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May your demons slumber and also your wine glass be full

The holiday stag is back!!

I did this style two years ago and annually it’s gone viral without crediting me. There’s one more derekwadsworth.com account below that has actually 300000 notes on it and also the original poster didn’t credit transaction me an interpretation I’ve shed out in a ton the potential sales. Pleeeease, if girlfriend retweet or repost an artist work, credit transaction them! It helps them therefore much! Every penny i make comes from my artwork!

Thank you darlings https://www.redbubble.com/people/wolfskulljack/works/13137929-may-your-demons?asc=u&p=greeting-card&rel=carousel



So glad to recognize who the artist is for this reason I can buy a card!

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Nov 21st, 2018

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just a small project I’ve been food preparation up. GHOSTBUSTERS TAROT!!

it’s all really colorful and themed around art deco. Not sure if I’d ever use these once I publish them out, but regardless, they’re a fun exploration of conceptual stuff, so it could be a an excellent portfolio project. Allow me understand if the message is kinda unreadable to you since I have a most art deco fonts I can use because that this.

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3 down, 19 come go.

oh also, walk anyone recognize of a an excellent website wherein I can obtain this tradition deck made and also printed for a reasonable price?

EDIT: Ichanged the font! the looks much far better now. Likewise I finished Patty’s card so I added that. This are means too funny to make.

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art by Chamandahy

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I obtained my Steven universe tarot in today and I’m so stoked to use it. The art is beautiful.

Steven cosmos future vision future vision gem tarot Steven cosmos tarot tarot tarot deck tarot decks tarot cards witches the derekwadsworth.com witchblr divination
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♥Available in RedBubble!♥

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Mucha motivated witch #art nouveau

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The Marigold TarotMinor Arcana: ring - Page, Knight, Queen, KingAmrit Brar 2017

the complete deck launches this summer, you deserve to stay update on my derekwadsworth.com or instagram. Girlfriend can additionally get early-access to art, news, and updates by sustaining me on patreon!

see an ext of the deck | instagram | patreon



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gained a fine pointer nail art brush a couple of days back and i lastly used that to repaint sigils on my nails

left for defense, best (and dominant) because that offense, classifying defense together passive magic (works choose a shield) and offense as active magic (works favor a weapon)

on both hands, the middle three bear the brunt that the work and also a bound theme, if the pinkies and thumbs have actually their very own and second theme. On the left, the center three occupational outward and also the outer two occupational inward; top top the right, the center three occupational as strength bases and the outer two job-related as aggressive tactics


This is amazing

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Sigil #1

I love the idea of incorporating witchcraft in mine art, and this is part of a brand-new series I’m functioning on in my totally free time i beg your pardon explores the concept. Sigil magic has actually been offered in one method or another in multiple cultures for centuries.Today, a major aspect of a more recent practice well-known as Chaos Magick involves producing sigils that represent a details intent, and then activating them in one of a variety of ways to job one’s will right into reality. In this case, however, I’m developing sigils free-form as the images come to mind, and interpreting the imagery for myself later. I’m putting them out into the human being without explanation of their individual meanings, v the hope the each will have actually a unique significance depending on who see them.

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work 2 the inktober x witchy art an obstacle : Altar ! motivated by traditional tokonoma.

#inktober #inktober2016 #thefrenchinktober #thefrenchinktober2016 #inktoberfrance #witchyartchallenge #moderndailywitches

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DIY Lunar Calendar



A couple of months ago, the most beautiful lunar calendar proved up on my dash, thanks to
etsycult! ns immediately added this beautiful work of arts by ABJglassworks to my wish-list. Alas, ns am damaged witch, therefore I came up v an immediate solution till I can afford to splurge :)

You will certainly need:

piece of understand boardchalkboard paintwhite papermarkerbottle capscissorsgluechalk pencil

Step One

Paint her hobby board with the chalkboard paint. I provided three coats the paint and sandedin-between so the it would be nice and also smooth to compose on. This is more than likely overkill and not necessary. Just paint until you’re satisfied.

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Step Two

Use your bottle cap to map 9 moons. Reduced out your moons. Use your mite to represent the phases.

Step Three

Glue on your moons and then add the dates and also astrological indications with your chalk pencil. To uncover the current lunar phase and also astrological sign, The Moon app is perfect!

That’s it! thank you come Etsy Cult and also ABJglasworks for the inspiration! Please think about supporting the artist if it’s in your budget plan :)