Mark the Odin: The Awakening is the first issue that the transmedia literary saga of note of Odin wherein Norse mythology meets modern-day warfare and science fiction in a way that will certainly surprise you. Introduce a new literary model where you will be able to enjoy the blend of a analysis experience v the potential that an digital platform through gamification features. All supported by a transmedia universe of extended content for every readers the want more once they end up the book.After reaching more than one hundreds thousand readers worldwide, now mark of Odin saga’s an initial book is easily accessible in English. Are you prepared to expropriate the challenge and wake up to your real fate?SynopsisThe year is 2012, luis Oden is about to graduate as an Aerospace Engineer and also he expects to be chosen to take part in the ambitious project Hermes, to build a brand-new generation of room shuttles in the new European Aerospace facility of Seville, Spain. His life is seemingly perfect until he starts to experience recurring nightmares wherein mighty beasts, that seem to come native the vikings mythology, assault and torture the urging that to wake up up. But wake as much as what?Meanwhile, Jack Preston, a sublievenant Colonel from the USAF and responsible because that the test of the X-56 Phoenix, a prototype of an orbital superiority combat jet fighter, is sent along with his crew to Seville to evaluation the advancement of the Hermes program. Over there he will meet Luis as soon as they are liked to star the parachuting exhibition because that the Columbus Day.

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Both Luis and Preston ignore it, however a dark menace is coming and only their choices will be able to give a chance to humanity to survive.


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We are looking for foreign language companion for our mark of Odin books and also transmedia content.

We are also happy to talk about licenced publishing avenues to broaden Mark of Odin IP to various other media.

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Since 2015 it has reached more than 50 time the top 1 in science Fiction in ~ Amazon Kindle Spain. Inspect its presentaiton video at


Author Biography

Born in Barcelona, 1982, Xavier Marcé i graduated in Journalism in the city of Seville, the place where he lives today after having actually lived in Badalona, Casablanca, Zurich and also Oslo. Since 1996 he has actually been specializing in neighborhood Management and Online Communication, mostly in the videogame sector. He began his journalistic career as a freelancer because that Micromania newspaper for three years, being responsible that the ‘Zona Online’ section. In 2004, the founded, along with David Puig, the an initial Spanish language newspaper that specialized in massively multiplayer digital games,, i beg your pardon he managed until 2013, when he left that to develop the new magazine GoMultiplayer. In 2007, the made a leap come the videogames sector joining Funcom together the Spanish community Manager for age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and also The secret World till 2010. Because then the has combined the publishing world with the videogames industry along with Megapop Games, and also the university people as a teacher in the Master level ‘Online Marketing and also Social Media Strategies’ in ~ the university of Seville. Together a proactive and restless person, Xavier Marcé has taken the journey to create brand-new ways for literature publishing with the transmedia literary saga the ‘Mark that Odin’. The very first step was done through the relax of note of Odin: The Awakening in Spanish, in 2012. In 2018 he released its English edition and also the 2nd book that the saga, note of Odin: roadway to Valhalla in Spanish. In 2020-2021 the will increase the saga through a third book and audiobook execution in Spanish and also English that the whole universe.