Our Mont Saint Michel Map will be your best guide on travel to and around this awe-striking island city. Mont Saint Michel’s Abbey is among the most culturally saw sites in every one of France in spite of its remote location. Thousands of world take the long trip from Paris and also other cities in Brittany and also Normandy just to be able to see it for themselves. Our Mont Saint Michel Map doesn’t just guide you with inside the walls of the hilltop abbey, that will also show friend what various other interests there room in the neighboring bay. You’ll discover our top recommendations for restaurants and hotels for this reason you’re guaranteed a an excellent time throughout the trip. And if you’re not planning on coming by car, don’t worry! our map will likewise show girlfriend the different ways you have the right to get come Mont Saint Michel by public transportation! You’ll definitely want come visit Mont Saint Michel!

What’s inside your Mont Saint Michel Map?

The best attractions

From outside Mont Saint Michel, it will certainly seem favor there is just one attraction. However in fact, you’ll soon realize top top entry the there are a the majority of things come see! ours Mont Saint Michel Map lists down the peak 4 attractions in Mont Saint Michel the you must not miss out on while you’re there!


Where come eat

You’ll it is in surprised to discover that there room actually a most restaurants inside and also outside the walled city that Mont Saint Michel. The restaurants you’ll find mostly serve traditional French food, popular brasserie fare, and of course, the ubiquitous fast-food for simple cop-out. Our Mont Saint Michel Map intends to do far better than just showing girlfriend what’s there. We’ve marked down our 3 favourite restaurants within the city that are sure to match every traveller’s preferences.

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Where come stay

Getting come Mont Saint Michel from Paris by car is around a 4 hour drive and not many people are as passionate to journey back. You’ll establish as quickly as friend step past the magnificent walls that you’ll desire to complete the suffer by remaining overnight. Though there are a couple of options for where to continue to be inside Mont Saint Michel, us think that it is 10 times much better to it is in staying approximately Mont Saint Michel Bay. The way, you have the absolute pleasure of enjoying the view of the abbey every lit up before you go to sleep. Another good thing is that it’ll be the very first thing you see when you wake up. The abbey looks favor it’s floating ~ above air when it’s extended by fog!


Photo by frederic Paulussen

Where to shop

If you’ve do it all the means to Mont Saint Michel, make sure you don’t leave without a precious souvenir to remember your pilgrimage by. There space plenty of souvenir shops inside the walled city were you can buy very delicious edibles favor the renowned butter cookies but we’ve acquired an even better suggestion for a souvenir that will last longer than one afternoon the snacking through tea or coffee.

Transport tips and also guided tours

In our opinion, the best method to really gain a trip to Mont Saint Michel is by car. However, we likewise understand the this choice is not always the many convenient one for part travellers. Ours Mont Saint Michel Map includes valuable info ~ above traveling from various cities favor Rennes and also Caen. We additionally included a great recommendation because that a guided full day tourism from Paris! If you’re interested in excursions come Mont Saint Michel native cities like Bayeux and Caen, we tell you how to visit Mont Saint-Michel in information here!


Access to the digital map version!

We’ve additionally created an online version of this map so girlfriend can access it on-the-go. The online version easily opens up on the Google Maps app. You’ll discover descriptions that every attraction, restaurant, and also recommendation we’ve included in the map. You’ll additionally find updated photos to assist you obtain a much better sense of her surroundings! Your access to the online version will be through the attach on your PDF map download.

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