Is there almost everywhere I may have actually missed that drops clues of potency, specifically rank 4s? simply making sure I'm not lacking anything evident here.

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Marks of potency 4 and 5 have actually a slight opportunity of dropping from the ideal hand Dread Ring lair chest v the top quality glove. RNG should like you together otherwise you'll normally obtain refinement.

That's a once a day thing thought, for this reason hardly an reliable farm.

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Hmmm.... Well it still doesn't sound promising, could just it is in buying these through AD. I would prefer to just focus on to buy the equipment and pres./coal. Wards as needed yet alas I are afraid I will need to sink some advertisement into these as well. Sigh... Smh. Oh well. Back to the grind.

Yeah me one of two people I'm simply asking the OGs on here because they enlightened me to dread ring I totally missed the playing v the game that I can readily gain enchanting stones there until I read it ~ above here