Today, while Brianna works on a paper mache cutamethod model of the earth, the younger children will certainly be making paper models. I made a sample this weekend to show them what we’re going for. It was simple sufficient and also I think it will be enjoyable for the younger kids.

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Supplies for Making a Model of Earth’s Layers

5 colors of construction papercrayons or colored pencilsscissors (or, if you have actually it, the Creative Memories Cutting System circles work fabulously for this)glue

How to Make a Simple Model of Earth’s Layers

Step 1: Cut out and shade the Earth coloring web page.

Tip 2: Cut out the first construction paper circle the same size as the Planet circle. Then, reduced out the remaining 4 circle in progressively smaller sizes.

Step 3: Glue the largest form to the ago of the Earth sheet. Then, glue the next biggest form and also so on until they’re all glued.

Step 4 (optional): Label each layer: crust, upper mantle, reduced mantle, external core and inner core.

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(Note: Many websites I’ve seen incorporate the upper and lower mantle and also ssuggest speak to it the mantle, giving the Planet 4 layers, quite than five. Our science message, Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space, lists them individually. I would recommfinish going through whatever before your specific science message has.)

Alternate: You can do a cutameans picture of the layers by gluing the layers as stated over, then, cut out 1/4 of the Earth page and also glue it over all of the construction paper layers, quite than on the earlier of the biggest one.

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I might not discover the earth particularly on the page that’s attached anyeven more (I can have actually overlooked it), but it is on the exact same website through a tiny digging:


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