But this letter is not in the middle of the alphabet, neither is it halfmeans in between the A and also the Z.

"M" is at the last letter of the first half of the letters. But if you are counting from backwards from Z, the thirteenth letter is "N".

The very same reasoning applies to all alphabets with an equal variety of letters. Tright here is no letter at the half-method point.

But if the question is about another alphabet, and also one via an odd variety of letters, you have the right to quickly identify the letter that is specifically halfway with, by counting.

For instance, the modern conventional Italian alphabet has 21 letters, and the middle letter is the 11th letter, an "M", but this time it really is exactly half-way through the alphabet!

Or if the question is "What letter occurs halfmethod with "the alphabet"?", the answer is the letter "p"!

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