One Of nation Music’s many Hysterical Songs

Little Jimmy Dickens may have been small, but he knew just how to acquire a big laugh out of a crowd. Dickens was renowned for his comical novelty songs, which still crack nation fans increase today.

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One that Dickens’ most side-splitting tunes was a tiny ditty called “May the Bird the Paradise fly Up your Nose.”

The clever piece was created by Neal Merritt, and also went top top to come to be Dickens’ best-performing single.

The song is broken up into three verses and a chorus. In each verse, Dickens explains a instance in i beg your pardon he finished up violation someone, despite it wasn’t necessarily intentional.

It gets Even much more Hilarious together It Goes

For example, in the very first verse Dickens angers a beggar as soon as he only drops a penny into his cup. The beggar and also the other world that Dickens insults in the track insult him ago by exclaiming, “may the bird of paradise paris up your nose!

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In Dickens’ humorous hands, “May the Bird of Paradise fly Up your Nose” turned into a song that had nation fans howlin’ v laughter. It to be even more hilarious to clock Dickens execute on television, choose he did during a 1965 appearance on The Bobby lord Show.

Little Jimmy bring On The Laughs with Live Performance

The power showcased Dickens’ tremendous talent as an entertainer. Part artists just sing a song, but Dickens yielded it. He completely embraced the command character the the song, making funny encounters in solution to the words the sang.

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It’s always a joy to clock an artist that likes to have actually a fun time top top stage. Dickens was precisely that type of artist. Probably that’s the reason why he is currently regarded as one of the most beloved figures in nation music history.

If you’re in require of a an excellent laugh today, track in to the video clip below to watch Dickens’ power of “May the Bird the Paradise fly Up her Nose.” That little Jimmy Dickens was quite the comedian!