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Thrace, contemporary Greek Thráki, Latin Thracia, ancient and modern region that the southeastern Balkans.

The historical limits of Thrace have varied. To the old Greeks it was that component of the Balkans between the Danube river to the north and the Aegean Sea to the south, gift bounded on the eastern by the black Sea and the Sea the Marmara and on the west by the mountains eastern of the Vardar (Modern Greek: Axiós or Vardárais) River. The Roman province of Thrace was somewhat smaller, having actually the exact same eastern marine limits and also being bounded on the phibìc by the Balkan Mountains; the Roman province extended west just to the Néstos River. Because Roman times, Greek Macedonia to the west has been separated native Greek Thrace by the Néstos. The part of Thrace that is now part of greece is bounded by the Néstos flow to the west, the Rhodope (Rodópi) hills to the north, and the Maritsa (also dubbed Évros) river to the east. The southern part of Bulgaria and also European Turkey, consisting of the Gallipoli Peninsula, constitute the remainder of the geographical region of Thrace. Around one-fourth the Thrace lies in Turkey, around one-tenth in Greece, and also the remainder in Bulgaria.

Topographically, Thrace alternates in between mountain-enclosed basins of differing size and deeply reduced river valleys. A vast plateau extend southward from the Rhodope Mountains and also separates the lowlands along the Maritsa river from the levels of western Thrace. A Mediterranean climate prevails in southern Thrace and also is amendment by continental influences in the Rhodope Mountains. The range of temperature is higher in Thrace than in the southerly Greek mainland; mean temperatures in Alexandroúpoli (also spelled Alexandroúpolis) selection from the short 40s F (about 6 °C) in January come the low 80s F (about 27 °C) in July. Rivers are lessened to trickles during the summer months, and also they drainpipe toward the Aegean.


Ancient Greek and Roman historians agreed that the ancient Thracians, that were of Indo-European stock and also language, were exceptional fighters; only their continuous political fragmentation prevent them from overrunning the lands roughly the northeastern Mediterranean. Although this historians identified the Thracians as primitive partly because they stayed in simple, open up villages, the Thracians in truth had a fairly advanced society that to be especially noted for that poetry and also music. Your soldiers to be valued together mercenaries, an especially by the Macedonians and Romans.

The Greeks founded several colonies on the Thracian coasts, the most notable gift Byzantium. Others were on the Bosporus, Propontis, and also Thracian Chersonese peninsula. Top top the Aegean were Abdera near the Néstos delta and Aenus close to Alexandroúpoli. Farther phibìc on the black Sea’s Gulf the Burgas, the Milesians founded Apollonia (7th century bce), and also the Chalcedonians founded Mesembria (end that the 6th century bce).

Most Thracians came to be subject to Persia about 516–510 bce. Members that the Odrysae people briefly merged their fellow Thracians into an empire that in 360 bce split three ways and was quite easily assimilated (356–342) through Philip II of Macedon. The Thracians provided Philip’s son, Alexander the Great, with valuable light-armed troops throughout his conquests. In 197, Rome assigned much of Thrace come the kingdom the Pergamum, despite the coastal area west the the Maritsa was linked to the Roman district of Macedonia. In the 1st century bce, Rome became more directly affiliated in the work of the totality region, and also dynastic quarrels among the regional Thracian rulers, who had by then become client kings that Rome, triggered the emperor Claudius ns to annex the entire Thracian kingdom in 46 ce. Thrace was consequently made right into a roman inn province. The emperor Trajan and his successor, Hadrian, started cities in Thrace, significantly Sardica (modern Sofia) and also Hadrianopolis (modern Edirne). Around 300 ce, Diocletian reorganized the area in between the reduced Danube and also the Aegean right into the diocese that Thrace.

From the 3rd to the 7th century the population of Thrace was transformed greatly by repetitive Gothic, Visigothic, and Slavic invasions and also immigrations. In the 7th century the Bulgarian state to be founded, and Byzantium in turn lost every Thrace phibìc of the Balkan mountains to the Bulgarians. Racked by oriental civil battles in the 14th century, Thrace fell piece by piece, approximately 1453, come the ottoman Turks, that ruled the for 4 centuries thereafter. Russian encroachments in the east Balkans culminated in the Russo-Turkish battles (1828–29 and also 1877–78), but Russia fail to develop a “Greater Bulgaria” that would encompass the northern portions of Thrace at the price of Turkey. The whole of Thrace therefore remained under Turkish domination. Throughout the Balkan battles (1912–13) Thrace suffered terribly. After civilization War i the boundaries of Greece, Bulgaria, and also Turkey in Thrace were developed by the treaties of Neuilly (1919), Sèvres (1920), and also Lausanne (1923), and after world War II they continued to be unchanged.

As a result of wars and both forced and also voluntary populace exchanges, the country character the Thrace became an ext homogeneous during the 20th century, although there room still huge Turkish minorities in both Greek and also Bulgarian Thrace. The Turks in Greek (Western) Thrace were excluded native the Greek-Turkish populace exchange that 1923, while plenty of of the resettled Greeks from Bulgaria and also Turkey were worked out in western Thrace. A fairly small variety of Turks from Bulgaria were resettled in Turkish (Eastern) Thrace. The Muslim population was exempted indigenous repatriation to Turkey by the treaty of Lausanne in 1923, yet many emigrated after the appropriation of your land in 1924 and also subsequently continued to emigrate because of deteriorating relations in between Greece and Turkey. The Greek population of west Thrace has grown rapidly since 1923 and is now the dominant populace group, generally enjoying a greater standard the living 보다 the Turkish minority. Greek is gradually supplanting Turkish together the language of instruction even in Muslim schools. Tensions in between Greeks and also the remaining Muslims have led to occasional outbursts that intercommunal violence. Most Thracian Muslims space of Turkish ancestry and also speak Turkish. The Pomaks, who space Muslims and also speak a Bulgarian dialect, are focused along the border with Bulgaria. Over there is additionally a tiny group of sedentary Roma (Gypsies) who speak Romany and also Turkish.

High-quality Turkish tobacco, grew primarily through Muslims, is the chef cash crop of the region. Corn (maize) and rice room grown on the lowlands of the Evros River and the levels of west Thrace. Vineyards room found about Alexandroúpoli, wherein wine is produced. Oyster farming approximately Keramotí and also eel fishing at Komotiní carry out exports to central Europe. The manufacturing markets of Thrace consists chiefly that the handling of farming crops, tobacco curing, and wine production.

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Archaeological sites, consisting of Abdera, residence of Democritus, the 5th-century thinker who occurred an atomic fragment theory, and also of Protagoras, a counselor that Alexander the Great, and also the food of the roman highway referred to as the Via Egnatia tempt tourists. Komotiní has actually a big museum with objects from transparent Thrace. Komotiní additionally is the site of Democritus university (1973) and also of a Muslim an additional college.