG FAMILY5BOW CHICKA WOW WOW16CRY3RUN/FOR BORDER16COMMIT an ext CRIMES3Name other a naked cowboy have to do an extremely carefully.93RIDE HORSE/BULL64LASSO3WEAR/SQUAT IN SPURS11SHOOTS HIS GUN3COOK/FRY FOOD4LIGHT CAMPFIRE2GO THRU CACTI4STRUM/ANGLE GUITAR2Fill in the blank: i won"t day someone v an ugly ______.93FACE/NOSE/SMILE39WARDROBE/SHOES4PERSONALITY/"TUDE32CAR4BEARD/HAIR5KID2HEART/CHARACTER5MOTHER/FATHER2Name a factor the tooth Fairy can not leaving a kid any money for his tooth.93KID"S angry HEATHEN29TOOTH"S no THERE7FAIRY"S BROKE/ROBBED18KID"S OLD/304CAVITY/IT"S ROTTEN16FAIRY FORGOT4FAKE TOOTH12KID PULLED just FOR $3We request 100 men...You"d always be on her best behavior if friend were date a woman who was a what?93HOTTIE/MODEL25NUN6POLICE OFFICER19ACTRESS5WRESTLER/FIGHTER19LAWYER5ANGRY NUTJOB12PRINCESS2I could never do love come someone the looked like my who?92MY MOM/DAD55MY IN-LAW2MY SIBLING18MY BOSS2MY EX8MY TEACHER2MY GRANNY/GRAMPS3MY NEPHEW/NIECE2Name a body part that cannibals swear is a fight at any kind of barbecue.92LEG/THIGH37MAN SAUSAGE/OYSTERS5RIBS25HEART4JUICY RUMP8ARM4HEAD/BRAIN6PLUMP BREAST3An upset wife could tell her husband, "If ns were a dog, I"d to pee on your" what?92LEG/FOOT36CAR/TIRES3CLOTHES/SHOES24CHAIR/COUCH3FACE/HEAD18FOOD/CHEERIOS2PILLOW4PHONE2We request 100 men...If you were a stripper, i m sorry superhero"s name would certainly you use?92SUPERMAN32INCREDIBLE HULK7BATMAN28SPIDER-MAN3THE FLASH10WONDER WOMAN2THOR8CAPTAIN AMERICA2We asked 100 men...Name a specific food the reminds friend of her woman since it"s juicy.92PEACH28CHICKEN8ORANGE15MANGO8MELON11HAMBURGER6STEAK10STRAWBERRY6Because it"s hell, ~ above your first morning there, you"ll most likely wake up next to who?92MY EX27MY MOTHER-IN-LAW5THE DEVIL23MY SPOUSE4DICTATOR/POLITICIAN21MY ideal FRIEND4MY BOSS5CHARLES MANSON3Santa can"t work next year. The just discovered out he"s allergic to what?92SNOW27KIDS/BRATS9REINDEER19CHRISTMAS TREES5MILK & COOKIES13CHIMNEYS/SOOT4TOYS/GIFTS11ELVES4Name other the world"s rudest doctor can make fun of while offering you a routine exam.91BIG FAT BOD60BODY HAIR3NAUGHTY PARTS12ME NEED"G SURGERY2BOOBS/SWEATER PUPPIES6MY NASTY ODOR2REVOLTING FACE4PROSTATE2If a girl were brutally honest, name a details reason she can give a guy for no dating him.91HIS catastrophic FACE42TOO POOR5REEK/LIKE DEAD RAT17JOB/AN "ACTOR"2PERSONALITY12TOO CHEAP2SHORT/BAD BOD9PALS/NO CHEMISTRY2You"re on one airplane. The human being next to you won"t stop talking. What do you do?91SLEEP/FAKE SNORE36COMPLAIN/NEW SEAT5EARPHONES/PLUGS29GO to BATHROOM3ASK THEM to STOP7READ3CHAT/TOLERATE IT5START FARTING3We inquiry 100 men...Name one occupation that, because that you, would certainly be living the dream.91ATHLETE/FISHERMAN35BUSINESS OWNER8DOCTOR/GYNO13FIREMAN7MUSICIAN/ROCKER10PILOT5LAWYER8WRITER/SPORTS MAG5Instead of delivering presents, surname something bad Santa could do ~ above Christmas Eve.91BOOZE that