Discover your lucky leprechaun name and speak to out your inner leprechaun this St Patrick’s Day! This would be excellent for parties.

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This deserve to be a fun little bit task to aid celebprice St Patrick’s Day and also lug out your inner Leprechaun. Why not use your Leprechaun name for the day on March 17th! Can you imagine if everyone wore theirs as a name badge! It would certainly be so much light hearted fun.

My leprechaun name generator is really awesome and loved by kids and adults alike! Why execute you not make your very own toilet paper roll leprechaun and also assign him among the names above! In fact make one for all the household. You have the right to use them as puppets or also name cards for the dinner table.

Hi! I’m Sloane “Shenanigan” Bryne – Nice to Meet You!

What is your leprechaun name?

Discover your Lucky Leprechaun Name

Meaning of your Lucky Leprechaun Name:

For a little of added fun, learn what your festive leprechaun name means.

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*The meanings for the first names were taken from and the definitions for the last names were found on*

Your Leprechaun Last Name Meaning

A: Bryne, meaning “a raven”

B: Fitzpatrick, definition “a devottee of Saint Patrick”

C: Donovan, implies the colors black/brown

D: O’Callaghan, interpretation “bright headed”

E: O’Dwyer, interpretation the shade black

F: MacDermott, interpretation “totally free from jealousy”

G: MacKenna, menaing “fire-sprung”

H: Sheehan, suggests peaceful

I: Sweeney, means pleasant

J: Kavanagh, indicates comely, or mild

K: Healy, indicates imaginative, or scientific

L: O’Donnell, interpretation “worldly, or mighty”

M: O’Doherty, definition “hurtful”

N: O’Connor, means Patron of warriors

O: Regan, indicates “little king”

P: O’Shea, suggests fine, or stately

Q: Whelan, indicates Wolf

R: Buckley, indicates cow herd

S: Magee, means Fire

T: Maher, indicates Magestic

U: Foley, means a plunderer

V: Casy, implies watchful

W: Boyle, suggests vain

X: McGrath, definition “boy of grace”

Y: Flynn, suggests Bbest red

Z: McLoughlin, implies viking

Your Leprechaun First Name Meaning


Red:Biddy, implies effective and strong

Orange: Bree, implies “greater power”

Yellow: Fiona. means fair woman

Green: Moira, implies Rebellious Woman

Blue: Neve, means Dazzling

Purple: Nora, means Honor

Pink: Sloane, indicates Raider warrior

Black: Sorcha, indicates Beaming

White: Brianna, means Noble one

Gold: Caitriona, means Pure

Silver: Ciara, indicates Little Dark Girl


Red: Alby, means White One

Orange: Conall, implies Powerful Wolf

Yellow: Fergus, interpretation “guy with energy”

Green: Flannery, implies Red Bravery

Blue: Mannix, indicates Monk

Purple: Quinn, indicates Wise, Reasonable

Pink: Leary, meaning Keeper of Calves

Black: Rian, indicates Little Ruler

White: Aodh, means Flame

Gold: Cairbre, suggests “One that rides in Chariot”

Silver: Culkin, suggests “Very Learned Man”

My leprechaun name would certainly mean: Raider/Warrior and also raven.

What’s yours? Is yours a great leprechaun name or not?

Share this task with all your household and also friends and celebprice St Patrick’s Day by calling each other by your new name!

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Some Great St Patrick’s Day Crafts:

Now that we all recognize our leprechaun name, let’s make some cute St Patrick’s Day crafts too!

Easy Hat Leprechaun Trap to catch the bit green guy

Environment-friendly Good Luck Bear – make this cute Care Bear with shamrocks on his stomach

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