Have your youngsters ever built Leprechaun Traps? once my youngsters were in K and 1st grade, they to be assigned Leprechaun Traps and they adored it. In fact, they loved it so much that we proceed to develop Leprechaun Traps many years and they just gain bigger and also better. If girlfriend think your youngsters are as well big, don’t. This post contains affiliate links. You deserve to read my full disclosure here.

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Now we approach Leprechaun Traps with a Rube Goldberg science job mindset. Favor with all style projects, I carry out parameters. I let the kids use the design procedure to build the greatest or ideal trap the they have the right to build.

What is a Leprechaun Trap?

A leprechaun trap is generally a project that focuses on using your kid’s creativity to architecture a contraption the will resolve the trouble of catching a leprechaun. This is frequently an open-ended design procedure project.

That way that if you offered this project to a group of 30 kids, you might wind up with 30 various projects. You can steer the architecture by providing youngsters with a perform of supplies, a crate of recycle materials, or a perform of aspects that aren’t allowed.

Very young youngsters in a public school setting focus top top STEM design and also a unit top top fairy tales and folklore. However, Leprechaun Traps, room a perfect way to incorporate simple machines, math, and language arts skills like persuasive writing.

My son’s trap developed using a box, film canisters, spools, and some coins.


In this trap, the leprechaun will be lured increase the makeshift stairs through the promise of the gold coin and then step into the box. The floor is a catch door and will loss down through his weight. No staircase earlier up means the treasure is safe.

What perform you use to construct the trap?

I leave this component pretty open-ended. We’ve supplied boxes, fairy houses, nets, game boards. The options are really endless. The recycle bin can be a sweetheart trove.

Incorporating an easy machines makes this a more meaningful STEM project. The 6 basic straightforward machines are a lever, pulley, wheel & axle, wedge, screw, and also inclined plane.

How come included basic machines in her leprechaun trap.

Lever – trapdoor or wheelbarrowPulley– use to pull up the pot of gold or a zipline
Screw – use for structure or a tempting Spiral SlideInclined Plane – a ramp to do it easier to leave through the pot that goldWedge– supplied to organize the trap shut, scissors or one ax to cut a rope.

There are sets readily easily accessible like this fun building set:


You don’t have to buy a set, straightforward machines have the right to be made the end of numerous household items:

popsicle sticksclothespinscardboardscissorsfew building parts and pieces.

The fewer limitations the more an imaginative the jobs will be.


Why develop a Leprechaun trap Using straightforward Machines?

This is a fun project also through high school because kids are using your imagination and science to create. Kinda choose a Disney Imagineer. Simple machines loan themselves naturally to style projects. Making an easy machines using family members items is a great way to gain started with basic machines. Then move on to Rube Goldberg science projects and/or these Leprechaun traps.

The science isn’t restricted to straightforward machines. This could be part of a unit on forces & motion or characteristics of life. It is additionally a good time to mention camouflage and mimicry.

Here is a video, to give you an additional example the a leprechaun trap in action.

Since all of this can be an overwhelming at first, I’ve broken it down into simple age groups.

Ages 4-7

For this age, the emphasis is absolutely on the starts of the engineer and design process. Ask the kid to recognize any straightforward machines in their project typically, they room there without also trying. Castle will most likely be surprised by the idea the there are straightforward machines in your project.

Ages 8-11

For this age, I imply requiring 2-3 simple machines. I call for a way to entice the Leprechaun in the trap and that the mechanism doesn’t require another person to reason the Leprechaun to it is in trapped. Ns judge ~ above fulfilling those requirements, ingenuity, and whether the trap is pleasing to the eye.

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Ages 12+

At this point, children are starting to gain a an excellent idea that the design process and recognize that there is a consistent need because that revisions and also improvements in design. Girlfriend can produce intricate parameters based upon your studies. Ns usually require 3+ straightforward machines, everything I walk in the ages 8-11 category, and also an advertisement for your Leprechaun Trap together if lock were offering it to the general public (a an excellent time to work on persuasive writing).