UP33POOP/IN CHIMNEYS2STEAL GIFTS/MUG KIDS31SLEEP2HO-HO-HO AROUND15HIT ELF strip CLUB2LEAVE COAL4WATCH TV2We request 100 married men...Name miscellaneous you"d be alarmed to discover in the tribe of your wife"s car.91DEAD BODY33CRATE that RUBBERS6A GUN15TOOLS4CLOTHES/A MAN"S15BOOZE2HER KINKY LOVER14PACKED SUITCASE2Name something around Santa Claus that can make him a chick magnet.91HIPSTER BEARD/HAIR30SWEET RIDE8GIFTS GALORE22TWINKLY EYES4HIS HO-HO-HO/SMILE12ROSY CHEEKS/DIMPLES3FINE RED THREADS9HOT JELLY BELLY3We asked 100 married women...Your husband no to admit that you have a far better what than he does?91MIND/EDUCATION29HEAD that HAIR/PERM7JOB18SMILE/FACE6BODY/BOOTY14SENSE the DIRECTION5HEART8PERSONALITY/HUMOR4We request 100 married women...Name something you"ll let your husband get away v doing, yet just once.91FORGET B-DAY/ANNIV.26BLOWING PAYCHECK5FLIRTING/OGLING24NOT CALLING5LYING17INSULT/"YOU"RE FAT"3CHEATING/3-WAY9IGNORING ME2We request 100 married people...What could you bring to bed through you once you"re emotion romantic?91WINE/CHAMPAGNE24CANDLES9LUBE/CRISCO17MY NUDE, RANDY SELF6MY SPOUSE14CONDOMS5FOOD/WHIPPED CRM.11HANDCUFFS/TOY5We request 100 women...You usage cheese to record a mouse. What can you use to record a spouse?91FOOD/STEAK23PERSONALITY/HUMOR10BOOBIES19SEXY DUDS/BIKINI4SEX17FLIRTY SMILE2MONEY14A KISS2What would certainly a guy who marries Dorothy native "The wizard of Oz" get worn down of her talk about?91TOTO23OZ/THE WIZARD12KANSAS/HOME17LION5YELLOW BRICK ROAD13MUNCHKINS4RUBY SLIPPERS13RAINBOWS4We asked 100 married people...Name a room in the residence you"d be least likely to make love.91KITCHEN22CLOSET/PANTRY10DEFECATION STATION19GARAGE5LAUNDRY ROOM14BASEMENT5KID"S ROOM12ATTIC4Name a location a woman goes once she desires to hear the juiciest gossip.90BEAUTY/NAIL SALON54FACEBOOK/WEB4CHURCH7COFFEE SHOP4WORK7BAR/NIGHTCLUB4FRIEND"S HOUSE6THE LADIES" ROOM4Name miscellaneous an 80-year-old man might get rid of if he uncovered the spring of Youth.90HIS OLD LADY46DENTURES5CANE/WALKER20VIAGRA/MEDS3WRINKLES/JOWLS6OLD male CLOTHES3GRAY HAIR5WEIGHT/BELLY2Name something a baker might put ~ above his buns at work and his wife"s buns at home.90BUTTER41OIL6ICING/CHOCOLATE13WHIPPED CREAM6HIS HANDS9FLOUR4HONEY7MEAT/WIENER4Name something the some people do sexier than others.90DANCE30SMILE7WALK20KISS7DRESS9WINK4TALK9MAKE LOVE4We asked 100 women...Name a superhero costume that would spice points up because that you in the bedroom.90WONDER WOMAN26CATWOMAN6SUPERMAN18HERCULES5BATMAN15THOR4BATGIRL/WOMAN12HARLEY QUINN4Name an pet that poops much more in a day than you carry out in a week.90ELEPHANT21HORSE7DOG21MOUSE/RAT6BIRD/DUCK16COW6RABBIT8CAT5Name a reason Steve Harvey is more handsome now than ever.90MORE MATURE19SMILE/SAUSAGE LIPS8CHARM/HUMOR18THAT STACHE7HIS MONEY, HONEY!16PIMPIN" CLOTHES6BALD IS BEAUTIFUL12FIT/SKINNY BOD4Birds do it. Bees carry out it. Surname a biology that does the