“Life is Feudal: your Own” (LiF:YO) is a middle ages life simulator for 64 players on a 3km x 3km gameworld. It areas you in a reality medieval setup with the ability to hold your own private human being and set your very own rules. This people has totally free terraforming and building features. Girlfriend can construct your very own house anywhere in the world! Team up through your friends and also build a village or city and repel assaults by other players who desire to steal your lands and slaughter her cattle! A an excellent castle with tall city walls might aid you safeguard yourselves and your valuable valuables.

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Life is Feudal Beginner lessons – finding out the Basics

So, you’ve fallen out of the sky and also you’re here. Your Life is Feudal. What now?

For starters, you occupational out exactly how the hell to do anything in this game. This tips may help.

C = Toggle 3rd person viewTab = Unlock cameraM = present the map (you can use the icons on the map come zoom in and out)I = list (your inventory room grows with your Willpower)T = Equipment/Character panel (drag your items from inventory to slot in tools to equip)L = SkillsP = StatsR = assault ModeAlt H = Hide UIShift = SprintNumLk = Numlock however you have to not be holding a movement an essential when you press NumLk.

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Space = JumpW = Forward S = Backwards A = Strafe Left D = Strafe right (use this in combination with your computer mouse to relocate the camera, yet make certain you have pressed tab to unlock your camera for this reason you deserve to look around)Shift LMB (left click) = split stackProduce = take it one Mass Produce = take every you deserve to (continuous casts)F10 = UI Customization Mode

General notes & Tips

Right click things in-game to view what your options for communication with lock are. The . In the center of your display screen is her pointer/aim. Girlfriend can set a ability as default by appropriate clicking that in the below menus instead of going v the menus to perform an action every time.When perfect an action you normally need to be in a realistic position to achieve it, such together shoveling dirt. You should be was standing close enough to the brick you want to shovel (but not on it) so that the shovel have the right to visually hit the dirt. In some cases, this doesn’t use though. Such together the Forge, i beg your pardon you can stand metres away from and also still use. Yet generally, that a pretty an excellent rule of thumb for gaining actions to work correctly.Hit F3 to view a grid on the tiles in the prompt surrounding area. This view likewise shows friend the height of individual tiles, and also how level they space (white is uneven, green is flat). You require a flat surface to develop structures on therefore this is necessary to use and can also assist you figure out if you’re stand on the right tile if trying to finish a task.You can make Primitive devices out of Branches (from trees Nature’s Lore > Snap turn off A Branch), Flint rock (from rock/stone this includes loosened looking reduce stone Nature’s Lore > find for a beneficial Flint Stone), and Wild plant Fibers (from the floor Nature’s Lore > Gather plant Fibers). Once you have accumulated some of every three products (different tools need different amounts of each) you have the right to right click a branch to produce a Primitive tool (Artisan > create a Primitive Tool). Some tools additionally require tiny amounts of absent (Primitive cooking Pot & Primitive Crucible and also Stick) or Bark (Primitive Cup).Your movement skill shows the maximum speed % you can move in ~ while delivering an object. To level her movement faster so that you’re not such a slow-moving poke about the ar (try carrying a trader’s cart through low movement!) friend can cut down a tree or uncover a log in that’s currently cut down and repeatedly choose it up and also place it down. Choose it up and also place the down. This will not just level your activity skill but your Willpower, widening your perform space.The paragraphs of message that popular music up and also that your character sometimes reacts to, are just flavor text, gain them!Swimming is dangerous! You can feel choose you have the right to float, but you won’t. You will drown. Really though you deserve to go because that a little dip just be mindful especially if you have a most armor and weight on her character since you will certainly drown faster. My last swimming death was on an underwater pet tracking adventure in the lake not to it is in advised.When your devices break you have the right to sacrifice them to the guild monument to aid increase the floor claim. Otherwise, stole tools and steel tools deserve to be recycle to gain earlier resources that deserve to be depleted such as iron.Horse riding skill is leveled by just riding horses. As soon as you are on a horse you will get a collection of health and stamina bars for your horse. Your equine can obtain puffed out and also you can also get struck by animals while tho on her horse. You regulate your horse with the very same movement skills as your key character except W and also S both regulate the speed of the horse. You deserve to just insanity w and s to change your speed, girlfriend don’t have to hold that down. If you room bolting v the woodland on your horse and there are a many trees ns would suggest going into an initial person . Law this can make the a lot simpler to evade those skinny trees and also trees that space close together.Be mindful if you’ve been standing in a mine because that a long time (multiple in video game days) and also you i can not use reinforced it with beams. Mines execute fill in and also they deserve to collapse on you and kill you.Not all objects you produce are moveable the same way that a chest or the demorphs tubs are. So save that in mind when placing points to build otherwise you might just finish up with a forge on one finish of your town and a kiln every the means on the various other side. However, if you have actually a monument and guild land asserted this is less of a problem due to the fact that you can remove permanent structures from guild land. Yet you will certainly still lose all the materials you put right into it in the an initial place.The Map won’t center you immediately but you have the right to press the human icon ~ above the map for it to facility you. You have the right to drag the map approximately to facility yourself too or to look in ~ the rest of the map. You deserve to actually spot useful things on the map choose ore via the shade of the terrain. ~ above the map, girlfriend will see + and also – symbols you deserve to use come zoom in and also out. The mountain and also compass icons switch between two map see modes. The mountain symbol showing the elevation of landmasses ~ above the continent. Because that interest’s sake, the map’s complete land massive is about equivalent come the island that Malta through the total area gift the approximate indistinguishable of Andorra.Your 7 skill Prayer for Homecoming will at first not work, telling you that you must pray with greater fervor! you just need to spam that a little until it ultimately goes and also then girlfriend start building up your piety skill. The greater Piety gets the much easier time girlfriend will have actually getting any type of piety related an abilities to work. Later on you have the right to bind to a residence or craft building and then Prayer for Homecoming will port you directly back. Yet initially, Prayer because that Homecoming will certainly teleport you approximately the island to arbitrarily locations. Which deserve to be an excellent for acquiring ported closer to her friends or simply exploring. It’s also the only way to gain on the island from the mainland.If she doing any kind of building ventures and also removing trees about the area for room or supplies, don’t forget to Uproot the stump, especially if you’ve gotten rid of a sapling. Friend don’t desire to pile hundreds of units of dirt into a tile only to not be able to flatten and build on it because something’s blocking it, somewhere. It’s truly a needle in a haystack scenario.You can include an extra bar to add all of your emotes to. Emotes are discovered by hitting l to obtain to an abilities > minor > general Actions and you can just drag them from over there onto the bar.If you hit someone and also they space not in your group you will shed alignment.

You’ve acquired your primitive shovel (or one more tool), you can move around, and also you’re ready to execute something! get to surviving. Organize on, what are those bars for and also why is my eco-friendly one for this reason low. Through Odin, I’m hungry!