I am interesting in getting the sleipnir mount but not 100% sure, ns really choose the watch of it and also am a huge odin fan but I am dissapointed the mount only has 4 legs instead of 6.

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If you have bought the mount have actually you found yourself regretting the or happy v your choice?


Why would he have 6 legs? He has actually 8 legs, yet only offers 4 in ~ a time. That way he can run forever. Also, about Xmas he will probably go on sale, think i bought him critical year or 2 years ago for like 13$

I've had actually one since they an initial came out and I'm really happy v it. The looks badass, it goes well v my darklight healing set (which I appreciate is a personal opinion!) and also the "music" is pretty epos :D

I used to usage it more in the past due to the fact that of the lack of flight and I wish it can fly, I'd use it all the moment again, but maybe one day...

I bought it as a joke with fc members that us would use the rp walk roughly people in mor dhona back in 2.0 so i justified it as a good purchase as it was funny and we had a good time yet if it provides you feel a little much better it is an account broad mount and if you ever make alts you'll gain it ~ above them as well. If you're looking to achieve it just to have actually it if you're a collector that mounts and also minions simply wait till it go on sale again. I'm not sure exactly how much it is best now but I believe the critical time they had a sale it to reduce to roughly 10$

If friend really choose Odin, then I'd say go for it. They're functioning on including flight come it, so ultimately it'll have actually that. It's a really neat feather mount. I reap it a lot.

no one can answer this except for you.

do girlfriend think the 25 dollars you'd invest on it is precious it?

yes? buy it!

no/not sure? - don't to buy it.

I would never ever pay real money because that a mount but that's me. It doesn't paris so I would certainly say no unless you really choose the means it looks.

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Same here. Lot of of mounts obtainable in game, though the fancier ones space locked behind RNG. Plus the odin barding for the chocobo works for me, which provides you a sudo flying odin mount.


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