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Married at an initial Sight,Lifetime’s speculative reality collection featuring couples who satisfy at the alter, airs tonight at 8:30/7:30c. The couples this season includeDeonna McNeill and Gregory Okotie,Keith Manley & Iris Caldwell,Matthew Gwynne and also Amber Bowles, and also Elizabeth Bice and also Jamie Thompson.

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(WARNING! spoiler ahead, so turn back now if you’re not captured up!)

The official life time synopsis for tonight’s illustration reads: “The four couples invest time through their friends and family for the very first time due to the fact that their weddings. Will certainly seeing the in-laws carry the couples together? Or will certainly it tear lock apart? and also when one husband fails to come home all night will his mam take the back?”

Tonight’s illustration will view some drama unfold between a few of the couples, yet not every one of it is bad. The promos don’t display much of Iris and also Keith, yet Deonna and Greg look prefer they’re spicing things up romantically, through Greg informing the camera the he is feeling part “passionate chemistry” in between himself and also his wife, and also says “we’re definitely gonna have actually sex tonight,” together the lights flip turn off in their bedroom.

Deonna and Greg likewise get some advice from one of the marital relationship experts, that tells castle to occupational on being an ext physical with one another. Minister Calvin Roberson encourages them offer each other great night kisses, hold hands an ext frequently, and also just it is in all-around more intimate through one another. Deonna bring away his advice in stride and also immediately grabs her husband’s hand, therefore the 2 are clearly trying to make it work.

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It looks prefer Elizabeth and Jamie are suggesting again, this time about sex, together Elizabeth insurance claims that she and Jamie have actually “a most sex,” yet he doesn’t seem come agree. That responds v “four or five times, max,” which causes a surprised and aggravated Elizabeth come ask that if he’s a sex addict. The tells she to forget around it, grabs a couple of bags and leaves the house, for this reason we are wondering if Jamie might be the “one husband who fails to come home,” according to the synopsis.