much much more than you perform it.89RABBITS59ANTS3DOGS10DOLPHINS3FLIES6LIONS2CATS4MICE/RATS2If you wake up up throughout surgery, what would you dislike to view the operated doctor holding?89HEART/INTERNAL ORGAN40A SAW7KNIFE/SCALPEL15BOOK/INSTRUCTIONS3BOOZE/MARTINI10MY ARM/LEG3PHONE8MY PERKY LI"L PETER3Name something about his mam that renders a guy say, "I married up."89SHE"S RICH/GREAT JOB37HER HOUSE3HER FOXY FACE29SHE"S YOUNG/193HER BANGIN" BOD8HER COOKING3HER SMARTS3SHE"S CLASSY3I"d love to snap my fingers and also suddenly end up being what?89RICH37FAMOUS/ERIK ESTRADA3THIN/HEALTHY/FIT20HAPPY2INVISIBLE/SUPERHERO14HANDSOME/PRETTY2YOUNG9A good SINGER2We asked 100 men...Name something your blind date has with her that makes you suspect she may be underage.89ID/FAKE/HIGH SCHOOL32BRACES6CANDY/LOLLIPOP13HER MOTHER6BOOK/HOMEWORK12UNIFORM/CLOTHES4DOLLS/TOYS12BACKPACK4Name something details a male would hate to have happen when he gets under on one knee to propose.89HIS trousers RIP30SHE runs AWAY6SHE says NO!15DROPS/LOSES RING6HE falls OVER13HE CAN"T acquire UP4FART/CALL that DOODY12CRAMP/CHARLEY HORSE3Name something details you"d be tempted to perform to acquire a waiter"s attention as soon as he"s skipping you.89RAISE HAND/WAVE27THROW stuff AT HIM6"YO! GARCON!"19WALK up to HIM4WHISTLE at HIM15GET THE MANAGER3SNAP FINGERS12STARE INTENSELY3We asked 100 men...Be honest: Your best friend has a far better what than you?89CAR26PERSONALITY/HUMOR6JOB20BANK ACCOUNT5WIFE/BABE/LOVER15BODY/MOOSE KNUCKLE5HOUSE/YARD9HEAD O" HAIR/STYLE3It"s bad when you have actually ants in her pants. But it would certainly be worse if you had what bug in your pants?89BEE/WASP26CRABS/LICE9SPIDER/TARANTULA16TICK5COCKROACH15MOSQUITO4SCORPION10FLEAS4You have a week to live. Friend can"t take it it v you. Therefore what do you invest your money on?88VACATION51BOOZE4FAMILY/KIDS13HOOKERS/GIGOLOS4DRUGS/PRIMO WEED6CHARITY3CONCERT/TOM JONES4FOOD/CAVIAR3Name something about a male that his date could suspect is fake.88HAIR/THE COLOR47HIS NAME5CAREER9HIS BULGE/SIZE5PERSONALITY/CHARM7NET WORTH5HIS AGE6HIS SMILE/TEETH4A party gets required to a whole brand-new level as soon as someone shows up v what?88BOOZE/90 PROOF45STRIPPERS4DRUGS/BATH SALTS20CELEB/TAYLOR SWIFT3GAMES/OUIJA BOARD6A DONKEY/HORSE3FOOD/WINGS4THE FUZZ3Name other a 100-year-old woman might buy for she 80-year-old boy toy.88VIAGRA/MEDS35DENTURES7DUDS/NUT HUGGERS15WALKER/CANE5CAR/OLDSMOBILE13DEPENDS2SEX TOY/STRIP POLE9MOTORCYCLE2Name a device that the nude handyman have to handle really carefully.88SAW/CHAIN SAW33DRILL6HAMMER/JACKHAMMER18PLIERS5NAIL GUN11BLOWTORCH3RAZOR/KNIFE9WRENCH3Name a candy that"s perfect for your belly button, decorative and delicious.88M&M"S32HERSHEY"S KISSES7JELLY BEANS19MINT/JUNIOR MINTS5LIFE SAVERS10DOTS/GUMDROPS4SKITTLES8SWEETARTS3We inquiry 100 married women...What would certainly you perform if her husband met you at the door attract a leather