Success for ALL kids

From second grade to high college, special needs to gifted, it functions and works fast!

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How long will it take to learn the facts?

It really depends on the child’s initiative and also time invested. Many teachers plan one to three months for mastery. Using our picture/story method, many type of students have learned them in less than a week. Plan on three weeks if your boy is new to the facts. After a boy has learned the facts, it is crucial for them to save practicing for 6 months to a year to anchor them in lengthy term memory.

At what age should a kid start?

The variety is usually from seven to ten years old, yet kids a lot younger have learned the facts. Our system has been provided extremely effectively in many kind of middle colleges and also high schools

Rote memory operated for me. Why won’t it work for my child?

Many type of adults seem to foracquire how hard and time consuming it wregarding learn the facts. Rote memory doesn’t seem to occupational well for a lot of children. Memorizing the facts doesn’t need to be difficult and also frustrating. Research states the finest means to remember is by using visual imeras and stories. It’s exactly what our device does. It really have the right to be FUN!

Adapts immediately, so kids learn quickly

Automatically monitors and adjusts to individual student needs

Top 5 Reasons People Choose Premium Membership

(Based on the hundreds of email messages we receive.)

No Ads (With Premium Membership, all ads are removed - Games and Activities are complete screen)

Kids actually WANT to exercise the facts (Kids love the games and also activities.)

It works! (Although many type of parental fees and teachers are hesitant, once they give it a try they are thrilled via the outcomes.)

Eases the workload (The mechanism corrects and documents the quizzes and also keeps track of development during games, activites, and also quizzes.)

Success for ALL kids (From second grade to high institution, special needs to gifted, it functions and functions fast!)



What I gain most around the Premium Learning System is that it allows me to monitor student progress in actual time. Students reap it because, with Zippy as a guide and games to entertain them, the regime feels more like playing than functioning.

Scott, Third Grade Teacher

Every student benefits from this distinctive technique to learning facts. The real toughness of this program is the salvation it uses the academically tested and also at-hazard learner.

Karol, Third Grade Teacher

My son struggled in math last year gradually losing self-confidence. I kbrand-new it was because he just didn't know those facts. He has virtually completed the regime and tests via 100% accuracy

Diane, Parent

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Auto-adjusts to abilityGamings readjust to studentQuizzes monitor capabilityDaily auto fine-tuning