Superheroes are good fantasies we want to believe in. Every one of them might be different from every other however some Superheroes have a many or at the very least something in common. There space some aspects that make these Superheroes cool and strong. So below is a perform of Superheroes, who usage lightning as their ally.

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Black Lightning

Black Lightning is among the an initial major afri American superheroes to appear in DC Comics. The also set the trend of black electric heroes. He had actually the strength to generate electricity and shoot lightning bolts. His powers initially came native a belt, yet this was later on reckoned to make him a metahuman.


Static was developed for the DC imprint, Milestone, and later became component of the DC comics universe. After being doused through a radioactive chemistry by police, Static obtained the power to create electric shocks and move steel objects. With his witty comments and science background, he to be the black Spiderman. He was later on named revolution Shock.

Superman Blue

In among the comic-book storylines, Superman had an electrical accident i beg your pardon turned him into Superman Blue. Superman Bluehas all thepowersof the normalSupermanincluding super-strength, flight, heat-vision, etc. Beyond his usualpowers,Superman Blue can also phase with solid objects, view a different spectrum that light and also energy and also powerhimself through electricity. That could also transform ago into Clark Kent.


Storm is a mutant member of the X-Men through the power to control the weather. Among her favorite supplies of her strength is to summon bolts of lightning. Electricity, always the electricity, and this is what us love about her. Except for the heat she supplied on Toad in the first X-men movie.


Zeus is just one of or the most an effective Olympian god. The has vast supernatural powers with a focus on weather control, however can accomplish nearly anything consisting of shape-shifting, resurrecting the dead, and also creating brand-new life. Also though us love every his omnipotent powers, our favorite is quiet the Lightning Bolt strikes that the does.

Spider guy (Miles Morales)

When mile Morales take it on the mantle of ultimate Spiderman ~ the fatality of Peter Parker, he additionally gained new abilities. One capability is what he calls his “venom strike,” an electrical shock that deserve to stun or incapacitate his enemies. The goes well v his spider-sense, both powers genuine spiders don’t have.

The Flash

The Flash has actually a wide range of powers, which more than likely makes the the strongest Superhero ever before if he uses all his Super strength to perfection. He is the fastest male alive, which enables him come run earlier and forth over time phase v objects and generate so lot of electrical energy that he have the right to actually throw lightning bolts.


We all recognize that Arthur Curry/Aquaman is the King of Atlantis and has multiple to adjust of powers both under water and on Land. He have the right to swim faster than 6000 miles per hour, regulate the aquatic life and also water, has super human being strength and Stamina, and he has actually a wonder trident that allows him to summon lightning and make thunder attacks.


Thor Odinson is the God that Thunder in the vikings mythology and also a really popular Avenger. The is more than likely the strongest Avenger and also is the one that is worthy the wielding the Mjolnir, his magic hammer which enables him to fly, and summon electricity and make lightning Attacks. Along with that, he has actually superhuman strength, stamina, and Durability and also in the new Thor trailer, we witnessed that the God the Thunder wields electrical power himself.

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He is the transform ego that Billy Batson, a boy who, byspeakingthe magic native “SHAZAM” (acronym of 6 “immortal elders”: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas,Zeus,Achilles, and Mercury), can transform himself right into a costumed adult with the powers ofsuperhuman strength, speed,flight and most importantly, lightning attacks. He deserve to throw Lightning bolts, face through someone together lightning and can even teleport.