On Love & i know good Hop: Hollywood Season 3 episode 13, the cast came together to rehash old feuds and dish new details top top the VH1 reunion.

If you watch Love & hip Hop: Hollywood online, you"ll recognize that there to be a really clear possibility that Ray and Princess might not acquire married.

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Thankfully, points were addressed on the season finale and they regulated to walk ahead through their lavish wedding. 

Nia congratulated lock on gift able to go through with it, before focusing her fist on Moniece and Fizz. 

She inquiry Fiz, “Was there ever before a part of friend that believed there might ever be a rekindling the the relationship?”

They both refuse there being any way of rekindling what they once had. For a start, Moniece to be gay and also Nikki thought she to be only trying to find a girl friend for three episodes. 

This caused Nia to relocate on because there was an to explode of individualities bickering. 

Nia request Moniece about why every the ladies were coming because that her, however Moniece had actually a surprisingly meaningful response. 

“All that this began last year when they wanted to come because that me and also they wanted to attack my motherhood. Had actually they no come because that me I would certainly not have actually come for them.”

Nikki then chimed in v her very own two cents once she revealed the Moniece likes to play the victim. Nikki likewise tried to claim Moniece to be hitting top top Safaree, but it was later shown she messaged him around work. 


Masika then made it clear she had actually had enough of everyone targeting Moniece and went all-out in an explosive rant that made us concern there was going to be a brawl. 

Moniece obtained annoyed once her sex ice cream was lugged up, and got all set to leaving the reunion. Brandi chimed in, claiming the of course the females were going come retaliate. 

The conversation quickly readjusted to what was going on through Princess and her father. She revealed the she had been the end to meet him and things show up to be going well. 

Sonja"s apprehension about Princess additionally seems to have been squashed. 

Nina asks Sonja “How perform you feel around Princess now?” Sonja says “I think Princess is strong. I’m strong too.”

Okay then. 


After more boring chat about the wedding, we relocated on come Nikki and Safaree"s relationship. Nikki was adamant she was not in the wrong around cheating since he was no in one exclusive connection with either women. 

Nikki then revealed what us all knew: She used to day Amber Rose, for this reason Rosa was not her first relationship through a woman. 

Nikki and Rosa then shared a steamy kiss on stage to show just how great their relationship is.


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Then, Max revealed he was not impressed v Brandi acquisition the $27,000 he had invested for his son and put it right into her store. 

However, Brandi seemed to think she had actually paid all the money earlier and the her keep was law well. Yeah, that"s a lot to recoup in a short space of time. Right?


Later, Hazel verified up ~ above the stage after making insurance claims that Fetty Wop was not Masika"s baby daddy. A war kicked off and then the present ended. 

We must understand what wake up next, you guys!

What did you think the the episode?

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