thong?88LAUGH31SAY that LOOKS SEXY5TAKE PIC/SELFIE13PUT top top MUSIC/LUTHER5BE SHOCKED/SCREAM13SHUT THE DOOR5EWW! put PANTS ON12RUN/WALK OUT4Name something you think Snoop Dogg and also Martha Stewart do after finish shooting your show.88BOOZE UP/BAR25CATCH part Z"S7TOKE UP/GET HIGH21CHAT3COOK/EAT20SEX/"DOGGY" STYLE3GO HOME/LEAVE7KISS/TONSIL TENNIS2If you were rich, surname something you"d have actually installed near your grave therefore your family members would constantly visit.88DAIQUIRI BAR/BOOZE24TV/MOVIES6ATM/POT of GOLD20PLANTS/FLOWERS5BENCH/LA-Z-BOY15POOL3FOOD/SODA12CASINO/SLOTS3We inquiry 100 solitary men...Name one occupation a woman has that renders you instantly interested in her.88LAWYER18CHEF8NURSE17PILOT6TEACHER15ATHLETE/MMA FIGHTER5DOCTOR14VETERINARIAN5At a masculine nudist funeral, name something the deceased can still it is in wearing.87RING/JEWELRY42WIG/TOUPEE7NECKTIE11GLASSES/SHADES5A SMILE9SHOES/SANDALS3HAT7FIG LEAF3Name other Steve Harvey has so plenty of of, the wouldn"t notice if one go missing.87SUITS/SHOES41JOKES5DOLLARS15WIVES/EXES4TEETH8MUSTACHE HAIRS3CARS8JOBS/SHOWS3We asked 100 married women...It"s cute if your guy calls girlfriend "bunny." It"s not cute if that nicknames girlfriend what animal?87PIGLET/HOG35HIPPO7COW/ELSIE12ELEPHANT/DUMBO6JACKASS/MULE11BEAR3DOG/PIT BULL10PUSSYCAT/KITTEN3Name miscellaneous women have actually a tough time obtaining rid of.87FAT/CELLULITE CITY31AN STD4DUDS/SHOES27WRINKLES4MEN/HUBBIES11ATTITUDE/ANGER3ZITS4HAIR/GRAYS3We request 100 married women...Comparing your guy in bed to a sandwich, what type would that be?87HERO/6-INCH SUB29GRILLED CHEESE9TURKEY13BLT7BALONEY9BURGER/SLIDER6SAUSAGE9MEATBALL5Name something you think of as soon as you hear words "grind."87COFFEE19PEPPER/SPICES10TEETH18MY SEX TECHNIQUE5BUMP/DANCE17"AXE come GRIND"3WORK/"DAILY GRIND"12MEAT3Name other a man can ask his wife to execute to his bottom.86SPANK/PAT IT, BABY!39INSPECT/CHECK IT6MASSAGE/RUB IT16LOTION the UP3KISS IT10SCRATCH one ITCH3GRAB/SQUEEZE IT6PULL out SPLINTER3We asked 100 women...Name miscellaneous of Steve Harvey"s the you would love come see.86HOUSE/BEDROOM34DANCING PECS3BANK ACCT./WALLET16THAT SEXY SMILE3WARDROBE/UNDIES14WIFE/FAMILY39 TV SHOWS/MOVIE10HIS HAIR get an impressive BACK3Name a famed man who can be explained as bald and beautiful.86STEVE HARVEY25PATRICK STEWART7TELLY SAVALAS/KOJAK21BRUCE WILLIS6DWAYNE JOHNSON9YUL BRYNNER6VIN DIESEL8HOWIE MANDEL4Name miscellaneous a masculine dog might do in front of a woman dog to admire her.86SNIFF/HER BUTT23LICK SELF8LIFT leg & WHIZ16STRUT/POSE8BARK12FIGHT/DEFEND HER6WAG HIS TAIL9RUN/AFTER CAT4Name miscellaneous a Steve Harvey doll could have an ext of 보다 a Barbie doll.86SUITS/CLOTHES18BELLY/WEIGHT9FACIAL HAIR16COLOR/MELANIN9LIPS/TEETH14JOKES/PERSONALITY5MUSCLES11BALDNESS4Name a college subject that explains your love life.85ANCIENT HISTORY43ENGLISH/POETRY6BIOLOGY/ANATOMY10ART4PHYS. ED/GYM8DRAMA/THEATER4CHEMISTRY7ABNORMAL