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"My love Can"t take It No More" is a 1963 song tape-recorded by The Supremes because that the Motown label. Written and produced through Clarence Paul, "My love Can"t take it It No More" charted at 29 ~ above the Billboard Bubbling Under hot 100 Singles chart. The group would not miss charting a single again ~ above the Billboard warm 100 chart for an additional 12 years.

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Stop hurting meNow don"t girlfriend think you"re overdoin" it?I still care I need to admitI know that if we ever before break upI understand you"ll never make upAnd I"m sorry, for this reason sorryBut my love can"t take it it no moreHalf the times you liedYou recognize how many times i criedLonely tears, it brought me miseryMaybe at some point you"ll realizeJust exactly how I really triedDarling to make you happyI provided my heartYou only took it and also destroyed itAnd currently you say it"s me you loveYet girlfriend cheated and also deceived meAnd now you say you desire to store meAnd I"m sorry, so sorryBut my heart can"t take it no moreMy heart can"t take it it no moreMy heart can"t take it it no more

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The Supremes The Supremes was an American female singing group and also the premier plot of Motown Records during the 1960s. Originally founded as the Primettes in Detroit, Michigan, in 1959, the Supremes" repertoire included doo-wop, pop, soul, Broadway display tunes, psychedelic soul, and disco. They were the many commercially successful of Motown"s acts and also are, to date, America"s many successful vocal group with 12 number one singles top top the Billboard warm 100. Many of this hits to be written and produced by Motown"s key songwriting and also production team, Holland–Dozier–Holland. At their height in the mid-1960s, the Supremes rivaled the Beatles in an international popularity, and their success make it possible for future african American R&B and soul musicians to uncover mainstream succe… more »


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