Summary: Gundam fanatics take notice! PS2"s first game based on the popular animae TV series takes players earlier to the One Year War through an epic storyine and also mission-based gameplay.

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If, however, this is your first advent to the Gundam series and also a solid game is even more your goal, you’ll find the gameplay frustrating and also the average graphics and also sound disappointing.
Limited button-customization, poor object detection, and also sloppy beam-saber execution add to the frustrations. Still, Journey to Jaburo is an enjoyable different for fans of giant-robot games.
Enjoyable despite its flaws, and also it supplies those that have actually never before checked out the original tv series or its movie adaptation a condensed version of a timeless component of anime history.
A snail in an Olympic sized pool moves much faster than this game, and it gets to the allude where it becomes also frustrating to play.
The control can be a pain but the toughness of the Gundam story is excellent enough to battle via it.
Once aobtain, Gundam gamers are left with the wrong end of the beam saber. More poor regulate, much less game and more advertisements.
Yo, I'm not also sure why everyone hates this game. As Tristan R. said, this isn't Gundam Wing but it's still a darn excellent game Yo, I'm not too certain why everyone hates this game. As Tristan R. shelp, this isn't Gundam Wing but it's still a darn good game to play! The graphics are remarkable. The fatality explosions need to be the finest about, let's challenge it. The mechs themselves are truly a sight to view. From floating Doms to Lumbering Gundams, the mechs have an incredible amount of information. When somepoint comes just a little as well close you deserve to whip out your beam sabre and also wack that punk up! The totally free floating cam is gotta be the best little bit feature in this game. You can actually view the FRONT of your mechs! That's warm $hit ideal tright here, friends! Let's watch AC2 try to carry out THAT! Now around the controls. WHAT is so negative around them?!? They're PRACTICALLY IDENTICAL to AC2!! Control pad to move, R1 & L1 to strafe, square to shoot, triangle to adjust tools and also X to jump! All that's missing is an independent beam sabre switch and also the ablity to look up and also down through the L2&R2 butlots. I'm constantly wondering what world are taking as soon as they spout B.S like: "Duhhhhhh..! Duh Cntrols ur reel baaaad! Dere sooooooo annoying!" It's not THAT hard friends! I made you a freakin list up above! "Well..! Uhh..! My Mech is WAY as well sluggish!" Then tap foward to boost across the ground or usage a quicker mech in Tactics mode! Tright here is a BIG distinction in between a Gundam's speed and a Zaku's! "My mech dont jump high enough!" Press X MORE THAN ONCE to gain a far better boost! The Kampfer, for circumstances, hits the vertical boundary in 4 boosts! "This'll NEVER beat AC2, Man..." Dude! Just LOOK at the game! It's a mutherf** in Ac2/Gundam conversion!! Folks, some skill IS compelled to play the game! Sound is fine, no qualms around that. The mechs and also weapons sound cool. The campaign basically outlines 0079's story which is pretty cool. I like taking part in that. The cutscenes are pretty bad

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$$, it's straight from the cartoon. But by far the finest part of the game was Tactics Battle. That's practically all I play and I mainly forobtain 1 player. Tbelow are WAY even more mechs tright here. My ONLY qualms with this game are the lack of various other mechs/mobile armor with even more shade variations and also likewise just how freaking solid your sheild is! How deserve to it live though a Guncannon 2X cannon blast however your Gouf is literally shattered as soon as it's guard is down? I havent played Zeonic Front yet, yet look for my next response tright here as quickly as I master it!… Expand also