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My daughter is obsessed v all points girly andhas been begging for her very own lip stick because that a when now. After ~ making our own perfume a couple of months ago, it emerged to me that we could probably do our very own lip gloss, too! This homemade lip gloss recipe is easy and affordable, makingit a an excellent gift or date of birth party activity!


While mine daughter is normally really well behaved in toy stores, she goes foolish in Sephora. She insists on do the efforts on all of the testers and asking every employees because that a make-over till she finds someone that is willing. She come by the honestly and also my view is the make-up is similar to any form or arts or self-expression, i m sorry I’m every for. I’d quite be a component of she interest, so that us can comment on and set healthy limits together, 보다 risk having her build her own interpretations or feel the have to rebel later.

By making our very own homemade lip gloss, we can use food-grade materials and have funny playing through colours and flavours of our very own choosing, while keeping costs low.


How to do Homemade Lip Gloss

While you can make lip gloss by including dye to Vaseline, I want a food-grade alternative that I would feel i was sure in permitting my 4 year old come play with. The materials we provided were:

While we supplied drink flour to flavour and colour ours lip glosses, you can leave those out for a clear lip gloss. I’d prefer to eventually shot this recipe v boiled-down juice juice or herbal food dyes, but we’re walking to use up what we have actually first!


While coconut oil helps our lip gloss save a semi-solid texture and also offers SPF 15 protection, the almond oil is a bit more moisturizing and also nourishing. You deserve to leave the almond oil the end if friend don’t currently have it together it have the right to be a bit pricey.

We mixedabout 3 Tablespoons the coconut oil come every 1 teaspoon almond oil for our preferred texture. We want a soft “wet” texture, yet if you wanted something an ext “solid” you could include a little bit of beeswax to your gloss.


We tried including in the drink crystals two various ways, and also the simplest was come dissolve them right into the almond oil and also mix that into the coconut oil. Adding the crystals straight to the coconut oil brought about a rather lumpy texture and it was tough to acquire a consistent colour.

For our recipe, we used one single serve crystal load for every batch.


Have the kids stir the dyed almond oil right into the coconut oil and adjust the ingredients to their preference. Friend can even mix different drink crystals together to develop your own personalized lip gloss colour.

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And that’s it. No tricky tempering or complicated steps that parents need to step in and assist v – make this a perfect task for a big group (like a slumber party) or a fiercely independent make-up fan.

(I simply had actually Ella execute this activity on a clear plastic tray so ns didn’t need to worry about any spills or stains.)


All that’s left is to portion out the lip gloss right into the containers and shot it out!

You can add some personalized stickers to the top of the lip gloss containers if you’re providing these as gifts or together a party favour. If you use fruit flavours favor we did, cute fruit sticker labels would it is in a good way to suggest which flavour of lip gloss is which!


We made 16 small containers of lip gloss, 4 each of 4 different flavours, and also the most expensive component to be the containers. The stackable ones to be from a dollar store, while the individual ones through the black color lids to be from Michael’s and also a tiny on the pricey next – however we used the 40% off coupon!

The cherry to be my daughter’s favourite because it had the brightest hue when applied to lips! neither of us chosen the pink lemonade – it stung a small bit and it seemed to separate within a month. The remainder of the lip glosses have lasted for 2 month now and are tho going strong!


What perform you think? would your kids love to make their own homemade lip gloss?

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