PSYCH3Name miscellaneous a man keeps in his desk drawer in ~ work because he"s afraid to save it in ~ home.85PORN/MAGS33ALCOHOL/FLASK6LITTLE black color BOOK16GUN4MONEY/WALLET112ND cell PHONE4CIGARETTES/CIGARS7CANDY4Steve Harvey is coming to your dinner party. What can you ask him to bring?85BOOZE/DOM PERIGNON28COMEDY ROUTINE4THE DINNER/FOOD28WEED3MONEY/COVER CHARGE9MUZZLE/MOUTH TAPE3FAMILY7HIS smiling SELF3When you"re at work, you have to never allow them check out you what?85CRY22PICK her NOSE5SLEEP20STEAL/BOSS" LAPTOP4SWEAT/STRESS15GET ANGRY/YELL4SURF WEB/FOR PORN11PARTY for ONE4We request 100 men...Name something specific you perform to acquire women in the mood because that love.85MUSIC/MICHAEL BOLTON20CUDDLE/HUG6WINE/DRINKS18FEED HER5KISS/NIBBLE EAR18SWEET TALK/JOKE5MASSAGE/FEET9CANDLE/DIM LIGHT4Your bathroom is gift renovated. Therefore where execute you tinkle?84OUTSIDE/OFF BALCONY36KITCHEN SINK7FRIEND"S/NEIGHBOR"S9BUCKET62ND BATHROOM9JAR/JUG/COKE CAN5STORE/RESTAURANT8SHOWER/TUB4A patient could say, "This is the worst hospital ever. It doesn"t have any" what?84DOCS/GOOD ONES24BEDS/BEDDING9TV"S/CABLE13WIFI5GOOD FOOD13MEDS/IV"S5NURSES/HOT ONES10TOILET PAPER/2-PLY5We request 100 women...Name miscellaneous of your you prefer to dress guys up in.84MY THONG/PANTIES23MY DRESSES9MY HEELS14MY NIGHTGOWNS6MY SHIRTS14MY SCARVES5MY slim JEANS9MY MAKEUP4Name a ar where you would certainly be shocked if civilization started playing spin the bottle.83CHURCH55BAR/NIGHTCLUB4SENIOR HOME6RESTAURANT3FUNERAL5COURT/SUPREME COURT3STORE/MALL4WEDDING3Name other a cannibal can remove from a tourist prior to cooking him.83DUDS/BERMUDA HAT30WALLET6CAMERA16TEETH/DENTURES4JEWELRY13GUTS/STOMACH3HAIR/BACK HAIR8EYES3Name someone you"d hate to view walk into the room simply as you were making funny of them.83MY BOSS28MY FRIEND7MY SPOUSE/BAE16MY SIBLING5MY IN-LAWS10MY EX5MY MOM/DAD8MY KID4Name a phrase a cop could say top top the task that he might likewise say in bed.83STOP/FREEZE/HOLD IT26UNDER ARREST5HANDS UP/BEHIND BACK24G"NIGHT/MORNIN"5CUFF "EM8GET DOWN4SPREAD "EM8RIGHT stay SILENT3Going to job-related on Monday morning is a lot like being required to go where?83JAIL/PRISON25CHURCH6DENTIST/DOCTOR24HELL5SCHOOL9THE GYM4MY IN-LAWS"6WAR4Name other a mam brings come bed as soon as she"s really mad at she husband.83ATTITUDE25LOVER/SWIM TEAM4BOOK/MAGAZINE22HAIR CURLERS3FLANNEL/CLOTHES13NITE-DELIGHT WAND3WEAPON/FRYING PAN10HEADACHE/ASPIRIN3Tell me one ingredient a baker provides that could be a an excellent name because that a stripper.82SUGAR/BROWN SUGAR47CHERRY5GINGER9HONEY4CINNAMON6COCOA3BUTTER5FLOUR3We asked 100 women...Name other your man gets you for Valentine"s Day the says, "It"s over."82NOTHING28SOCKS/CLOTHING7VACUUM17A CARD/GOING AWAY5DIVORCE PAPERS10GYM MEMBERSHIP3DEAD/BLACK ROSES9CANDY/TURD-SHAPED3Name a renowned woman who doesn"t require a man.82OPRAH WINFREY27ANGELINA JOLIE6ELLEN DEGENERES15JENNIFER ANISTON5HILLARY CLINTON12CHER4MADONNA10QUEEN ELIZABETH II3The stripper referred to as in sick to the bachelor party.

