You are Minamoto no Yoshinaka Minamoto no Yoshinaka was born in the year of 1154 throughout the Heian Period. Yoshinaka was a member of the Minamoto samurai clan and was likewise the cousin of the initially shogun, Minamoto no Yoritomo. Yoshinaka was born in the Musashi province to Minamoto no Yoshikata. Yoshikata was killed when Yoshinaka was just an infant by Minamoto no Yoshihira because of a battle of power in the family members. Not only did Yoshinaka lose his father, but he likewise lost his family’s doprimary. Yoshinaka had the ability to escape to the Nakahara Clan in Kiso in the Shinano Province before Yoshihira eliminated him. Yoshinaka was raised in the Nakahara Clan through his stepbrother, Nakahara Shiro. Nakahara Shiro would certainly later on end up being among Yoshinaka’s the majority of loyal friends. In 1180, Yoshinaka obtained a speak to to arm versus the Taira clan from Prince Mochihito, the child of the then reexhausted Emperor Go-Shirakawa. Yoshinaka responded to this speak to and also gone into the Gempei War. He had the ability to construct an army in Shinano, and also swiftly take manage of the province. In 1181, Yoshinaka was figured out to regain the domain he had when shed when his father was murdered. This land also was currently under the manage of Yoshinaka’s rival Yoritomo. However, Yoshinaka was compelled to give up his desires of reacquiring his father’s land and also was additionally forced to send his son Yoshitaka as a hostage to Kamakura. The shamed Yoshinaka had to accept the fate of Yoritomo becoming the leader of the Minamoto clan. Yet, Yoshinaka was still determined to achieve this title making use of his very own capacity. He planned to beat Yoritomo to Kyoto and rapidly defeat the Taira by himself. The able and ambitious Yoshinaka had the ability to defeat the adversary Taira no Koremori"s army at the Battle of Kurikara Pass and also so ongoing on to Kyoto. Throughout this time, the Taira retreated via their one year-old emperor. Three days later, Yoshinaka landed on Kyoto and was given the title Asahi Shogun by Emperor Go-Shirakawa. Though, upon entering Kyoto, Yoshiaka’s army vandalized the city. Consequently, the emperor ordered Yoshiaka and his army to strike the Taira so that the army would be propelled away from the city. After a very tough and bloody fight, Yoshinaka went back to Kyoto only to discover that he was betrayed by the Emperor who sided through Yoritomo. Yoshinaka who felt anger and also betrayal attempted to get earlier his deserving title of Shogun by imprisoning the Emperor Go-Shirakawa. However before, Minamoto no Yoritomo who wanted the title and power all to himself ordered his two brothers, Minamoto no Yoshitsune (whom he ultimately killed as well), and also Minamoto no Noriyori to kill Yoshinaka. Yoshinaka was required out of Kyoto and was killed by his incredibly own cousins in the time of the Battle of Awazu. Yoshinaka even attempted to uncover an isolated place to commit suicide so that he would certainly not enrisk anyone else who was cshed to him. However, they captured Yoshinaka and murdered him together with his loyal childhood friend Kanehira (likewise known as Nakahara Shiro).
Remember your crucial points for this function. This section need to make it much easier for you to organize your thoughts and arguments. However before, be sure to review the background thoapproximately before moving onto this section; the vital points are expected just to supplement your argument points.As a solid rival of Yorimoto Minamoto, you are strongly against the concept of him being a ‘great’ leader that recreated Japan. Yoritomo prevented you from reobtaining the domain that was once taken ameans from your father as soon as he was killed. You were required to humble yourself and also accept that Yoritomo was the leader of the Minamoto clan also though you had an equal chance to become the leader of the clan. You were additionally shamed by Yoritomo because you had to sfinish your own son, Yoshitaka, to Kamakura as a hostage.

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You believe that you are even more deserving of that title since you showed up in Kyoto and also defeated Taira no Koremori before Yoritomo.You feel betrayed by both your cousin and also the emperor since; Emperor Go-Shirakawa sided through Yoritomo while you were difficult at work-related fulfilling an order offered by the emperor.You think that you are deserving of the title shogun considering that it was you who was initially provided the title Asahi Shogun by the emperor.

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Yoritomo who was greedy for more power regarded you as a danger that prevented him from obtaining the title shogun. Yoritomo ordered your very own cousins to drive you out of Kyoto and kill you. Even when you attempted to die through honor by committing self-destruction, your cousins still uncovered you and murdered you. Not just did they take your life, however they likewise took the life of your stepbrother/loyal friend.

Your Goal

You are versus the idea that Yoritomo was an excellent shogun that changed the face of Japan. You will attempt to convince the opposition that Yoritomo was not a suitable shogun by referring to the Key Points and also Background. The opposition may argue that Yoritomo did make many kind of recreates and also bettered the life of the Japanese. However before, he was also a ruthmuch less and also cold dictator. Reyet the opposition"s discussion by stating that he was more interested in his own condition and also power than his own blood relatives. He was hungry for even more power and also affect which eventually led him to damaging anypoint that crossed his route, also the ones who loved him.