TREATMENT ASSESSMENT: The primary reason we take this protocol seriously is some outstanding testimonies from various sides. The Jim Kelmun protocol has prstove to be wonderful bereason baking soda successfully destroys cancer cells. This protocol is likewise on this site because we came throughout many type of cancer patients that cannot afford any type of potent protocols (e.g., Cellect-Budwig, Cesium chloride, High-frequency radio generator with Plasma Ray Tube, Fucoidan, etc.). These patients must usage numerous effective protocols that are very cheap.

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Jim Kelmun protocol through baking soda and maple syrup

This therapy is a mix of pure, 100% maple syrup and also baking soda without aluminum. Maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15 times even more glucose than normal cells), so baking soda penetrates cancer cells making use of maple syrup.

When buying maple syrup, buy maple syrup marked “Grade B.” If you can’t discover Grade B, then choose the darkest Grade A syrup you can find.

Baking soda, which is actually extremely alkaline, is the main anti-cancer substance. Maple syrup is a “carrier” that enables baking soda to acquire inside cancer cells. The dose for measuring baking soda is a teaspoon, a small and slightly rounded spoon.

This protocol works by ruining microbes inside cancer cells based on other alkaline protocols. To learn more, read the message What reasons cancer.

In reality, a number of different cancer therapies incorporate extremely alkaline products:

cesium chloride, calcium, and baking soda.

Soda mixture bicarbonate and maple syrup


The mixture is made by mixing one part of high-quality baking soda via three parts (pure, 100%) of maple syrup in a small bowl.

No water is added to the mixture.

Arm & Hammer I Red Mill brand baking soda (preferably), now referred to as “All Natural,” qualifies as aluminum-totally free brands. DO NOT mix baking soda and maple syrup in an aluminum pan or skillet. Use exclusively refractory vessels, stainless steel, or copper vessels. In reality, if you have aluminum tools – THROW IT NOW. Aluminum is the leading cause of dementia.

Stir the mixture conveniently via heating at low temperature for 5-10 minutes. Start through 49 ° C levels and try to discover the right temperature for your oven and altitude, raising or decreasing the temperature until you find the best temperature so that the mixture does not burn and also bind.

If the mixture tastes poor, it burns, which happens exceptionally easily. But if you save the mixture warmth sufficient not to burn, the 2 substances will certainly incorporate as well you will certainly enjoy the taste.

Also, do not save the mixture in the refrigerator. Do not make a larger quantity however only stock in nine days. We indicate these rules to encertain that the mixture does not separate throughout storage. Just leave it at room temperature.

Change your diet so that it does not incorporate processed sugar and white flour. It would certainly help if you did this because you want the cancer cells to consume as much baking soda/maple syrup as possible. In fact, eat just light meals an hour before and also after Jim Kelmun’s protocol.

See the article “ Nutrition of people through cancer “for even more indevelopment on cancer patients’ diet.


It is necessary to remember that the mixture includes only ¼ baking soda. Thus, to take one teaspoon of baking soda, it is crucial to take four teaspoons of the mixture.

Take two, 3, or 4 teaspoons of the mixture Daily. Never take them in its entirety and also always take a break of at least twenty minutes.

Start through one teaspoon a day (mixture), and also the next day switch to two teaspoons. Sheight at 4 teaspoons of the mixture a day. It is not recommended to be in this mode longer than six weeks, as explained by the Dirt Cheap protocol.

Patients via advanced cancer deserve to use 16 teaspoons mixtures eextremely day but not longer than one week.

Final comments

There are some options once using this protocol. Some human being usage baking soda via honey without cooking. Also, food preparation is recommended when using maple syrup or molasses, however unnecessary.

Don’t foracquire the “Dirt Cheap Protocol,” which uses Jim Kelmun’s treatment as his alkaline treatment (all-herbal cancer therapies involve alkalinity). However before, a person need to usage just one extremely alkaline protocol per day. Thus, execute not use Jim Kelmun’s protocol the very same day as Cellect, cesium chloride, high doses of barley, a cup of asparagus, and others.


NOTE # 1: All temperatures are in levels Celsius.

NOTE # 2A (Cooking Method # 1): Do not issue if the mixture of baking soda and maple syrup sepaprices. The vital is to discover the highest possible temperature (around 49 ° C) at which the mixture does not burn. When this temperature is uncovered, DO NOT WORRY if the mixture separates.

If the mixture separates, combine/stir the baking soda and also maple syrup and also heat simply before usage.

NOTE # 2B (Cooking Method # 2): Heat a pot of water to keep it heat yet not warm. Put an additional pot/sherpa on it, heavy steam cooking mechanism. Turn off the hob. Add BS and also molasses/maple syrup to a bowl and mix. They should affix conveniently without burning. If the binding does not happen, warm a little water, rotate off the hob, and stir.

NOTE # 3: Do not usage the Jim Kelmun protocol per se. Each cancer therapy protocol entails ONE and also just one very alkaline protocol. For the Dirt Cheap protocol, a complete cancer therapy, the Kelmun protocol might be one very alkaline protocol. However, the Dirt Cheap protocol, which need to be provided by all those that usage the Kelmun protocol, is a finish protocol that has more than a dozen cancer therapies.

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NOTE # 4: For those that have the right to afford it, the Dirt Cheap Protocol can be supplied via a high radio frequency generator. A generator, which is an effective electroclinical tool through a protocol. The price of a high-frequency radio generator is approximately 4,000 euros, which will deter many kind of human being from utilizing it.