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Recently I had some time come myself (which was AWESOME but a rarity) so ns headed come the bookstore to inspect out some St. Patrick’s Day and Easter Books. I looked through numerous that were too lot for my kids, and also some the were just, well, lame. But then i came throughout The Night before St. Patrick’s job by Natasha Wing. If you couldn’t number out by the name, that is written much like Twas The Night before Christmas.


I brought it home and also we review it prior to bed that night and my daughter loved IT! ns mean, I-had-to-read-it-again and also I-have-to-read-it-multiple-times-a-day-now sort of love.

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Permit me tell friend what my daughter loves about it:

It goes along prefer Twas The Night prior to Christmas….a story she already knows and also loves.In virtually every picture, over there is a the very least one leprechaun hiding. She will look in ~ me and also say “Where is the leprechaun Mommy??” and giggle.The story is about trying to catch a leprechaun…which is a quite cool concept, right? It also has a page with a bunch of various leprechaun traps!The end makes she laugh (but ns won’t provide it away