Want some fun classroom door decorations for Halloween? This monstrously fun door is transformed into Sully native Monsters, Inc. This day I"m share printables so that you can make it, too!


Monsters, Inc. Halloween great Door Decorations


9 ft skies blue butcher paper giant black color sharpie marker 4 ft black butcher document 6 pieces white paper or card stock 1 piece purple file or cardstock Printables (link below)


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The printable consists of the horn, a hand, one eyeball, and also the nose. If you room comfortable drawing the face, you have the right to make this project.


This design is produced a class door that is 8 feet tall and around 3 feet wide. Sully"s head is 4 ft tall and 29 inches throughout at the widest point. The narrow peak of his head is 21 inches, and the lower component is 27 inches. The body is 52 inch tall.

attract Sully"s head ~ above the top fifty percent of your blue butcher record using the overview above. The remainder of the document can be used for the shoulders/body and also the hands. Print the eye/nose, eyebrows, and horns on white map stock or paper. (Print the eye twice, and discard the extra nose.) print both hand records on regular file and ice cream them together to make one hand. Tape it to a home window with a lot of light behind it. Tape a item of blue butcher record over the hand, and trace the hand. Upper and lower reversal the hand file over, retape it come the home window and trace it again onto an additional piece the blue paper. Use the remainder of the blue document to create Sully"s shoulders. Cut out every the pieces and also use the sharpie to attract outlines and trace all within lines. Hand draw the smile. Add teeth if you want. Add fingernails come Sully"s hands. (I reduced out the nails and taped white document on the earlier to display through the holes.) rally Sully on the door and add a few purple spots come his shoulders.

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All done!

Have fun decorating! if you"re here, examine out several of my other concepts for Halloween and also classroom door decorating. (Images listed below are linked.)