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So that popped out of the groom"s cake?82HIS BRIDE/MATE25GRANNY4BEST MAN/BUD18BUDDY"S WIFE3BACKUP STRIPPER15THE CAKE BAKER3MOM/MOM-IN-LAW12HIS EX2Name a mexico food a warm stripper could use as their stage name.82HOT TAMALE24JALAPENO8CHILI PEPPER15CHIMICHANGA5TACO/TACO BELL11SPICY SALSA5ENCHILADA10CHALUPA4Grandma is happy she has bad eyesight due to the fact that grandpa likes to carry out what in the nude?82DANCE/HOKEY POKEY20WATCH TV6EXERCISE/SQUATS17SLEEP6COOK/EAT14"PET THE KITTY"4WALK around HOUSE11SCRATCH HIMSELF4Name a location where world are no shy around making out in public.81MOVIES29BEACH5PARK/UNDER TREE20CAR/LOVERS" LANE5BAR/NIGHTCLUB10SCHOOL3CONCERT6EUROPE3Name a kind of candy that can fit up your sleep if you"re into that kind of thing.81JELLY BEANS22TWIZZLERS/LICORICE7SKITTLES17TOOTSIE ROLL6M&M"S10GUMMY BEAR/WORM5CANDY CANE/MINT9CANDY CORN5Name a location a clever girl walk to market her cookies.80STORE/WEED SHOP47COFFEE SHOP4WEIGHT ns CLINIC7GYM4BAR6SPORTS VENUE4NEIGHBORHOOD5SENIOR CENTER3Fill in the blank: Grandma"s panties space so big, you can make a ______ the end of them.80TENT30BAG/SHOPPING BAG4PARACHUTE22SAIL3KITE9BLANKET/QUILT3BALLOON/HOT AIR6DRESS/SKIRT3We asked 100 women...Name miscellaneous you"d love simply once to see Steve Harvey wearing.80DRESS/SKIRT/KILT24SKINNY JEANS7BOOTY SHORTS12WIG/WITH PONYTAIL5SPEEDO/BIKINI12HAT/STETSON5CLOWN SUIT10SWEATS5Name other in the kitchen that could accidentally acquire stuffed within a turkey.79SPOON/FORK/KNIFE30RUBBER GLOVE5GIBLETS BAG/NECK18PAPER TOWEL4JEWELRY/WATCH8THERMOMETER4STRING6BASTER4Name other a man can be afraid to asking his mam to acquire rid of.79FAT/MILE-WIDE BUTT25PET/HAMSTER5CLOTHES/WOOL PANTIES23BODY HAIR/STACHE5FAMILY/MOM/KIDS7OLD LOVE LETTERS4PICS/OF EX6HO-ISH MAKEUP4We inquiry 100 married men...Name a kind of bird your wife reminds girlfriend of.78PARROT/PARAKEET19CROW10SWAN12BLUE JAY5EAGLE12ROBIN REDBREAST5PEACOCK11CANARY4A kiss is simply a kiss until the other human being does what?77TONGUE WRESTLES34BITES/NIBBLES6COPS A FEEL10KISSES BACK6SNEEZES/COUGHS6TELLS OTHERS/TWEETS5HUGS YOU6SAYS "I LOVE YOU"4If Steve Harvey readily available you a ride, what sort of vehicle do you think he"d pick you up in?76PINK CADILLAC19CORVETTE5LIMO18BENTLEY4MERCEDES-BENZ17MUSTANG4BMW5VW/BEETLE4We asked 100 women...Some strippers use fancy car names. What sort of auto is your stripper name?70MERCEDES-BENZ23MUSTANG/COBRA5JAGUAR14COUGAR4LEXUS11TESLA3PORSCHE7FERRARI3Name miscellaneous you can honestly say you"ve never ridden.70BULL/MECHANICAL22ELEPHANT7HORSE/BRONCO12DONKEY/MULE6MOTORCYCLE8PLANE4CAMEL7ROCKET/SPACESHIP4Fill in the blank: If that were approximately me, I"d never ______ again.56WORK17DATE5MARRY10SHAVE4SMOKE6DIET4DRINK6CLEAN/DO LAUNDRY4Back come index