MonumentDescriptionTypeMonumentsHitpointsCapacity100000 StonesAnimalsRecipeQuantityIngredientInfluence20 ×30%100 ×20%120 ×20%40 ×20%×%×%×%DurabilityEquipmentInfluence5010%%%CraftingRequired skillMinimum skill level0Skill influence0%Starting toolCrafting duration6Resulting quantityAmount wantedID 152A Tier 1. Central and most essential structure for a. Structure of a monument allows a guild to type and insurance claims the approximately it for that.The belongs to the Player who finishes the building. You must maintain the monument by sacrificing.YO: Tier 1 monuments provide, roughly, between 12 and 700 tiles of land for the owning guild, depending on the age and also maintenance the the monument.For an ext information around claim size between monument tiers, see the page.Object size. Contents.Creation. Right click on an empty dirt or grass tile. Go to \"Authority\".

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Select \"Erect the Monument\".Sacrificing and Worshiping To keep the monument, you have to sacrifice items to it. The following explanation provides it seem like \"Worship\" and also \"Sacrifice\" are reversed—but the developer say \"Working as designed\". The \"Worship\" option gives you a \"Sacrifice items to increase claim\" window, wherein you ar items that value, from 2 action craft items, ex: cooking Cod, to rings, amulets, lumps, bars, or ingots of steels or priceless metals. Examples: One high Q lump of yellow will preserve a 75-radius claim.

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One short Q (Q27) bar of silver- only boosts the claim support clues by about 9%. You have the right to click the \"Sacrifice\" switch to sacrifice NOW, or deserve to close the window and use the Sacrifice choice to carry out so later. Typical sacrificing maintains the insurance claim - \"Increase claim\" would only be true if the monument to be going under in points as result of lack that sacrifices. (See Upgrading below). The \"Sacrifice choice does nothing however a Worship/praying animation, uneven you left other in the \"Worship\" alternative sacrifice home window did no click the Sacrifice button, in which situation the \"Worship\" option it sacrifices it come the monument. You require only it is in a guild member to execute the sacrifices.

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Thus, no one have the right to support one more guild\"s monument.