I know you space all choose me waiting impatiently for the next tiny images the the promising Gundam: procedure Troy, so this scan have to all make you rejoice! Or possibly not.Update: because this game is precious it, here are the great quality scans.

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A Tokyo Game display wouldn"t it is in a actual one without part Gundam so below is part multiplayer footage of Gundam: procedure Troy on Xbox 360 which will certainly be referred to as "Mobile Ops: The One Year War" the end of Japan.

We all though it had been quietly canceled, and after the terrible demo from the TGS06 ns don"t think anyone would have really believed it was a huge loss, yet Mobile Ops: The One Year war is ago with these few images. Let"s hope the game now operation at a bit more than 10 images per seconds...

Namco Bandai exit this promotional video clip of Gundam: operation Troy, unfortunately offering us a confirmation the the framerate is still as poor as during the Tokyo gamings Show. A shame, really.

The an ext we see Gundam, the greater it"s looking. Really, the game is shaping up damn well. Let"s just hope the horrible gameplay clip from the Microsoft Megamix to be from one old alpha... Believe.

Famitsu likewise had this 2 complete pages the images and also informations around Gundam / mobile Ops: The One Year War. Quite adjust from the first time we observed this game.

Nine old/new images of Xbox360"s very first Gundam game showed up today on japanese ITmedia site, therefore why not placed them on Xboxyde also (in absence of much better media because that this title). Game is still on schedule for japanese relax this Winter.

After a fairly disapointing unveiling previously this year, Gundam: operation Troy is now earlier with these 2 pages scans in the recent Famitsu Weekly. Uneven I"m failure this video game looks much much better than before.Update : included 4 images from the main flash site.

The adhering to images were released of cell phone Ops: The One Year War, maybe not one of the prettiest games around.

Namco has announced Mobile suit Gundam for the remainder of the world, naming it cell phone Ops: The One Year War. The video game will be released in vacation 2006, and also is an Xbox 360 exclusive. Four brand-new images inside.

New screens of cell phone Ops: The One Yea...E3: mobile Ops: The One Year WarE3: cell phone Ops: The One Year WarTHE GUNDAM video game FROM THE JAPAN CONFERE...

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