I'm in search of some insight on healing in LiF. While I have been utilizing it ~ above players all they obtain is "bed rest". Is that normal? also when I examine a player that has had the crap kicked out of climate nothing comes up in the mechanism message.

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Has anyone else who supplies healing an alert this or maybe have a great explanation on exactly how healing really works? I've tried below on derekwadsworth.com bit the short articles are over a year old and I've likewise tried YouTube, the official site and also wiki yet nothing come really aid me.

Any and all aid would be significantly appreciated. Many thanks everyone Draemen

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When you cure a player, you apply the "Bed rest" buff on them because that an X duration and a Y Magnitude. After X duration, the player will watch his wellness jump increase by Y health.

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To increase on this, there space two species of injuries, damaged bones and wounds. A wound reflects up together a red circle, the damaged bone is a gray bone. If there is a wound on the eight or legs, you must right click: have tendency wounds to rotate the wounds pink which makes them heal lot faster. The wound will certainly reopen if they are hit (like them losing bed rest). Broken bones on the arms or legs call for "Mend Bones" and also require the healer to have actually an equipped hammer. This turns the skeletal white top top the rag doll.

Wounds OR broken bones ~ above the torso or head call for "Perform Surgery" come heal, which needs the healer having actually an equipped saw.

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The inspect capability will allow you recognize the HP of her target and any afflictions such together wounds/broken bones. It mirrors up in the system window, not sure why girlfriend cannot view it.

All heal abilities use a version of "Bed Rest". This is a debuff that accelerates the healing process and it generally takes anywhere between 15-25 minutes to expire.

When you use "Heal" capacity and the "Bed Rest" debuff expires your tough HP is revived by a details amount based upon your heal skill. Because that high level healers this is typically the entire hard HP bar.

The "Mend Wounds" ability heals any wounds the are used to your limbs and stops any kind of bleeding. It does not job-related on anything that isn't a body such together the chest.

The "Straighten the bone" capability requires a hammer come use and will heal any type of broken bones. Damaged bones use stat penalties and also will be removed upon the expiry that the Bed remainder (Fracture) debuff.

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The Surgery capacity heals and also chest/head related wounds as well as skull fractures and also the Bed remainder (Surgery) debuff takes around 25 minutes.