Granite Inlassist Round Top Custom Solid Wood Dining Table

French, Medieval Style Knight of the Round Table Motivated Design Encouraged By The Chateau de Hattonchatel

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Medieval Format Round Dining Table: With Granite Inlhelp Top

Middle ages Layout Knight of the Round Table Motivated Design. French Layout Dining Table Influenced By The Chateau de Hattonchatel

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Château de Hattonchâtel - French Chateau

The Chateau de Hattonchatel is a chateau in Vigneulles Hattonchatel in the Meuse department, France. The château was built in the time of the 9th century by Hatto, Bishop of Verdun, whose name it bears, on a rocky promontory overlooking the Seine Valley. The settlement came to be the chief stronghost of the bishops and also the area of their mint till 1546. In 1636 the retreating Swedes besieged and burned a lot of of the tvery own.

Lady Belle Skinner

The Amerihave the right to Lady Belle Skinner from Holyoke, Massachusetts. After graduating from Vassar in 1887, Belle Skinner spent a year in France where she fell in love via the village of Hattonchatel because it reminded her of the idyllic Connecticut Valley close to her home in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

"Throughout the dark days of 1918, she observed it aacquire, this time via area glasses from within the French lines. It was in the hands of the Germans. They had actually taken the village without resistance and also had actually held it for four years. Miss Skinner declared to a French officer that this wregarding be her village to embrace. When he protested that tright here was nothing left however the hill, she replied through true Amerideserve to vision: "Then I will certainly rebuild what there is of it.""

After the battle, in 1919, she returned to Hattonchatel to make excellent on her promise. She spent a million dollars on the rebuilding and construction - consisting of a brand-new water device, electrical power, a design institution home, and also a town hall through a library and also a cinema hall. "In recognition of her unselfish and well-directed initiatives for the relief of enduring in France, the French Government bestowed upon Belle Skinner, in 1919, the Gold Medal of the Reconnaissance Francaise, and, in 1920, the Cross of the Lagion d"Honneur." (Source: