You room Minamoto no Yoshinaka Minamoto no Yoshinaka was born in the year that 1154 during the Heian Period. Yoshinaka to be a member that the Minamoto samurai clan and was also the cousin the the first shogun, Minamoto no Yoritomo. Yoshinaka was born in the Musashi province to Minamoto no Yoshikata. Yoshikata was eliminated when Yoshinaka was only an infant by Minamoto no Yoshihira due to a battle of power in the family. Not only did Yoshinaka shed his father, however he additionally lost his family’s domain. Yoshinaka was able to escape to the Nakahara Clan in Kiso in the Shinano district before Yoshihira eliminated him. Yoshinaka was elevated in the Nakahara Clan v his stepbrother, Nakahara Shiro. Nakahara Shiro would later become one of Yoshinaka’s most loyal friends. In 1180, Yoshinaka got a call to arm against the Taira clan from Prince Mochihito, the child of the then retired Emperor Go-Shirakawa. Yoshinaka responded to this call and entered the Gempei War. He was able to construct an army in Shinano, and also swiftly take regulate of the province. In 1181, Yoshinaka was determined to regain the domain he had actually once lost when his father to be murdered. This land was currently under the regulate of Yoshinaka’s competitor Yoritomo. However, Yoshinaka was required to give up his dreams of regaining his father’s land and also was likewise forced come send his boy Yoshitaka as a hostage to Kamakura. The shamed Yoshinaka had to accept the fate the Yoritomo coming to be the leader the the Minamoto clan. Yet, Yoshinaka was still figured out to obtain this title utilizing his own ability. That planned come beat Yoritomo to Kyoto and swiftly loss the Taira by himself. The able and ambitious Yoshinaka was able to defeat the foe Taira no Koremori"s army at the fight of Kurikara Pass and so ongoing on to Kyoto. During this time, the Taira retreated with their one year-old emperor. 3 days later, Yoshinaka arrived on Kyoto and was provided the title Asahi Shogun by Emperor Go-Shirakawa. Though, top top entering Kyoto, Yoshiaka’s army vandalized the city. Consequently, the emperor ordered Yoshiaka and his military to assault the Taira so that the military would be propelled away from the city. After ~ a very challenging and bloody battle, Yoshinaka went back to Kyoto only to discover that he to be betrayed by the Emperor who sided with Yoritomo. Yoshinaka who felt anger and betrayal attempted to gain ago his deserving title of Shogun by imprisoning the Emperor Go-Shirakawa. However, Minamoto no Yoritomo who wanted the title and also power every to himself ordered his two brothers, Minamoto no Yoshitsune (whom he ultimately killed together well), and also Minamoto no Noriyori to kill Yoshinaka. Yoshinaka was compelled out of Kyoto and also was killed by his an extremely own cousins throughout the fight of Awazu. Yoshinaka also attempted to uncover an isolated ar to commit self-destruction so the he would not endanger everyone else that was close to him. However, they caught Yoshinaka and also murdered him together with his loyal childhood girlfriend Kanehira (also known as Nakahara Shiro).
Remember your an essential points because that this role. This section must make it much easier for you to organize her thoughts and also arguments. However, be sure to check out the lift thoroughly prior to moving ~ above this section; the an essential points are meant only to complement your dispute points.As a strong rival that Yorimoto Minamoto, you room strongly against the idea that him being a ‘great’ leader that reformed Japan. Yoritomo prevented you from regaining the domain the was once taken far from your father as soon as he to be killed. Friend were required to humble yourself and accept the Yoritomo was the leader of the Minamoto clan even though you had actually an equal chance to end up being the leader of the clan. You were also shamed through Yoritomo due to the fact that you had actually to send your own son, Yoshitaka, come Kamakura together a hostage.

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You think that friend are an ext deserving of the title because you appeared in Kyoto and also defeated Taira no Koremori before Yoritomo.You feeling betrayed by both your cousin and also the emperor since; Emperor Go-Shirakawa sided through Yoritomo while you to be hard at work fulfilling one order provided by the emperor.You believe that you are deserving the the location shogun since it was you who was initially provided the title Asahi Shogun by the emperor.

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Yoritomo who was greedy for much more power perceived you as a risk that prevented him from obtaining the location shogun. Yoritomo ordered your own cousins to drive you the end of Kyoto and kill you. Also when you attempted come die v honor by committing suicide, her cousins still found you and also murdered you. Not only did castle take her life, yet they also took the life of her stepbrother/loyal friend.

Your Goal

You are versus the id that Yoritomo to be a good shogun who changed the face of Japan. You will certainly attempt to convince the opposition that Yoritomo was no a an ideal shogun by referring to the vital Points and Background. The opposition might argue that Yoritomo go make plenty of reforms and bettered the life the the Japanese. However, that was likewise a ruthless and also cold dictator. Rebut the opposition"s debate by stating the he was much more interested in his very own status and also power than his very own blood relatives. He to be hungry for much more power and influence which at some point led him to ruining anything that crossed his path, also the ones that loved him.