Does the rage power lesser celestial totem increases the healing afforded by the feat Fire God"s Blessing or by the feat Glorious Heat? If so, by exactly how much?

For example, how numerous hp space healed by a barbaric 8/life oracle 1 the possesses the feat Fire God"s Blessing as soon as he deals damage to a opponent with his +1 flaming greatsword?



Yes, the does.

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The effect of the feat says:

Whenever she is topic to a spell that cures hit point damage, she heals 1 additional point of damage per caster level. In the situation of non-spell heal effects (such together channeled power or place on hands), she heals a variety of additional points same to the course level the the character performing the wonder healing. This walk not influence fast heal or regeneration.

Both put on Hands and also Channel power are supernatural impacts that have the right to heal damage. There is nothing on their summary that renders them something special concerning how to classify your effect, neither space classified as fast healing or rejuvenation either.

As such, Glorious warm would also benefit from Lesser Celestial Totem and heal for:

spell level + character"s course level hit points.

For Fire God"s Blessing, the usage of the capacity seems unintended and stronger than it should be, luckily, that is minimal to as soon as per round. But this looks valid from the rules as written, and the character would heal for:

character"s class level + 1 hit points.

However, if both effects are used, i wouldn"t let you to obtain healed double your level. Due to the fact that the source of the extra heal is the very same (the fury power), and also the character would certainly heal for: character"s class level + spell level + 1 fight points.

If the class that granted friend the rage strength is the barbarian, you should replace character"s class level by your barbaric levels.

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Keep in mind that to qualify for Fire God"s Blessing, the character need to worship the Fire God (this info was eliminated from SRD), a divine being specific come golarion that is worshipped by certain orc tribes (more information on Orcs that Golarion). The Belkzen, hold of Orc Hordes campaign setup book revealed the this divine being is recognized as Sezelrian. Of course, nothing stops her GM from convert this to any type of other setting.