Today, if Brianna functions on a document mache cutaway model of the earth, the younger youngsters will it is in making file models. I made a sample this weekend to display them what we’re going for. The was basic enough and also I think it will certainly be enjoyable for the younger kids.

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Supplies for Making a design of Earth’s Layers

five color of construction papercrayons or colored pencilsscissors (or, if you have actually it, the an innovative Memories Cutting device circles occupational fabulously because that this)glue

How to make a straightforward Model the Earth’s Layers

Step 1: cut out and also color the planet coloring page.

Step 2: cut out the first construction document circle the very same size together the planet circle. Then, reduced out the remaining four circle in gradually smaller sizes.

Step 3: glue the largest shape come the back of the planet sheet. Then, glue the next biggest shape and also so on until they’re all glued.

Step 4 (optional): brand each layer: crust, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core and also inner core.

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(Note: many websites I’ve seen combine the upper and lower mantle and simply call it the mantle, providing the planet four layers, rather than five. Our science text, Christian youngsters Explore Earth and Space, lists lock separately. I would recommend walking with whatever your certain science text has.)

Alternate: You can do a cutaway picture of the layers by gluing the class as stated above, then, cut out 1/4 the the earth page and glue that over every one of the construction record layers, fairly than top top the earlier of the biggest one.

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