The guy was spotted walking v the severed head in his hand towards the police station. A video of him v the head and also flashing the win sign has gone famous on society media.

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The guy beheaded his daughter v a spicy weapon at Pandetara village in Uttar Pradesh and also started walking towards the police terminal with she severed head.

A 45-year-old male allegedly add his teenage daughter in Hardoi ~ he found her with a youth in “an objectionable” position, said police. The event took ar within the Majhila police station limits.

The guy was spotted walking v the severed head in his hand in the direction of the police station. A video of him v the head and flashing the victory sign has actually gone viral on social media.

In the purported video, Sarvesh Kumar claims he add his daughter with a sharp device as he was unhappy v her relationship with a man.

“This is my daughter’s head. I cut her off. Ns couldn’t uncover anything, else ns would have killed both the them. I witnessed her. I have actually done it with a sharp tool… her body is lying in the room,” the is heard speak in the clip.

A policeman then reached the spot and also asked him to placed the head down and also sit through the road.

“A human named Sarvesh eliminated his daughter and was spotted carrying her severed head top top the road. Us intercepted him after we gained information about it and he has been taken into police custody… A picture of a policeman showing him delivering her head inappropriately has involved our notice. The policeman has actually been suspended,” stated Hardoi extr SP cap Deo Singh.

A senior police officer said the human body of the girl has actually been sent out for the post-mortem examination and further activity is being taken. “The accused is being interrogated, and also we will certainly soon existing him before a magistrate,” stated the officer.

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