People regularly associate a hefty feeling in the chest through heart problems, yet this discomfort can be a sign of stress and anxiety or depression.

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A feeling of heaviness is one method that a person may describe chest pain or discomfort. Other sensations the a person with chest pain may experience include:


This article explores 13 causes of a hefty feeling in the chest and also ways to treat them.

Anxiety can cause a variety of physical symptoms, consisting of a hefty feeling in the chest.

Anxiety disorder is a mental health condition that causes a human to feeling worried, apprehensive, and also tense. The can likewise cause plenty of physical symptoms.

Experiencing anxiety can lead come a hefty or tight emotion in the chest. Various other physical symptoms of anxiety include:

muscle tensionsweatingshakinga rapid heartbeatfast breathingdizzinessnauseapins and also needles

A panic assault involves experiencing many of this symptoms in ~ once. Panic strike symptoms feel intense and overwhelming.

If a person has not had a panic attack before, they may mistake their symptoms because that those that a heart attack.

Experiencing a panic strike can make a human being feel choose they are in physics danger, however these assaults are no physically harmful. Symptoms usually pass ~ 10–20 minutes.

If a person has panic attacks often, castle may have a kind of tension disorder called panic disorder.

2. Depression

Depression is an additional psychological cause of a heavy feeling in the chest. A 2017 study discovered a link in between having depression and also experiencing recurrent chest pain.

A human with depression might experience physics symptoms because depression affect how human being feel pain. One theory is the this is since depression influence the neurotransmitters the govern both pain and also mood.

People v depression may additionally experience chest heaviness early to rise in regarded stress.

Unexplained aches and also pains add by emotion low, hopeless, guilty, or worthless might be a authorize of depression.

3. Muscle strain

Chest pain may an outcome from intercostal muscle strain, i beg your pardon can occur when a human being overstretches and also pulls the muscle that holds the ribs in place.

Straining the intercostal muscles might put push on the ribs and cause a heavy feeling in the chest.


Gastroesophageal reflux an illness (GERD) is a digestive disorder that can cause chest pain.

GERD occurs when stomach acid comes back up right into a person’s throat. As well as chest pain, it may cause:

excessive salivapain once swallowing
5. Pericarditis

Pericarditis pain may acquire worse if a person lies down.

Pericarditis is a heart difficulty that may cause chest pain.

The pericardium is the name of the great of tissue bordering the heart. Pericarditis occurs once the pericardium becomes infected and swells.

When swollen, the pericardium might rub against the heart, resulting in chest pain. The pain commonly gets far better when a human being sits upright and worse as soon as they lie down.

6. Angina

Angina can cause a emotion of press in the chest. The happens as soon as the love muscle does no get enough blood, and it is a symptom that coronary artery disease.

As well together chest pain, angina may cause pain in the:

7. Love attack

Chest uncomfortable is one symptom that a love attack. During a love attack, a person’s chest may feel:


Other heart assault symptoms include:

pain in the neck, jaw, arms, back, or stomachshortness of breatha cold sweatdizzinessnausea

A heart assault is a medical emergency, so anyone who suspects that they are having actually one need to seek immediate medical care.

8. Pneumonia

Pneumonia can cause chest pain that worsens when a human coughs or breathes deeply.

It is a complication of the flu and also other respiratory tract infections. Other symptoms that pneumonia include:

shortness the breatha coughchills
9. Collapsed lung

A partial or fully collapsed lung may reason a who chest to feeling heavy and painful.

Known as pneumothorax, a fell down lung happens when air collects in the an are between the lungs and chest wall. Pneumothorax can occur on its very own or as a complication of lung disease.

As well together chest pain, a person with a broke down lung may experience shortness the breath.

10. Pulmonary embolism

A pulmonary embolism requires prompt medical treatment.

A hefty or painful emotion in the chest might be a authorize of a pulmonary embolism. This is as soon as a blockage occurs in the pulmonary artery, or the artery in the lung.

The blockage is commonly a blood clot, yet in rare cases, it have the right to be consisted of of other substances, such together fat.

The blockage will reason other symptoms, such as:

lightheadednesssevere an obstacle breathinga fast heartbeatpassing out

A pulmonary embolism is a clinical emergency and also can it is in life-threatening there is no treatment.

11. Costochondritis

If a person has pain where their breastbone meets their ribs, lock may have actually costochondritis.

Also recognized as chest wall pain, costochondritis occurs once the cartilage between the rib and also the breastbone becomes inflamed. The pain may feel worse when a human being touches the area.

12. Gallstones

A buildup of cholesterol or bilirubin can kind masses, well-known as gallstones, in the gallbladder.

Gallstones perform not constantly cause symptoms, however if lock block a person’s bile ducts, they can cause chest pain. Medical professionals refer to this together a gallbladder attack.

A person usually feels gallbladder strike pain in the upper right abdomen. The pains is regularly sharp and also sudden, yet it have the right to feel choose dull, hefty cramping.

13. Aortic dissection

Sudden chest pains may an outcome from an aortic dissection.

The aorta is the main artery that comes from the heart. One aortic dissection occurs as soon as the wall surface of the aorta tears.

This is a medical emergency and also requires immediate treatment.


The treatment for a heavy-feeling chest varies, depending upon the cause. We discover treatments for the mental and also physical reasons of chest ache below.

Treating emotional causes

When chest heaviness or tightness is a symptom of tension or depression, it is vital to get help for the basic condition.

People have the right to often control depression and also anxiety v a combination of medication and also talk therapy.

Lifestyle changes and also stress-management methods can likewise help. This include:

regular exerciseeating a healthful, balanced dietgetting sufficient sleepjournalingseeking emotional support from family and friends

Treating physics causes

Each that the following reasons of chest heaviness or pain may have a various treatment:

Muscle strain: Pain-relieving medication, rest, and also compresses deserve to heal the strain end time.GERD: Lifestyle and also dietary transforms can regularly prevent symptoms.Angina: Medication and also lifestyle transforms can regularly reduce symptoms. Periodically surgery is necessary.Heart attack: This requires emergency treatment, i beg your pardon may include medication and also surgery.Pneumonia: Rest and medication can help treat the infection. A human being may call for hospital therapy if symptoms room severe.Collapsed lung: Treatment focuses on releasing the trapped airPulmonary embolism: A human being may get blood-thinning drugs, oxygen, and pain relief in the hospital.Costochondritis: Pain-relieving medication, compresses, and also rest deserve to relieve symptoms.Gallstones: Gallbladder strikes may need hospital treatment.Aortic dissection: This may require emergency surgery.
When to watch a doctor

People who have actually anxiety or depression may recognize a hefty feeling in the chest together a symptom of their condition. In this case, the is not usually crucial to check out a doctor every time symptoms occur.

However, together chest heaviness and also pain have numerous causes, that is finest to watch a physician when new symptoms take place for the very first time.

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Anyone suffering sudden, unexplained, severe chest pains should contact emergency services.